digital signage for retail

The percentage that sales increase by when digital signage is present.
digital signage for retail

Increase Sales

Studies show digital signage for retail can increase sales by 29.5%. In fact, one in five consumers make unplanned purchases following visual triggers in store.

Promote Brands

An incredible 84% of UK retailers believe digital signage helps create significant brand awareness.Will it be your brand or someone else's that people see?

Guide Shoppers

Digital signage can encourage customers to spend up to 30% more time browsing. But it's great for in-and-out sales too, guiding shoppers to a desired product.

Retail Digital Signage Solutions Include:

why use digital signage for wayfinding

1. Create

Design your screen in our ‘drag and drop’ editor. Choose from image, video, social media, web page, RSS feed, touch screen widgets and more. Add the weather and news for a local touch.

2. Schedule

When you are happy, schedule content to play when you want throughout the day, week or month. You decide how long for and how often. Simply add it to a playlist and assign it to a screen.

3. Play

All that’s left to do is to plug in a signage player. We recommend our Android Micro PCs. Connect the device via HDMI, pick your WiFi network and login to our app. Your content will automatically play.

Creating an Interactive Customer Experience

For retailers looking for something special, we offer a range of innovative solutions to make your store stand out. Get shoppers talking about your brand or shop with: 

  • Voice-triggered content – coming soon
  • Touch screen interfaces
  • ‘Lift and learn’ smart displays

Our developers are working on integrations with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa to voice-trigger content on screen. Watch this space! In the meantime, ask us about our ‘lift and learn’ digital signage for retail. Customers can pick up a product in store to trigger content on an adjacent screen and learn more.

why use digital signage
retail digital signage for advertising

Digital Screens for Out of Home Advertising

As well as increasing sales, digital signage for retail can directly generate revenue through advertising. Screens in high footfall locations are highly attractive for brands, local businesses and nearby eateries.

You don’t need to be a large retailer with a vast network to profit from this platform, start with one screen and minimal cost – at just £25/month.

affordable pricing for every retailer


£ 0 for 14 days
  • Trial Access To Editor
  • *Loan Media Player On Request
  • 16MB File Upload Size
  • 80MB Account Storage


£ 18 per month
  • Full Access To Editor
  • Advanced Content Scheduling
  • Network Monitoring Dashboard
  • Phone and Email Support
  • Remote Control Support Software
  • Initial Screen Design

Pricing excludes VAT.

Frequently asked questions

Our digital signage for retail supports a wide range of media including images, video, social media, web pages, RSS feeds and more. Add the weather, traffic or news for a local touch that will be appreciated by your audience. Our countdown timer is great for promotions.

The main advantage of choosing a digital display is versatility. Different sections of a screen can serve different functions and presentations are played in a loop. This is great for space-saving as a whole variety of information can be conveyed with a single screen. Engaging media such as videos, webpages and animated text become available too.

From an administrative perspective, a digital screen is less hassle than a traditional shop display as updates can be made from any PC and pushed instantly. There’s no need to dismantle anything – swap content out with a few clicks and stay up-to-date.

Yes. You have a number of options including installing a touch screen, tablet or kiosk. Our digital signage software has a widget that allows users to click an area of the screen to trigger different content. This can be great for showing other product varieties, for example, different colours. Alternatively, it might be used to trigger promotional videos of a product. This is particularly effective in environments like car dealerships.

Getting even more interactive, digital signage can be integrated as part of a wider display. With ‘lift and learn’ functionality, customers can pick up a product to trigger informational content about it on a screen. Great for high-end but also child-focused retailers.

Absolutely. We understand that different days of the week and times of the year have an enormous impact on retail. When it comes to preparing for season changes and holidays like Christmas, everything needs to be planned long in advance. So the same applies to your signage. Get your content ready ahead of time and schedule a window for it to automatically play and end, down to the minute. Simply set and forget with one less thing to worry about.

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