Digital Signage For Schools


The main bonus of digital signage?

The ability to automate and integrate external sources of content makes life easy for school administrators.

An Educational Platform

Digital signage for schools can be used to consolidate classroom learning.

Schools often subscribe to resources like the Khan Academy or Horrible Histories.

Having a network of screens to relay this content is an invaluable aid to learning – one that doesn’t create teachers more work.

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A Wayfinding Tool

Screens can often be integrated with a school’s timetabling software and programmed to show classes at transition times throughout the day.

The result is a no maintenance solution.

The most sophisticated signage is able to offer directions through touch-screen technology.

digital wayfinding


benefits of digital signage

A Communication Channel

The easiest way for a school to communicate with pupils through signage is to integrate the social media it already uses. 

With tweets displayed on-screen, a headmaster in control of the school Twitter can deliver live school news throughout the building.

Don't know how to connect your signage solution?

Locationally Targeted Content

Gone are the days when dinner-ladies need to write their menus out in chalk or on paper.

With a digital display, schools can remotely update their lunch menu for every day of the week, and even display nutritional information. 

Schedule content in advance for easiness, or make last minute changes. 

digital signage for schools

Feel like your signage isn't fulfilling its potential?

digital signage for schools

A Staff Aide

Do you have a falling apart bulletin-board in the staff room?

Replace it with digital signage and know that your memos and alerts will be seen.

That same screen can stream the news, or be integrated with traffic and weather reports. 


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