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Plans for any organisation

Essential Pricing (Live) TrouDigital


£48/mo (ex vat)

3 screen licences included*

*Additional licences are billed at £16/mo (ex vat).

Perfect for those looking to:

  • Get started quickly with minimal setup.
  • Make a big impact with a small investment.
  • Easy-to-use templates
    • Create great-looking content in seconds with professional, industry-driven templates.
  • Drag & drop design studio
    • Crafting engaging screen content has never been easier. Simply select, drag & drop widgets onto the design canvas.
  • Images, videos, RSS, Twitter, YouTube, ticker & more
    • Explore a host of widgets built to drive engagement. From live news to video streaming, you’re bound to find a widget to suit your needs.
  • Canva integration
    • Create your designs within Canva or PosterMyWall and import them directly into the TrouDigital studio.
  • Content scheduling
    • Plan your content in advance to play and expire at times of your choosing. Monitor your screens to see what’s playing and where.
  • Embeddable web links
    • The easiest way to display live web pages on a screen. Simply paste your URL and let our software do the rest.
  • Email + phone support
    • Professional support to maximise screen uptime.
  • How-to guides
    • Get started quickly with a host of written guides.
  • Pre-configured hardware
    • Take the hassle out of set-up with plug and play hardware. We configure our media players in advance. All you need to do is plug them in and connect them to the internet. Your content will begin to play in seconds.
  • Remote support
    • Remote support software allows our technicians to resolve issues over the web.
  • 5-minute setup
    • We like to keep things simple. When you receive your media player, plug it in and connect it to the internet. Within 5 minutes you’ll start seeing your content on-screen.

Teams Pricing (Live) TrouDigital


£220/mo (ex vat)

10 screen licences included*

*Additional licences are billed at £22/mo (ex vat).

Ideal for organisations with:

  • Multiple content contributors, and/or:
  • Multiple sites, departments, or teams.
  • 1-on-1 training over Teams or Zoom
    • Get your questions answered by an expert dedicated to the success of your project. Book a 30-minute call over Teams, Zoom or Google Meet.
  • Bespoke onboarding program
    • Get set up for success with tailored onboarding videos specific to your project.
  • Design consultation
    • Looking to get the most out of your screens or need some inspiration? Book a call with one of our design team and optimise your on-screen message delivery.
  • PowerBI add-on available
    • With our PowerBI add-on visualise complex data in easy to read charts and graphs. Connect your PowerBI account and select your dashboard.
  • Dedicated Account Manager Slack support
  • Unlimited users
    • Create multiple user accounts so different departments can get involved with creating content.
  • Dedicated account manager
    • Get answers quickly with 1-on-1 mobile support, directly from your account manager who knows your project inside out.
  • Custom user permissions
    • Choose what content users can edit with custom user permissions. Perfect for those who are looking to involve multiple departments.
  • Lockable content templates
    • Ensure your team follows brand guidelines with lockable templates.
  • Custom fonts
  • Playback reporting dashboard
    • Detailed reports of what content is playing, where, and for what duration. Ideal for those with multiple screens spread across several locations.
  • Embed HTML
    • Plant HTML code widgets across your designs.

Enterprise Pricing (Live) TrouDigital


£560/mo (ex vat)

20 screen licences included*

*Additional licences are billed at £28/mo (ex vat).

Built for comms & IT teams who:

  • Have a highly-mobile workforce.
  • Require enterprise-level security & support.
  • Tiered user management
    • Ensure your team have access to the right areas of your content.
  • Dedicated admin console
    • Manage users, screens, and security from one admin console dedicated to your organisation.
  • Content success strategy
    • Ensure the success of your screens with a tailored content plan from one of our digital signage experts.
  • Surveys to measure engagement
  • PowerBI
    • Connect your PowerBI account and display live visual charts. Select your dashboard and apply it to your screens.
  • 100+ dynamic template library
    • Choose from a growing library of over 100 fully-animated templates. Select your template, edit colours and text, and deploy to your screens.
  • Unlimited training
    • Get the training you and your team need to get the most out of your screens. From sessions on content creation to advanced account setup.
  • Network security consultation
    • Maximise the security of your screen network with a security consultation from one of our experts.
  • Individual account reporting
  • Single sign-on (SSO)
    • Perfect for large enterprises. SSO streamlines user management for your organisation.
  • Enterprise support
  • Global hardware deployment plan
    • No matter the size of your project, ensure a smooth implementation with a tailored hardware deployment plan.

