Digital Signage Solutions for Education

Digital Signage for Education

The ability to automate and integrate external sources of content makes life easy for administrators.

Digital Signage For Schools

Digital signage for education allows you to provide up to date information to your students, staff and visitors. Display student work, play school videos or YouTube clips, or provide live news through a scrolling ticker.

TrouDigital’s digital signage solution is a drag and drop, plug and play solution that simplifies the whole process of management and deployment of digital signage in your school. Simply connect the Android player we send out to your WiFi and plug into the TV and we’ll do the rest. All your devices will be managed from your own web console.

Digital Signage For Universities

Digital signage for education makes it fast, easy and cost effective to connect your student body. Today, we are all ‘screen savvy’. Looking at a display comes naturally to us – especially students. This makes it a logical and highly effective way to communicate information.

Universities are busy places. Digital signage for education helps promote campus events, publicise support services as well as guide visitors. A network of screens is perfect for amplifying a Student Union’s voice and relaying their social media activity around campus.

The fact we didn’t have to physically network any players was a real positive for me as it meant installation time was kept to a minimum. The Android players are so small we can attach them to the screens rather than to the wall.