4 Ways That Digital Screens Can Revolutionise Your Golf Club

Nov 13, 2018 | Leisure

Lee Gannon

Lee Gannon

While golf is a sport steeped in tradition, golf club marketing today is all about attracting new members and creating the golfers of tomorrow.

From course conditions to leaderboards, from promotions to course flyovers, digital screens displaying dynamic, live content connect golf clubs with their members and guests.

Installing a digital screen or transforming your existing displays opens up an array of opportunities:

Boosting Sales With Digital Advertising Displays

Tailor-made marketing for golf clubs

Most golf clubs aren’t fortunate enough to have their own marketing department and it’s often difficult to ensure that members and visitors are aware of the latest promotions and offers. Digital screens are the perfect way of easing the marketing burden and distributing your promotional content. A strategically placed network of screens allows golf clubs to professionally promote all of their services around the clubhouse.
4 Ways That Digital Screens Can Revolutionise Your Golf Club TrouDigitalA screen placed in reception is seen by every member and visitor when they enter the clubhouse and can act as the centrepiece of a golf club. A friendly welcome message for societies and visitors could be shown alongside the latest offer in the pro shop or restaurant, thereby encouraging visiting golfers to take full advantage of what’s on offer at the golf club.
Digital content is inherently more eye-catching than printed posters and the increase in sales it can bring means that golf clubs see a tangible return on their investment in digital signage. How many new members would your club need to sign up for a screen to pay for itself?
The chances are the answer is one.

Making Marketing Simple With Scheduled Content

Marketing doesn’t have to complicated

The days of printing promotional posters and pinning them up around the clubhouse are quickly coming to an end. Digital signage software gives you the ability to remotely update a network of screens to show the latest content, without having to waste time changing USBs or updating the noticeboard manually.
The technology’s scheduling feature means that promotions can be deployed at specific times of the day, week or year. At the click of a button, you could schedule your latest membership offers to play during the times when beginner lessons take place. Christmas coming up? You can show festive special offers throughout December for Pro Shop deals on clubs, attire and equipment.
4 Ways That Digital Screens Can Revolutionise Your Golf Club TrouDigitalScheduling functionality enables golf clubs to effectively plan their promotional campaigns months in advance, which is incredibly valuable from a marketing perspective, especially for busy club managers who have a lot on their plates.

Live Leaderboards and Club Information

Keeping your members and visitors in the loop

A clubhouse digital screen can become the central hub for club news, tournament results and events.
On competition days, you can instantly add live results to your clubhouse screen. This means members can enjoy the kind of healthy competition at the 19th hole that cannot be achieved with post-round, printed results sheets.
Digital screens are also a great way of distributing course information and club events to members and visitors. Golf clubs often struggle with attendance and it is extremely easy for members to forget about the club diary.
With a digital solution, you can schedule reminders to play during the lead up to events, which often results in increased attendance and engagement from members.

Cost-Effective Marketing For Clubs Of All Sizes

Digital solutions for every budget and clubhouse size

The benefits of digital screens for golf club marketing are extensive. However, many golf clubs avoid pursuing digital solutions because they are often seen as being reserved for those who have a sizeable marketing budget.
4 Ways That Digital Screens Can Revolutionise Your Golf Club TrouDigitalMany golf clubs are surprised to hear that content-management software is available from as little as £18.00 per month. Better still, we can work with any existing screens that you may have and are also happy to source new screens if required.
With our digital solution, golf clubs have complete control over the content that gets displayed on their screens. This means that they can often sell advertising space to members and local businesses in order to cover the cost of their investment in digital signage. When deployed in this way, digital screens in the clubhouse can do more than pay for themselves, they can generate revenue for the club.

If your golf club is looking to modernise, a digital screen solution could be a real asset to your marketing and sales efforts. Take the first step towards digitalisation today by booking a free web demonstration.

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