Visitor Information screens For churches

Digital information screens shaping the visitor experience at churches, cathedrals, mosques, synagogues and other houses of worship.

Guide, Inform, Educate & Inspire

Welcome visitors and members with practical information about services, special events, community news and announcements.

Use the same screen or a different one to educate visitors about the building’s history, enriching the experience of visitors.

Link An Events Calendar

Make sure people know what's going on and when with ease

Share Clergy Messages

Spread your message around the church with real-time updates

Welcome And Guide Visitors

Personally welcome visitors and signpost clear directions

Simple Technology That Anyone Can Use

  • Manage your visitor screens remotely
  • Create new presentations in minutes
  • Showcase images, videos and social media
  • Personalise with colours and logo
  • Schedule content for specific times

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to ask something else? Call us on 02380 981110.

Who Can Use Visitor Information Screens?

Our Visitor Information Screen Solution is used in a wide range of environments. It’s a popular choice for churches, cathedrals, mosques and synagogues, as well as other heritage sites such as museums and galleries

Can I Repurpose Any Existing TV Screens?

Absolutely. Unlike other companies that try to sell you screens, we encourage the use of existing TV displays where possible. We provide Android media players to sit behind your screens, connected using a HDMI cable.

What Kind Of Content Can I Show?

Well that’s completely up to you. Our content creation studio has a wide selection of “widgets” for multi-media elements including images, video, the time, date, weather, social media, web pages and many more. Simply drag and drop!

How Would TrouDigital Support Me?

Everyone of our users has an ongoing relationship with us, free to call or email for support and refresher training. We have reporting and remote connectivity software to allow us to monitor your screens and resolve any issue should one arise.

Our Pricing


£ 0 for 14 days
  • Trial Access To Editor
  • *Loan Media Player On Request
  • 16MB File Upload Size
  • 80MB Account Storage


£ 18 per month
  • Full Access To Editor
  • Advanced Advert Scheduling
  • Network Monitoring Dashboard
  • Phone and Email Support
  • Remote Control Support Software
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Pricing excludes VAT.

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