Digital Signage Menu Boards for Restaurants

Enhance Customer Experience

Digital signage menu boards for busy takeaways, high-end restaurants, and bars. Increase customer engagement and sell more food.

Digital Restaurant Menu Board TrouDigital
Digital Restaurant Menu Board TrouDigital
Digital Restaurant Menu Board TrouDigital

What are Digital Signage Menu Boards?

Digital menu boards are essentially menus that appear on digital screens within or outside a restaurant.

They display bright, eye-catching menus that can feature moving content such as animation and video to help capture attention.

Digital signage menus can serve a purely aesthetic purpose or can be integrated with self-serve ordering systems on kiosks.

The popularity of going digital with menu boards stems from the variety of content users are able to display.

With static-based traditional menu boards, restaurants are limited to showing a single menu. With digital signage, multiple menus can be scheduled during the day alongside other promotional content.

Digital Restaurant Menu Board TrouDigital

How do Digital Restaurant Menu Boards Work?

Most digital signage menu boards are plug-and-play. This means all you need to do is plug in your hardware, connect to the internet, and your digital menus will begin playing on your screen.

These smart menu boards work through a simple integration between a screen, media player, and software.

Once the media player has been connected to the screen and the internet, simply update your menus using digital signage software. Press update, or schedule menus to play in advance. The media player will pull the updated content from the software and show it on your screen in seconds.

Digital Restaurant Menu Board TrouDigital
Digital Restaurant Menu Board TrouDigital

How Much do Digital Signage Menu Boards Cost?

The cost of a digital menu board project will depend on a number of factors.

The price of software is fairly standard and won’t change much unless you require custom integrations or apps.

Hardware prices are likely to fluctuate depending on your project. The cost will vary by screen sizes, outdoor requirements, video wall sizes, or specialist media players.

That being said screen prices have come down considerably in recent years due to increased availability and lower production costs.

As always we recommend speaking to an expert for the latest prices.

Digital Restaurant Menu Board TrouDigital
Digital Restaurant Menu Board TrouDigital

Types of Digital Menu Boards

Digital Restaurant Menu Board TrouDigital

Standard Digital Menu Boards

These digital menus are commonly found within restaurants and takeaways and have the appearance of a normal television.

These screens are often commercial-grade displays meaning they possess higher brightness ratings than standard TVs and are capable of 24hr playback without suffering from screen burn.

Standard digital menu boards can be displayed in either landscape or portrait formats, to suit the needs of your eatery. These screens can be used alongside other screens to form a multi-screen video wall menu display.

Digital Restaurant Menu Board TrouDigital

Multi-screen Video Wall

Video walls are becoming increasingly popular in the food and hospitality industry. 

A video wall is one large screen made up of smaller screens. The most common use case for restaurants is to display multiple screens in a row to give the illusion of one long screen.

It’s popular for restaurants to segment sections of their video wall for different use cases. Individual screens can be used for showing different menus, promotions, or other content.

Digital Restaurant Menu Board TrouDigital

Self-Serve Food Kiosk

Self-serve food kiosks have changed the way we order food forever. Instead of waiting in line customers can now use a screen to search for food, place orders, and pay. The customer can then collect their order from a collection point and go about their day.

These screens have massively helped reduce order-to-food times and reduced staffing costs, improving the overall efficiency of the restaurant.

Digital Restaurant Menu Board TrouDigital

Outdoor Digital Menu Boards

Weatherproof outdoor digital menu boards aim to increase customer engagement, draw attention to special offers and increase average order values.

These high brightness outdoor displays are perfect for drive-thrus, outside your restaurant, or even on the side of a food truck.

Outdoor digital menu boards include kiosks, tablet-style displays, and case-enclosed displays. 

Digital Signage Menu Board Software

Digital signage software is the magic that powers digital menu boards and allows users to manage a large number of screens centrally.

Through cloud-based software, users are able to upload, create, edit, schedule, and manage their digital menus remotely.

Users can either create their menu boards from scratch or speed up menu creation with pre-made animated templates.

Restaurants aren’t just limited to showing menus. With digital signage CMS, they can display videos, images, promotional content, and more.

Digital Restaurant Menu Board TrouDigital
Digital Restaurant Menu Board TrouDigital

Top Uses of Digital Signage Menu Boards

Digital Restaurant Menu Board TrouDigital

Digitalise Your Menus

Supercharge restaurant efficiency and start drawing attention to your food where and when it matters most. Turn heads to promotions and special offers through animated and dynamic content.

Digital Restaurant Menu Board TrouDigital

Schedule Specials and Promotions

Whether it’s hourly, daily, or weekly, replacing your menu boards takes time. Automate this process with powerful digital signage menu board scheduling. Choose a time for menus to appear on the screen and we’ll do the rest.

Digital Restaurant Menu Board TrouDigital

Self-serve Functionality

Self-serve digital kiosks allow your customers to serve themselves. Through interactive displays, customers can search, edit, submit and pay. This has massively reduced queue times and supercharged restaurant operations.

