Digital Signage for Hospitals

Shaping Patient Experience

Simple Software For Busy Hospitals

Fewer environments are busier than a hospital with patients, visitors and staff milling around. Effective internal communication is vital to a smooth operation. Digital signage for hospitals is the smart way to keep all these groups informed and engaged with minimal work.

Promote Hospital Services

Hospital digital signage allows for highly targeted messaging. Services can be promoted on screens located in the most relevant departments.

Displays educate patients and visitors about the wide range of services and care a hospital provides, increasing awareness for its offerings.

Manage a wide range of service information across different screens, all through one easy to use central dashboard.

Reduce Perceived Waiting Time

While digital signage might not be able to resolve under-staffing at NHS hospitals, it is able to reduce perceived waiting time.

Screens can engage patients through media such as images, video and animated text. By entertaining patients, displays alleviate boredom, and in cases where patients are in discomfort, go some way to distract them from their pain.

Advocate Fundraising and Inspirational Stories

Hospitals are often associated or partnered with charities and trusts. They are popular recipients for fundraising.

Digital signage for hospitals is a brilliant way to spread the word about fundraising or promote the inspirational stories of ex-patients. Feel-good content creates a sense of community.

Minimum Hassle. Maximum Impact.

Encourage Visitor Hygiene

A common problem hospitals face is the transfer of illness. Digital signage is a clear but unintrusive way to remind visitors to wash their hands at sanitation points or to use digital hand sanitisers.

Screens can be used as a visual trigger – good hygiene saves lives. These same visitor-facing screens might be utilised to display visiting times and other guidelines or notices such as the spread of a particular virus.

Connect Patients, Visitors and Staff

Assist Patient Wayfinding

Hospital digital signage can be used to indicate the location of waiting areas, wards and staff offices. Anything that helps patients find their way around not only improves their experience, it improves a hospital’s efficiency by reducing lateness to appointments.