Visitor Information Screens for Places of Worship

Digital information screens can transform the visitor experience in churches, mosques, synagogues and other places of worship.

Guide, Inform, Educate & Inspire

Welcome visitors and members with practical information about services, special events, community news and announcements.

Use the same screen or a different one to educate visitors about the building’s history, enriching the experience of visitors.

Simple Technology That Anyone Can Use


Manage your visitor screens remotely.


Create new presentations in minutes.


Showcase images, videos, and social media.


Personalise with colours and logo.


Schedule content for specific times.

Link an Events Calendar

Make sure people know what’s going on with ease.

Share Clergy Messages

Spread your message around the church with real-time updates.

Welcome and Guide Visitors

Personally welcome visitors and signpost clear directions.

How Much Do Visitor Information Screens Cost?


Modernise Your Place
of Worship

£18 / month. To see our full pricing list, click on the button below. 

“Our digital display was in need of an update and we are so pleased to have chosen TrouDigital. The software is easy to use, flexible to our needs, and has unlocked a whole new range of possibilities for us to interact with our visitors and parishioners. Thanks to the helpful and friendly team at TrouDigital!”

Marketing Coordinator – Portsmouth Cathedral