Digital Restaurant Menu Board TrouDigital

Offer Nutritional Information

It is critical that restaurants clearly display their nutritional information. Go a step further and display it on an interactive display. Users can search for a particular item and see all the required nutritional information they need.

Digital Restaurant Menu Board TrouDigital

Showcase Reviews 

Positive reviews are one of the main drivers for restaurant success. They help increase trust, word of mouth and provide social proof for your delicious food. Showcase your reviews on digital displays around your eatery.

Digital Restaurant Menu Board TrouDigital

Extend Your Brand 

Displaying brand-related content on your digital menu boards is a great way to extend the reach of your brand. The more your customers are exposed to your brand colours and fonts the more likely you’ll be top of mind.

Digital Restaurant Menu Board TrouDigital

Food Videos

Show your food in action. Whether it’s a sizzling hot pizza, juicy steak, steamy fries, or a water bead rolling down a frosted drinking glass, videos are a great way to demonstrate the quality of your food.

Digital Restaurant Menu Board TrouDigital

Drive-thru Displays 

Increase up-sells in the drive-thru with target messaging and promotions. Draw attention to special offers and meal deals with eye-catching animations on high brightness displays.

Digital Restaurant Menu Board TrouDigital

Attract Passing Customers

Bright screens in the window of your restaurant are a great way to turn the heads of those passing by. Display tempting offers for first-time diners or time-sensitive special deals.

Digital Restaurant Menu Board TrouDigital


Digital signage menu boards aren’t just about promoting and selling food. Use your screens to entertain customers with live TV, news feeds, social media, and YouTube videos.

Digital Restaurant Menu Board TrouDigital

Software Features

Bring your digital menu boards to life with our fantastic range of features and widgets

Digital Restaurant Menu Board TrouDigital

Social Media Integration

Showcase your social media onto your screen, including Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

Digital Restaurant Menu Board TrouDigital

Photos & Videos

Upload your photos and videos to your content library ready for use across your account.
Digital Restaurant Menu Board TrouDigital

RSS News Feeds

Keep your audience up to date with news from around the world using RSS News Feeds.
Digital Restaurant Menu Board TrouDigital

Touch Screen Interaction

Take your digital signage one step further and utilise our touch integration with digital signage kiosks.

Digital Restaurant Menu Board TrouDigital

Live TV Integration

Captivate your audience through streaming live TV on your digital signage.

Digital Restaurant Menu Board TrouDigital


Save time and reduce your workload through digital signage scheduling.

Digital Restaurant Menu Board TrouDigital

Control a Network of Screens

Seamlessly control your network of digital menu boards from a central hub.

Digital Restaurant Menu Board TrouDigital

Live Calendars

Display your events through our popular calendar feature.

Digital Restaurant Menu Board TrouDigital
Using our existing TVs, we have been able to reduce the cost of running our screens by 50% whilst increasing the functionality of the devices. Our staff love the drag and drop nature of the software and just how fast the content updates (less than a minute).


Digital Restaurant Menu Board FAQs

Where can I buy digital restaurant menu boards?

When you’re ready to start your digital menu board project you will need to source the correct hardware and software. Ensuring you use the correct hardware and software for your project is critical. Luckily there are some great ways to push you in the right direction.

Of course, you can try and do your own research and buy all the kit yourself. However, this can lead to a multitude of problems. Maybe the screens aren’t suitable for a video wall, the screens aren’t bright enough, your media player isn’t powerful enough, or the software is too restrictive? These issues are likely to result in a failing project, which could mean you miss out on new customers and important sales.

We always recommended you discuss your project with your digital signage provider. They’ll be able to identify what hardware and software is best for your project, and what’s going to make it a roaring success. When you’re happy, your provider will either quote you for your project, or you may e able to buy what you need directly from your online shop.

How can I use a digital signage menu?

There is literally an unlimited number of uses for digital menu boards. Amongst the most popular include:

  • Food promotions
  • Showing reviews
  • Displaying nutritional information 

Above this section, we’ve included a number of great ways you can use digital menu boards at your restaurant.

Are digital menu boards easy to use?

They’re extremely easy to use. In most situations, your digital signage menu boards will be plug-and-play. This means all you need to do is connect your media player to your screens and then connect to the internet. Once connected, you can start sharing and updating menu board content.

Creating your digital menus is easy. You can either create them within your digital signage software using various widgets and tools, or you can upload pre-created menus as photo or video files from your favourite design tool. 

If creating content is a hassle or taking too long, turn your attention to digital signage template software. This software contains hundreds of ready-to-use templates for a variety of use cases. More importantly menu board templates. Simply add in your menu items send them to your screens. it really is that simple.

Do I need to be an expert to use a digital signage menu board?

Not at all. Our software has been built with everyone in mind. This means whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned IT veteran, you’ll be able to create content with ease.

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