University Digital Signage


University digital signage is spreading.

Today’s administrators realise the need to modernise the way they communicate with their students around campus.

university digital signage

Get Social With Signage

Digital signage for university makes it fast, easy and cost effective to broadcast messages to students, staff and visitors.

Particularly valuable for universities, our digital signage solution integrates with social media.

Universities can display their live social media streams where they won’t be missed and interact with students on the big screen.

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A Minimal Hassle Solution

Many universities are stuck with old proprietary systems that only a handful of staff are able to operate. Screens are underused because changing content is far too much effort.

You can do better. Our simple cloud-based screen management software lets you create stunning multi-media content in minutes.

An entire network of screens can be managed from any PC with an internet connection.

university digital signage


digital signage advertising

Promote Campus Events

With bars, cinemas, theatres and sports venues, there’s always something going on at university. The difficult thing is getting the word out.

University digital signage is perfect for advertising what’s going on. Superior to posters that need to be changed, dynamic signage can be updated to show only the latest events. Screens can also display trailers for films or student media.

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Publicise Support Services

Universities offer a whole host of support services from academic to housing and financial advice. With university digital signage, they can display helplines and lesser known services in hotspots around the campus.

Video interviews with advisors talking about the support they offer can also help familiarise the student body with their ports of call.

university digital signage

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digital wayfinding

Wayfinding Assistance

Another invaluable aspect of university digital signage is wayfinding. University campuses often sprawl out across vast sites, with even individual buildings proving a maze of rooms.

Having a network of screens across campus is an innovative way to signpost directions. The most sophisticated of wayfinding solutions are able to operate interactively with users searching for their destination on a touchscreen.

This kind of assistance is particularly useful for visitors on Open Days.


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