Healthy Living Pharmacy Displays

The government’s Healthy Living Pharmacy framework recommends the use of digital content. Healthy living pharmacy displays create an effective and engaging health promotion zone.

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Pharmacy TrouDigital
Pharmacy TrouDigital
Pharmacy TrouDigital
Pharmacy TrouDigital
Pharmacy TrouDigital
Pharmacy TrouDigital

Why Choose a Digital Pharmacy Screen?


Display ready-made educational resources from the web such as NHS choices content.


Brand screens with your pharmacy logo, colours, and Healthy Living Pharmacy accreditation.


Update content real-time for instant messaging.


Utilise video and animation to engage visitors.

Pharmacy TrouDigital
Pharmacy TrouDigital

Create a Dedicated Health Promotion Zone.

The government’s criteria for Healthy Living Pharmacies, outlines a requirement for a dedicated Health Promotion Zone that:

  • Is clearly marked and accessible.
  • Has a professional appearance.
  • Is appropriately equipped with up-to-date professional health and well-being information.

A digital pharmacy display achieves all of the above, making it a great centrepiece for your Health Promotion Zone. Government guidelines even refer to a touch screen – ideal for interactive learning. Please see our detailed guide to becoming an HLP.

A Turnkey Solution.

Get everything you need for your digital pharmacy healthy living display in one place. From digital signage hardware to software you’re in safe hands. Ask about our content too.

Looking to install a large network of screens? Our software is easily scalable, giving you peace of mind.

Pharmacy TrouDigital
Pharmacy TrouDigital

Our Top Uses For Digital Pharmacy Displays

Pharmacy TrouDigital

Promote A Healthy Lifestyle

The Healthy Living Pharmacy framework requires pharmacies to set a good example to the public. A digital pharmacy screen is the ideal platform to promote healthy living and positive lifestyle choices.
Pharmacy TrouDigital

Advertise Pharmacy Services

A digital display can be used to advertise pharmacy services and products. Raising awareness for services such as drop-in advice clinics can greatly increase their uptake and encourage repeat visits.

Pharmacy TrouDigital

Publicise National Health Campaigns

Healthy Living Pharmacies are motivated to publicise national health campaigns and policy changes. Digital signage communicates these messages clearly and can be updated frequently with ease.
Pharmacy TrouDigital

Looking to promote healthy living on screen?
Get in touch now!

Digital Pharmacy FAQs

What kind of content can I display on my digital signs?

Digital signage solutions support a wide range of media including images, video, social media, embedded web pages, scrolling tickers, RSS feeds, countdown timers, weather, time, and date. We can also integrate with many external forms of software such as timetables for schools and meeting rooms, or property feeds for estate agents.

Click the link for a detailed guide to all of TrouDigital’s software features.

Why choose 'cloud-based' over 'native' digital signage?

Cloud-based digital signage is a user-friendly alternative in relation to native digital signage.

Unlike native solutions, cloud-based digital signage allows users to update and edit screen content remotely from anywhere in the world.

Cloud-based solutions are also a great time saver as they remove the need to update every single screen manually and physically. 

What maintenance does digital signage require?

One of the greatest anxieties surrounding the transition to digital signage is the perception of high maintenance. It is assumed that content creation is an ongoing requirement and that managing a large network is complicated.

In reality, digital signage when optimised with the right solution is relatively minimal hassle. Especially when compared to creating, distributing and replacing the alternatives like posters. On the TrouDigital platform, engaging screens can be knocked up quickly in our drag-and-drop studio. Most importantly, digital signage can be fully automated. Maintenance is alleviated by the fact that screens can be programmed long in advance to loop content on different screens. Integrating content like social media streams and RSS feeds through our simplified widget menu is a great way of letting your screens ‘update themselves’. See for yourself in an online demo.

Can I advertise on my digital signage?

While not every provider supports advertising, at TrouDigital we positively encourage it with specialist advertising packages. This is because we believe digital signage can generate any business a side income stream.

We also set ourselves apart from the few providers who do offer advertising. Often they try to dictate the sponsored content that goes on your screens, only to then take a significant cut – often a majority – of the ad revenue. We are completely against this approach and believe in giving you complete control over your network.

Will I have to update or upgrade my solution?
At TrouDigital we are always refining our software and adding new functionality. Unlike other providers, however, we promise our customers free updates and upgrades for life. We want you to benefit from software that is always getting better. Upgrades to our CMS are carried out automatically so the only updates you might need to do yourself are to our media player app which is less regular. If we have you on TeamViewer support, we can do this for you.
Does your software work with touch screen devices?

Our digital signage solutions are compatible with touch screens including digital kiosks using the same media players (more powerful are available if required). We recently added a widget that allows users to click an area of the screen to trigger different content, for example, a video. Going interactive can be a great asset for environments like education and retail. Another interactive feature we offer is called ‘lift and learn’. This is where users trigger content by lifting a physical item up in a store. For more information, ask us about touch screens.

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