Waiting Room Information Screens for Dentists?

Digital Signage For Dentists

Dentists are busy people. Educate and inform your patients with hassle-free waiting room information screens.

Waiting Room Information Screens TrouDigital
Waiting Room Information Screens TrouDigital
Waiting Room Information Screens TrouDigital
Waiting Room Information Screens TrouDigital
Waiting Room Information Screens TrouDigital
Waiting Room Information Screens TrouDigital
Waiting Room Information Screens TrouDigital

Benefits of Waiting Room Information Screens

Waiting Room Information Screens TrouDigital

Hassle-Free Software

We understand that staff in dental practices don’t have the time to deal with overly-complex software. That’s why our software is designed with a non-technical end-user in mind. We use a drag and drop interface that lets you create, upload, and edit content with ease. Remotely update your waiting room information screens in one click.

Waiting Room Information Screens TrouDigital

Educate Whilst They Wait

Keep your patients entertained and informed with waiting room information screens. From videos, staff profiles and news, to live social media and more, dental digital signage is a cost-effective alternative to printed posters. We even have a library of educational content for you to choose from.

Waiting Room Information Screens TrouDigital

Promote Your Treatments

Whether it’s before and after photos or patient testimonials, waiting room screens are an opportunity to promote your treatments and products. Using dental digital signage to convey promotional content has been a game changer for the dentists we work with.

Waiting Room Information Screens TrouDigital

Fully Inclusive Support

If there’s one thing we’re proud of, it’s the support and training we provide to our clients. That’s why phone, email and TeamViewer remote-support are fully inclusive with our license fee. The benefits of digital signage shouldn’t be reserved for IT experts, so we’re here to help you make the most of your waiting room screens.

What Is A Waiting Room Information Screen?

It is where a dental practice uses digital screens in the waiting room or window to educate, promote, and communicate with staff and patients. Popular uses of dental digital signage include introducing staff, promoting good oral hygiene practices, pushing special offers, and entertaining waiting patients.

The popularity of digital signage in the dental industry originates from its ease of use and potential to supercharge dental communications through a range of content. Within seconds, a dentist can create, apply, and deploy critical dental messages around their practice.

Through cloud-based software dental practices can manage their screens remotely from any computer. This has helped save an invaluable amount of time and money in both print and deployment costs.

Waiting Room Information Screens TrouDigital
Waiting Room Information Screens TrouDigital

How Does A Waiting Room Information Screen Work?

Dental digital signage is extremely simple. It works through a clever integration between digital signage software, a media player, and a digital display.

When a user updates their content within the software, the software sends the updates to the media player which displays the updates on the screen. This process happens in seconds and utilises the internet and cloud.

Waiting Room Information Screens TrouDigital

A Hassle Free Solution for Waiting Room Information Screens.

Our drag and drop software provide dental practices with an efficient, professional, time-saving waiting room screen solution. With TrouDigital, creating a smart-looking waiting room information screen has never been easier.

Through digital signage scheduling, schedule content in advance to optimise your content creation and time management. 

Waiting Room Information Screens TrouDigital
Waiting Room Information Screens TrouDigital

Turn Your Dental Digital Signage Into An Educational Hub.

Dental practice digital signage is a great opportunity to educate patients about the treatments they are having.

Digital signage for dentists provides a brilliant way to spread the word about the treatments you offer or promote the inspirational stories of ex-patients. Feel-good content creates a sense of community.

Waiting Room Information Screens TrouDigital

Promote Your Treatments and Products With Dental Digital Signage.

The best way to promote the treatments and products your dental practice offer is through results. Dental waiting room information screens provide your practice with a visual outlet to show off before and after photos of various treatments or even your fantastic patient testimonials.

Promoting dental products and services on digital signage has been revolutionary for our dental partners.

Waiting Room Information Screens TrouDigital
Waiting Room Information Screens TrouDigital

Unrivalled Free Support. We Go The Extra Mile.

At TrouDigital we are proud to hold a reputation for providing our partners with impeccable support and training from the inception of a digital signage project and beyond.

With TrouDigital phone, email, and remote support through TeamViewer are fully included within your licence fee, allowing for maximum uptime of your waiting room screens.  

We believe IT experts shouldn’t be the only ones to take advantage of the many benefits of digital signage. That’s why we want to help you make the most of your screens through an easy to use drag and drop software and high-quality support.

Waiting Room Information Screens TrouDigital
Waiting Room Information Screens TrouDigital
“The introduction of TrouDigital media players to our business has transformed our ability to present content and information to our customers in our practices… The cloud-based content creation software has allowed a simple and effective way for all team members to have the ability to update, schedule, collaborate and maintain several screens from any location and at any time… Overall a great product and business to work with.”

Waiting Room Information Screens TrouDigital


Waiting Room Information Screens TrouDigital

Top Uses of Dental Digital Signage

Waiting Room Information Screens TrouDigital

Promote Oral Hygiene Practices

Educate your patients on the latest and best practices to help maintain their oral hygiene. Display tips and tricks, images, infographics, and short videos. Recommend products that help them achieve oral hygiene goals.

