Digital Signage With Live TV – How To Reach A Captive Audience

Jun 7, 2019 | Digital Signage

Reuben Staples-Burton

Reuben Staples-Burton

Digital signage combined with live TV will transform the ways in which we watch television in a variety of settings.

A frequently asked question related to digital signage is “Will I be able to stream live television on my digital screen?”. Well, now the answer is Yes! The highly coveted combination of digital signage and live TV solves a lot of problems and we are now able to display live TV alongside any promotions, advertising or informational media.

The integrated software enables you to display news, sport, music or anything relevant to your customer base as easily as you would at home. This only widens the suitability of digital signage to include even more settings as well as deepening its necessity in already existing environments.

Pubs and Bars

Showing major sports events is, without a doubt, one of the primary functions of pubs and bars the world over. The screen, therefore, has customers’ attention in a pub or bar, so why not use it? A ticker going along the bottom of the screen, showing drinks offers, details of upcoming events or upcoming fixtures does not disrupt the viewing experience and is bound to get people to the bar, and coming back at later dates.

All the existing benefits of placing digital screens in pubs and bars are made more salient with the inclusion of live TV. Anything that would otherwise be shown on a separate screen, could be scheduled to play in conjunction with live TV. For example, at half-time during any sports fixtures, the scheduling feature would allow you to play advertising for local businesses that may have paid for the privilege or alternatively your own drinks promotions.

Digital Signage With Live TV - How To Reach A Captive Audience TrouDigital

Sports and Music Venues

At sports venues, it is easy to feel as though you are missing out on the action should you need to go to the toilet, to get drinks or grab food. A live TV stream in the stadium keeps everyone in attendance up to date with the score. Using an integrated digital signage system, rather than just a television, enables you to show your own promotions at half-time, and keep the stadium’s branding and promotions on constantly throughout the game.

Live social media comments about the match could be displayed on a ticker on the bottom of the screen, keeping people engaged in the thrills of the event. Relevant public feedback encourages people to talk about their differing opinions and should create a buzz around the event. This would be appropriate in a variety of settings around the stadium, for example near the bar, in hospitality sections or even in the toilet.

Music venues could also benefit from the inclusion of live TV. Like sports venues, they have a lot to promote, having to constantly attract a variety of crowds to part with their funds and come to their establishment. A digital screen placed at the bar, or at the back and sides of the venue can draw attention, certainly if there is any lull before the entertainment. Harnessing the energy of the anticipation of the crowd before the concert and converting this energy into spending is important for any venue. Digital signage, especially with live TV, represents the perfect opportunity to fix the attention of individuals with music videos or any other visually stimulating media and then alert them to your promotions.

Digital Signage With Live TV - How To Reach A Captive Audience TrouDigital

Gyms and Leisure Centres

Displaying membership offers, referral schemes, and details of classes in a way that they will be seen is important for any gym. Gyms often opt to display music channels to motivate people to keep ‘pushing for the burn’, distracting them from their physical exertion. If already using screens, it makes sense to use these screens to help drive your business forwards via promotions and reminders to customers of the services that you offer.

Alternatively, many people choose to go to the gym first thing in the morning, perhaps missing the opportunity to muse over a broadsheet with a cooked breakfast and an orange juice. The ‘Belvita lifestyle’ means that professionals are constantly looking to consume as much as possible in as little time possible. If they can get the headlines whilst doing a 5k on a treadmill then this works best for them. However, therein lies an opportunity to keep them aware of health and safety notices, promotions or even fitness tips. This could be achieved by a ticker, a split-screen or scheduled intervals displaying your promotions.

Digital Signage With Live TV - How To Reach A Captive Audience TrouDigital

Waiting Rooms

Going to the dentists, doctors or bank is seldom a pleasurable experience. Therefore it is important for practitioners to create a hospitable environment, that is comforting for patients. 63% of people say the worst part of going to the doctors is the wait. Their perceived waiting time would feasibly be even shorter and therefore more enjoyable, should they be able to catch up on the latest headlines.

Queue management systems that would appear alongside live TV can reduce anxiety and the perceived waiting time, as patients may potentially be fearful of their upcoming appointment. Therefore, it is vital to keep them informed of their wait time with queue management systems and/or distracted by the content of the news that day.

An alternative appropriate setting would be in a paediatrics or children’s centre waiting room. Children’s TV channels could be used to not only make the time pass quicker whilst waiting for an appointment or on a ward but also to distract patients from the scary prospect of seeing a doctor. They can be used in the same instances as a GP’s waiting room for queue management and to display any notices for parents to be aware of.

Digital Signage With Live TV - How To Reach A Captive Audience TrouDigital

Care and Nursing Homes

Digital signage is an important inclusion in any care home. It can give information notices to people who may need assistance with being reminded of things. Television is a comfort for those with decreased mobility, so to combine the two is an opportunity to benefit residents through a medium they most likely appreciate.

Finding points of conversation with loved ones can be difficult and an extremely painful part of ageing when the elderly start to lose their memory. Digital signage with live TV can be this talking point as it allows you to be able to talk about what is immediately in front of them i.e. what is on the TV. Digital signage with live TV means that there will be the added talking points of “What are you having for dinner?”, “Are you looking forward to the games night?” or “Shall we do one of those mobility exercises together?”.

Digital Signage With Live TV - How To Reach A Captive Audience TrouDigital

Retail Stores and Centres

According to a Retail Business Development study, customers report a 33% shorter perceived waiting time, making a 30-minute wait feel more like 20 minutes when presented with digital signage. Peter Jones of the University of Brighton wrote that there is a gulf between actual waiting times in a queue and perceived waiting times. Digital signage with live TV is something that can bridge this gap.

Research has shown that music affects how much time we think has passed waiting in a queue and also how co-operative shoppers are likely to be with sales staff. When managing a shop and creating a playlist of music or music videos, it makes sense to kill two birds with one stone and play your music through a screen that is also showing exciting new stock, information on sales or tips.

Digital Signage With Live TV - How To Reach A Captive Audience TrouDigital

Sports Clubs

Whether tennis, rugby, football, swimming or golf clubs; as the pillar of the community, sports clubs provide the perfect setting for people to gather and watch important live TV events. From Eurovision to the Winter Olympics, things are experienced better with the communities that you value.

Whilst members’ attention is on the screen, they can be presented with membership promotions, upcoming events or local business advertisements that will ensure the maintenance of the club as a pillar of the community.

Digital Signage With Live TV - How To Reach A Captive Audience TrouDigital


When organising an event, it is always unfortunate should it fall on the same day as a major TV event. For example, organising a local food festival that clashed with the Champions League final. Digital signage with live TV would mean that the clash needn’t affect footfall, people would be able to attend the food festival, watch the Champions League final whilst at the same time being informed of the location of certain stalls, the timings of certain things throughout the day and to relay messages of importance.

Digital Signage With Live TV - How To Reach A Captive Audience TrouDigital

Ultimately, digital signage with live TV works harmoniously to entertain customers, clients, residents and patients whilst also using their attention to communicate appropriate messages. It provides a contract between businesses and customers, that maintains a culture of reciprocity that says “here is some entertainment and here are some other things that we believe would be of value to you”. For that reason, digital signage and live TV are a necessary inclusion, it enables communication with customers without depreciating the value and enjoyment of their experience.

Live TV is increasing the already growing popularity of digital signage which is understandable given its versatility. If you think it’s time that you invested, get in touch today!

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