Digital Signage
Software Features

We know there are a lot of signage providers around, but you need to find the software that’s most suited to your environment.

A lot of signage applications are cumbersome and difficult to set up, but at TrouDigital we can help you get a screen up and running in minutes.

Easy Set Up

Set up your player in minutes. Simply copy your player key from the studio and press play. We work on Windows, Android and Chrome OS to ensure we can operate on the largest number of media players.

Liberate Your Screens

We provide a fully customisable visual editor which allows your screens to look exactly how you want them to. We don’t constrict you to predefined templates!

The Process


Simply log into our digital signage software and start designing your content with expertly designed templates and widgets.


Once you have created your content, all you need to do is assign it to the players connected to your screens.


When your content has been applied to your screens, just press GO on the player app and your content will appear.

Our Digital Signage Solution Includes

Screen Scheduling

Plan your content in advance. Select the time and date you want your content to play and let our system do the rest.

Easy To Use

Use our simple drag & drop editor to create professional screens and remotely update them in seconds.

Control a Network of Screens

Seamlessly control your network of screens from a central hub.

Touch Integration

Take your digital signage one step further and utilise our touch integration.

Amazing Apps

With our custom widgets, you can use almost any media on your screens including the usual HD videos and images, as well as live feeds from Instagram and Twitter.

Looking for a specific feature?
Ask us and we can develop it.

How easy is it to set up a screen?

Schedule Content

Do you have different content that needs to be played at set times? Use our scheduling feature to deploy content or playlists down to the minute to make sure the content you need to be shown is played at desired times.

Discover the

Benefits Of Digital Signage

Engage With Your Clients and Staff

Convey messages & information to your clients, visitors and staff.

Display Company Targets & Growth

Motivate your staff with tracked company targets and growth.

Increase Your Company Sales

Digital signage can increase sales by 29.5%.

Digital Signage Is Cost Effective

Build an advertising network across your displays to generate revenue.

Dynamic, Contextual Content

No more static posters with live updated dynamic content to grab attention.

Minimises Perceived Wait Time

Keep visitors entertained by giving them something to watch.

Any questions about our digital signage software?