Digital Signage Kiosks

Transform Your Organisation

Elevate your digital signage game with indoor and outdoor kiosk displays. From product browsing and information hubs to wayfinding and interactive maps, digital signage kiosks do it all.

Digital Signage Kiosks TrouDigital
Digital Signage Kiosks TrouDigital
Digital Signage Kiosks TrouDigital

What is a Digital Kiosk?

Digital signage kiosks (Or digital totems) are portrait, freestanding digital signage displays, part of the digital signage hardware family.

Digital kiosks can be purely aesthetic or can include touch screen integration, adding interaction, and a host of other features.

The popularity of digital kiosks can be attributed to the large amount of functionality and usability they offer in comparison to the other screen types.

Digital Signage Kiosks TrouDigital

How Do Digital Kiosks Work? Simple Operation.

Digital signage kiosks are ‘plug and play’ which means once connected to power and the internet, your content will automatically load in seconds.

All you need is a suitable power source and a strong internet connection. This can be WIFI or ethernet.

Our digital kiosks are powered by android media players which are hidden securely within your digital kiosk. This media player will pull content from your digital signage software and display it on your screens.

Digital Signage Kiosks TrouDigital
Digital Signage Kiosks TrouDigital

How Much Do Digital Kiosks Cost?

Many believe a digital kiosk will cost an arm and a leg. This is often because it’s a digital technology and often used by larger brands with deep pockets. However, thanks to falling prices, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

The price of a digital kiosk will ultimately depend on what kiosk you want. The price will vary by size, touch integration, and whether the kiosk is built for indoor or outdoor use.

Make sure to speak to the TrouDigital team for the latest pricing and special offers.

Digital Signage Kiosks TrouDigital
Digital Signage Kiosks TrouDigital

Types Of Digital Signage Kiosks

Digital Signage Kiosks TrouDigital

Freestanding Non-Touch Displays

These digital kiosks displays are essentially portrait-orientated digital screens. Often called “digital posters”, these kiosks do not possess touch screen ability. However, this makes them perfect for advertising and internal messaging.

Shopping centers will often install a non-touch digital kiosk network for advertising as they are more tamper-proof in comparison to other solutions.

Digital Signage Kiosks TrouDigital

Freestanding Interactive Kiosks

Interactive digital kiosks bring an ocean of features and possibilities to your organisation. With touch-screen ability, organisations are able to implement wayfinding systems, digital information points, and interactive product catalogues.

Thanks to a high level of functionality and versatility, there is an unlimited number of uses for touch screen kiosks.

Digital Signage Kiosks TrouDigital

Outdoor Digital Kiosks

Take the benefits of digital kiosks outside. Through both touch and non-touch formats, these outdoor digital kiosks are great for increasing engagement and grabbing attention.

These screens are built for the outdoors with strong protection from vandals and weather.

Uses for outdoor digital kiosks include local wayfinding, local information hubs, and smart bus stops.

Digital Signage Kiosks TrouDigital

Double-Sided Digital Kiosks

Double-sided digital kiosks are exactly what they say on the tin. They are kiosks that have 2 screens facing in different directions.

The double-screen technology allows for enhanced content exposure as it can reach audiences in multiple directions. 

Double-sided kiosks can possess the same features as the previously mentioned screens. They can come in both touch and non-touch and are able to be installed outside.

Digital Signage Kiosks TrouDigital

Digital Kiosk Software.

Digital signage software is helping leading organisations manage their kiosk screens globally. Powerful, easy-to-use digital kiosk software help bring your freestanding displays to life.

Through cloud-based software, create, upload, edit, schedule, manage and deploy your kiosk content from one location.

Effortlessly create portrait and interactive content in minutes, before applying it to your screens.

Digital Signage Kiosks TrouDigital

Find Your Way With 

Digital Wayfinding.

Digital kiosks have transformed the wayfinding scene with digital wayfinding.

Through interactive maps, your staff, customers, and visitors can navigate your organisation with ease.

For a given location a user can search for a company, destination, or room. The digital kiosk will serve up a unique route paired with instructions from their location to their requested destination. 

Digital wayfinding solutions are also loved by universities where digital kiosks are used to improve campus navigation.


Digital Signage Kiosks TrouDigital
Digital Signage Kiosks TrouDigital

A Powerful Digital  Communication Driver.

Through powerful digital signage software, schedule content to be displayed to the right audiences at the right time.

Through a host of powerful features and eye-catching content, ensure your audience stays informed and engaged.

Interactive information kiosks, digital wayfinding kiosks, and product browsing kiosks will take your communications to the next level.

Digital Signage Kiosks TrouDigital
Digital Signage Kiosks TrouDigital

“TrouDigital supported the British Airways Global Learning Academy as part of a company-wide service training initiative. The screens and technology are high quality and are an amazing addition to our training environment but it was the service provided from TrouDigital that really stood out. From our first interactions, they were honest, knowledgeable and committed to getting our requirement right. They were supportive throughout every stage of the purchase and implementation and the interactive learning is proving popular with our target audience.”

Digital Signage Kiosks TrouDigital


Digital Signage Kiosks TrouDigital

Top Uses of Digital Signage Kiosks

Digital Signage Kiosks TrouDigital

Digital Wayfinding 

Ensure employees, guests, and visitors never get lost again with digital wayfinding. Place kiosks in the lobby and around your organisation and offer an easy-to-use digital navigation system.

Digital Signage Kiosks TrouDigital

Information Hub

These touch screen kiosks inject a wealth of usability into your organisation. Users can interact with the screen to find out information about local history, products, locations, or websites. Install inside or outside.

Digital Signage Kiosks TrouDigital


Advertising on digital kiosks is huge. The physical presence these screens possess puts them among the most eye-catching displays out there. The large portrait screens fall perfectly in the eye-line of those walking by making them perfect for high footfall locations.

Digital Signage Kiosks TrouDigital

Check-in Kiosk

With a self-check-in kiosk, guests are able to skip the queue and check in themselves. These freestanding displays have the ability to relieve heavy workloads from hospitality staff. These check-in kiosks can also be used to take additional payments for taxis or events.

Digital Signage Kiosks TrouDigital

Internal Communications

Effective communication is at the heart of any successful organisation. With a digital totem display, users can upload and send content to a network of kiosks in a few seconds. 

Digital Signage Kiosks TrouDigital

Social Media 

Displaying social media feeds on your digital kiosk is a great way to engage your audience with a human voice. Select your desired social media channel and account, and display live posts directly to your screen.

Digital Signage Kiosks TrouDigital

Digital Receptionist

Investing in a digital signage kiosk is like employing a digital receptionist 24/7 who is always there to welcome visitors, employees, or customers. This is a highly popular use case in reception areas, lobbies, or offices.

Digital Signage Kiosks TrouDigital

Interactive Product Catalogue

With a touchscreen kiosk, supercharge your e-commerce efforts with an interactive product catalogue. Users are able to check stock, browse products, order products, and check product information.

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