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Digital Signage Hardware Products

For the latest digital signage hardware pricing and product advice, please request a project quotation below.

With the TrouDigital platform, it’s easy to connect to and manage any screen, allowing you to focus on creating effective digital signage that grabs attention. Explore our range of hardware including media players, digital kiosks, commercial-grade displays, and more to find the perfect solution for your project.

Hardware TrouDigital
Hardware TrouDigital
Hardware TrouDigital
Hardware TrouDigital
Hardware TrouDigital
Hardware TrouDigital
Hardware TrouDigital

Media Players Turn Any TV Into a Digital Signage Display.

Android Media Player

Media players are Micro PCs that sit behind your screen and play signage content through an app. They update in real-time through the internet. Simply plug in and play. We also have Windows and Live TV supported players.

Hardware TrouDigital
Hardware TrouDigital

Commercial Digital Signage Displays.

55″ Commercial Signage Display

High-performancecommercial-grade displays are designed to keep your content looking great 24 hours a day 7 days a week. From 32″ to 98″, find a screen to meet your project needs.

Hardware TrouDigital

High Brightness Displays for Window or External Use.

Brighter screens. Better visibility.

High-brightness window screens increase content visibility and make it easier for people to see what is being displayed. They are much more effective than traditional screens in direct sunlight or strong ambient light.

Hardware TrouDigital
Hardware TrouDigital

Touch Screen Displays And Freestanding Kiosks.

Get hands-on with your digital signage. Our software supports touch screens, tablets, and freestanding digital kiosks. Great for product catalogues and wayfinding projects. Both touch and non-touch kiosks are available in Dual OS at both 50″ and 55″.

Hardware TrouDigital

Digital Signage Hardware

Video Wall Solutions.

Excite Your Audience 

TrouDigital’s range of digital signage hardware also includes video wall solutions. These are perfect for digital menu boards and internal communications.

Slot multiple screens together to create one large display. Control with the same digital signage software used on your other screens.


Hardware TrouDigital
Hardware TrouDigital

Discover The Power Of

Outdoor Digital Signage.

Digital Displays Built For The Outdoors.

We also offer a range of attractive, built-for-purpose outdoor digital signage displays. Perfect for OOH advertising, outdoor messaging, and grabbing the attention of those on the go.

From digital billboards and outdoor digital kiosks to outdoor digital posters and displays, we’ve got you covered.

Hardware TrouDigital

Get Hands-On With

Interactive Digital Signage.

Touchscreen displays are a great way to boost engagement at your organisation.

Take advantage of digital signage software and create interactive catalogues, wayfinding systems, digital information hubs, or content that appears on demand.

Supercharge your interactive digital signage with podium displays, interactive digital kiosks, or a standard touchscreen display.

Hardware TrouDigital

Digital Signage Hardware FAQs

What are the hardware requirements?

A digital signage solution requires two hardware components: a screen and a media player. In some cases, these are combined in a ‘signage display’ but these monitors can be extremely expensive. In-built media players also run the risk of becoming outdated as technology improves.

That’s why TrouDigital prefers to use external media players, usually, our tried and tested Android Micro PCs.  While you are welcome to source your own media player, you can purchase our Android devices for £185+VAT (other types are available). This includes a 1-year warranty during which we would swap out the player should any faults arise. The other main benefit of using our digital signage hardware is that we can then remotely connect to your screen using TeamViewer, allowing us to better support you.

When it comes to the screens, any monitor with an HDMI or even VGA port can be transformed into a digital sign through a media player. If you are looking to save money, using an existing flatscreen TV can be a great way to cut costs. Should you require new screens, a digital kiosk, or perhaps a video wall, TrouDigital has long-standing AV partners and are therefore able to get you the best prices.

It is important to note that in deployments with high exposure to sunlight, for instance, a south-facing window, a high bright display would be required for optimum results. While these screens can often be very expensive, we have the most competitive pricing around for High Bright Screens.

For a hardware quote, please get in touch.

How difficult is digital signage installation?

Installing a digital display is a fairly straightforward process that any AV installer would be able to manage. Depending on your location, we can install screens for you, recommend an AV partner or leave you to fit it yourself. If you wanted to use a wired internet connection, this would need to be considered but can be put in for you. Alternatively, WiFi is usually more than adequate. Media players require no additional installation as they are simply ‘plug and play’ with a provided HDMI cable. They will just need access to mains power. 

How much does digital signage cost?

Many signage providers are elusive on this but we’ll give you the numbers straight.

Our software packages start at £16 per screen/mo* with additional licences costing £16/month. You will also need to purchase a media player, our recommended Android Micro PCs cost £185+VAT and come with a 3-year warranty. For more information, please refer to our pricing page.

When it comes to the screen, you are welcome to source the display yourself and fortunately, prices have plummeted in recent years. You can now pick up a high-quality LED for around £250, depending on the size. If you would prefer to purchase a full solution from us, we have brilliant hardware partners with highly competitive screen pricing straight from the manufacturer. Commercial Signage Displays are designed to be on 24/7, with higher brightness ratings.

For specific pricing, please contact us for a project quotation.

*Billed annually

Why choose a digital over traditional display?

The main advantage of choosing a digital display is versatility. Screens can be segmented into individual areas serving different functions. Content can be scheduled in playlists for different times of the day, month or year. This is great for space-saving as a whole variety of information can be conveyed with a single screen.

Going digital opens up engaging media options such as video, embedded webpages and animated text. These are proven to be more effective than simply delivering information through static text.

From an administrative perspective, a digital display is less hassle than a traditional noticeboard as updates can be made from any PC and put live instantly. There’s no need to physically dismantle anything. Users can swap content out with a few clicks or make changes. This makes digital signage ideal for busy environments. From an environmental perspective too, it can really help cut down on paper usage, replacing old-fashioned posters.

How can I start planning a digital signage project?

At the earliest stage of a potential project, we recommend asking yourself the following questions:

  • How many screens are you looking to deploy?
  • Do you intend to install at multiple sites or in complicated locations?
  • What kind of content would you like to show?
  • Are you working towards a set timeline?
  • Will you need to purchase the screens themselves?
  • Do you have a budget in mind?
  • Would you be interested in generating ad revenue?

We are happy to advise on these considerations, so feel free to contact our team or book a demo.

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