Digital Signage for Corporate Offices

An Internal Communication Tool

Whatever the size or type of company, corporate digital signage is a vehicle for branding and internal communication. Screens in receptions and work areas engage visitors and employees alike.

Impress Visitors and Organise Meetings

Welcome screens in reception areas help guide visitors to the right place or capture their attention while they wait. Displays can also be integrated with meeting room booking systems.

Help Your Teams Work Better Together

Inter-departmental communication is crucial to the success of any business. Digital displays can be customised for different teams while sharing targets and results with each other.

Enhance the Flow of Company Information

It can be difficult to keep employees informed and engaged. A network of digital screens across offices is a great way to circulate company news, results and core values.

“TrouDigital supported the British Airways Global Learning Academy as part of a company-wide service training initiative. The screens and technology are high quality and are an amazing addition to our training environment but it was the service provided from TrouDigital that really stood out. From our first interactions, they were honest, knowledgeable and committed to getting our requirement right. They were supportive throughout every stage of the purchase and implementation and the interactive learning is proving popular with our target audience.”


4 Great Uses of Corporate Digital Signage

1. Digital Noticeboards

Are your noticeboards falling apart or out of date? A digital screen is a great replacement whether located in a staff room or around your offices. Schedule content in advance or set an expiry time to disappear when no longer needed.

2. Reception Area Screens

It’s important to make a good first impression when visitors arrive at your premises. Reception area displays can showcase company videos, news and achievements. You can even post real-time, personalised welcome messages.

3. Departmental Displays

Digital signage for internal communication often involves a whole network of screens. Some of these might be departmental displays where content can be tailored for specific teams like accounts, sales or marketing.

4. Digital Visitor Wayfinding

Digital wayfinding refers to a host of technologies from interactive tablets to static digital signs. Screens can be used for route mapping and company directories. They are invaluable when it comes to large corporate environments.