Waiting room
screens for dentists

Dentists are busy people. That’s why our platform was built with practices in mind.

Engage with patients while they are sat in the waiting room. Promote your services and share oral hygiene advice.

Promote Oral Hygiene & Healthy Eating

Dental practices increasingly serve an educational function. They promote preventative habits and healthy eating. A waiting room screen is designed for this, making the most of otherwise wasted time.

Advertise Treatments & Healthcare Plans

An informational display can be used to advertise dental treatments and products. Raising awareness for services from orthodontics to insurance plans can greatly increase their uptake.

Introduce Staff & Practice Expertise

Visiting the dentist can make people anxious. One of the best ways to combat this is to properly introduce your team of specialists. Staff profiles on screen ensure patients they are in very compatible hands.

How to launch and manage your own Practice TV

Whether you run an independent local dental practice or a chain of practices, digital signage allows you to launch your own Practice TV, for use both in waiting rooms and surgeries. 

1) Start with a screen template branded to your practice with its logo and colours. This can be designed for you to specification

2) Add your own text, images and videos or choose from a library of pre-made dental content. Alternatively, utilise YouTube for public-domain media by simply copy and pasting URLs

3) Send your presentations to multiple screens from one central dashboard. Make changes in real-time and display live alerts

waiting room information screen

Why use waiting room information screens?

  • Capture patients' attention with engaging content to alleviate boredom and anxiety
  • Brand screens with your practice logo, colours and professional accreditation
  • Educate patients, especially young children, about oral hygiene and healthy eating
  • Entertain patients with content such as live news feeds and YouTube videos
  • Advertise the products you sell by showing promotional material from suppliers

1. Create

Design presentations in our ‘drag and drop’ studio. Choose from image, video, social media, web page, RSS feed, touch screen widgets and more. Add the weather and news for a local touch.

2. Schedule

When you are happy, schedule content to play when you want throughout the day, week or month. You decide how long for and how often. Simply add it to a playlist and assign it to a screen.

3. Play

All that’s left to do is to plug in the media player that’s provided as part of our solution. Connect the device via HDMI, pick your WiFi network and your presentations will automatically play.

affordable pricing for every practice


£ 0 for 14 days
  • Trial Access To Editor
  • *Loan Media Player On Request
  • 16MB File Upload Size
  • 80MB Account Storage


£ 18 per month
  • Full Access To Editor
  • Advanced Content Scheduling
  • Network Monitoring Dashboard
  • Phone and Email Support
  • Remote Control Support Software
  • Initial Screen Design

Pricing excludes VAT.

Frequently asked questions

Our waiting room information screens support a wide range of media including images, video, social media, embedded web pages, RSS feeds and more. We recommend using your display to share educational resources such as graphics and videos from the NHS. 

Of course. Waiting room information screens allow you to display anything you want. Many of our dental partners use their screen space to promote their suppliers through advertising. This can help boost sales for specific products and services through increased engagement and exposure. Dental suppliers love working with practices that make an effort to promote their products so getting a screen in your waiting room could even get you a better deal.

Promotional content from suppliers can include images and videos, as well as full-screen posters that can be allocated slots in a schedule. Often suppliers will have a video library on YouTube that dentists can use without even requiring the media files. One great example is Invisalign, a supplier often sold by our dental partners using adverts on their screens. 

The main advantage of choosing a digital display is versatility. Different sections of a screen can serve different functions and presentations are played in a loop. This is great for space-saving as a whole variety of information can be conveyed with a single screen. Engaging media such as videos, webpages and animated text become available too.

From an administrative perspective, a digital noticeboard is less hassle than a traditional display as updates can be made from any PC and pushed instantly. There’s no need to dismantle anything – swap content out with a few clicks and stay up-to-date.

Our digital signage solutions are compatible with touch screens and kiosks too. Users can click to trigger different playlists, for example, information about a treatment or a video. Going interactive can be a great asset for your waiting room. You could turn a touchscreen into an educational station for children and adults alike. 

We also offer a ‘lift and learn’ product where products such as electric toothbrushes might be picked up by patients to trigger content about the product on the screen. This can be a great sales tool. Ask about touch screens.