Waiting Room Information Screens TrouDigital

Introduce Staff

Make your patients feel welcome through staff familiarity. Display staff profiles on your screen along with fun facts and images that help put patient’s minds at ease. 

Waiting Room Information Screens TrouDigital

Promote Dental Products

Ensure your patients are looking after their oral hygiene with dental recommended products. Encourage sales by featuring limited-time promotions on your waiting room information screen.

Waiting Room Information Screens TrouDigital

Social Media 

It’s important to make a good first impression when visitors arrive at your premises. Reception area displays can showcase company videos, news and achievements. You can even post real-time, personalised welcome messages.

Waiting Room Information Screens TrouDigital

Entertain Waiting Patients

When we think of fun, the waiting room isn’t the first place that springs to mind. Display live TV alongside your content to keep patients entertained. Alternatively, play fun and educating dental hygiene videos.

Waiting Room Information Screens TrouDigital

Display Opening Hours

Keep new and current patients informed of your latest opening hours. Avoid patient frustration and schedule bank holiday and holiday hour changes to go live on your screen whenever you need. 

Waiting Room Information Screens TrouDigital

Alleviate Patient Anxiety 

For many, visiting the dentist can be an uncomfortable experience. Display entertaining content and take patients’ mind off their upcoming appointment. Tailoring video content for younger children can be particularly appreciated by parents, eliminating the ‘fear factor’ of visiting the dentist.

Waiting Room Information Screens TrouDigital

Deploy Live Practice Schedules 

Offer transparency to your patients and let them know of the day’s live schedule. Patients can see how long it is till their appointment. When changes are made to the day’s schedule they are reflected live on your screen in minutes.

Waiting Room Information Screens TrouDigital

Motivate Employees

Display motivational quotes, pictures, birthdays, work, and non-work-related achievements on your dental digital signage to help keep your employees motivated and their morale high.

Waiting Room Information Screens TrouDigital

Encourage Good Hygiene

Maintaining good hygiene whilst reducing the spread of germs and viruses is more important now more than ever. Display health and safety reminders on your dental digital signage and maintain the health of your staff and patients. 

Waiting Room Information Screens TrouDigital

Upsell Cosmetic Treatments 

Bring in new patients and upsell to current ones by promoting cosmetic treatments in the waiting room or window. Encourage new enquiries by including special offers and discounts.

Waiting Room Information Screens TrouDigital

Share Customer Testimonials

Let new and prospective patients know how good you are by sharing real customer testimonials. Pull them in via a social media hashtag or create dedicated slides.

Digital Signage For Dentists FAQs

How does waiting room screen software work?

In short, a small black box called a media player will talk to your software and display content on your screen. Via an internet connection, when content is updated within the software the media player will deploy it to the screen.

How it works:

It’s very simple. Once your screen and media player have been installed, all you’ll need to do is connect the media player to the internet. Once connected, your media player can start communicating with your digital signage CMS.

On your digital signage CMS, you can upload pre-existing content, or, you can create your own content inside the CMS.

Once created, you can then schedule when you want your content to play and apply it to a screen. Within seconds of applying content to your screen, your physical waiting room TV will update. 

What screen can I use?

You can use any screen you like. Either use a screen already in your possession, or you can buy one from your digital signage provider.

As your dental digital signage is likely to be situated in an indoor waiting room, a standard display should be okay. However, if you’re looking to have your screen on all day you may need a commercial-grade display. These screens are built for purpose and can operate 24 hours a day without suffering from screen burn. 

If you are looking to install a screen in the window of your practice, you may need a high brightness display. High brightness displays are often over 10 times brighter than a TV you may find in your living room. This extra brightness helps mitigate glare experienced by bright lights and the sun. If you want to learn more we’ve written a guide to high brightness screens.

How do I make content for my dental screen?

Creating content is easier than ever. There 3 main ways:

1. It can either be made within the software itself making use of widgets, shapes, and brand colours.

2. Use third-party software such as Canva or Photoshop and upload content as image or video files to your digital signage software. 

3. Take advantage of digital signage template software that allows users to create professional animated designs in seconds.

Can I advertise on a waiting room information screen?

Absolutely! At TrouDigital we believe your waiting room screen is a great way for your practice to generate additional income. You can advertise your own products and services, or you can advertise local businesses whilst patients wait.

With TrouDigital, you’re in full control of content and ad revenue. Other providers will try to dictate the advertisements on your screens, whilst wanting to take a large cut of the ad revenue.

Who is using dental digital signage?

Digital signage is being used by small and large dental practices all over the world. From a single practice to large chains, practices everywhere are utilising the benefits of digital screen technology.

Each practice, however, will use its digital signage in different ways. Some focus more on patient communications where others prefer to promote treatments and advertise local businesses. 

Digital screens are transforming industries such as advertising, healthcare, corporate communications, education, and manufacturing through powerful efficient digital screen messaging.

Is any training available?

At TrouDigital we offer free training to all our users. Either ask for one of our guides or contact the team and book a training session with one of our digital signage experts. You’ll be flying in no time!

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