The software helping organisations lead with screens

Pricing (Live) TrouDigital
Pricing (Live) TrouDigital
Pricing (Live) TrouDigital
Pricing (Live) TrouDigital
Pricing (Live) TrouDigital
Pricing (Live) TrouDigital

Digital Signage Players

Unlock the potential of your screens

Control your screens from any location with our digital signage players. These discreet, powerful devices work with virtually any screen and can be set up in under 30 seconds.

  • Works through HDMI
  • Pre-configured by TrouDigital
  • Eco-friendly  Pricing (Live) TrouDigital
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Pricing (Live) TrouDigital

Easy ways to pay

Pricing (Live) TrouDigital
Pricing (Live) TrouDigital
Pricing (Live) TrouDigital
Pricing (Live) TrouDigital
Pricing (Live) TrouDigital
Pricing (Live) TrouDigital

The introduction of TrouDigital to our business transformed our ability to present content and information to customers in our practices with screens. The cloud-based software allowed a simple, effective way for our team to update, schedule, collaborate and maintain multiple screens from any location and at any time.

Pricing (Live) TrouDigital

Jonathan Suttle
Marketing Coordinator

A big thank you to TrouDigital for the support and assistance over the past couple of years. The many changes that the pandemic brought and then having to understand the system, identify the screens and move them from T3 (and back to T5) etc. The team was always responsive to our requests no matter the time, or day.

Pricing (Live) TrouDigital

Ryan Newsam
Customer Experience Delivery Project Manager

TrouDigital has provided an excellent, professional and valuable service to help communicate important messages to residents. I would recommend TrouDigital to any marketing or comms professional looking to improve/widen the use of digital channels.

Pricing (Live) TrouDigital

Sandy Eaton
Strategic Communications & Marketing Manager

Digital Signage Pricing FAQs

Everything you need to know to kickstart your project

Do You Help With Setup?

Yes, of course. We understand this may be new to you, so we’ll make sure you’re up and running in line with your vision.

We have excellent guides and tutorial videos to get you heading in the right direction. Just ask our team!

Do You Offer Training?

Remote training over Zoom is available in our Teams and Enterprise packages. Our digital signage experts will guide you through our software and show you everything you need to get the most out of your screens.

We also have training available in the form of written guides and pre-recorded videos.

You’ll be an expert in no time! 

Do You Offer An Education Or Charity Discount?

We really value our education and charity users and are happy to offer exclusive discounted pricing. Contact us to find out more.

Can I Pay Monthly Or Annually?

We offer a range of finance options to suit a variety of organisations and projects. Choose to either pay annually or in monthly installments.

Do You Sell Digital Screens Too?

Absolutely. We have a network of suppliers and a special relationship with the screen manufacturer, Vestel, who offer unparalleled pricing. While you are free to source your screens elsewhere, it’s always worth asking us for a comparative quote. Having everything sorted in one place makes life easier.

Check out our digital signage hardware page to see what’s on offer.

Is It Really That Easy To Install?

Yes, it’s like connecting a phone to WiFi for the first time. We have a video guide that talks you through it in minutes.

Our media players are simply “plug and play” and come fully configured for your convenience.

How Many Screens Can I Control?

As many as you like. From our dashboard you can manage 1-1000+ screens.

Our clever ‘groups’ features enables you to effectively manage groups of screens together saving valuable time.

What Are Your Pricing Breaks For Multiple Screens?

We offer exclusive pricing breaks for screen networks at 10, 25, 50, 100 and 250+ connected devices. Speak to us for more.

How Can I Become A Partner?

To become a sales partner and resell our software plans, you will need to have a potential network of at least 10 screens. Partners are entitled to special discounted pricing rates, available upon request. As a partner, we can assist you with product demos and handle support for your clients.

Can I Use My Own Media Player?

You are more than welcome to use your own media players. Our digital signage app can work on Android, Windows and Chrome. Please be aware, however, that we can only support our own devices.

The players we provide are tried and tested and use TeamViewer remote support software.

Please contact TrouDigital to verify media player compatibility.

A better way to manage your screens

See how TrouDigital can transform your digital signage.


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