Digital signage solutions that grab attention. The cloud-based software powering screens around the UK and beyond.

1. Content creation

Design great looking screens in no time from any PC with internet using our drag & drop widget-based editor.

2. Screen scheduling

Become a content DJ, compiling your creations into playlists that can be scheduled to trigger in advance.

3. Simple hardware

Connect our media players to any screen and our signage app brings your TV displays to life.

We offer a unique free hardware trial following a web demo

User-friendly editor

Our digital signage solutions are powered by a simple cloud-based CMS. Why choose cloud-based? You can login from any PC to create and manage content in our drag & drop editor.

Combine your images, videos, social media, RSS feeds, live web pages and more to create engaging presentations. 

Schedule your content to play at particular times of the day, week or month. Make any changes and your screens automatically update.

Everything you need to know about digital display solutions


Transform any screen

We provide Android media players to transform any screen into a signage display. These Micro PCs are designed specifically for signage, hand-picked for their reliability and energy-efficiency. 

For projects such as video walls where more power is required, we recommend higher calibre Windows players. Chrome OS devices with greater network management functionality are also available.

Have you considered generating revenue from a screen network?

Bespoke signage solutions

At TrouDigital, we want every environment and deployer to make the most of their screens. That’s why we have developers in-house who can help with bespoke projects. Our platform is uniquely versatile, able to integrate with other forms of software.

For example, we are the market leader for estate agents, integrating with property databases to effortlessly show listings on screen.


Electronic signage is used by a wide range of sectors. It is particularly popular in education, healthcare and retail. We also service the corporate, hospitality and entertainment industries. Our digital signage solutions are used by everyone from small local businesses to large international organisations. They are designed to be user-friendly, tailored to non-specialist end-users.

Our digital signage is affordably priced. We offer straight-forward packages starting at £18/month per device, with discounts based on quantity and contract length. This license fee includes full access to our software for content creation and deployment, as well as support and upgrades. You will also need to purchase an Android media player to play your content on the screen, this is a one-off cost of £165+VAT. Please see our pricing page for more information or ask us about a 14 day free trial.

The beauty of our simple digital display solutions is there’s no need to buy specialist screens. In most deployments, a consumer-grade monitor is more than sufficient to play content using our provided media players. The only instances when a specialist screen might be required is if the display is to be located outdoors or in direct sunlight. We are able to both advise and source screens to specification.

Absolutely. We believe you should try our digital display solutions before you make any investment. That’s why we offer a number of options: 1. You can book a no-commitment demo to see our software for yourself. 2. You can then request a 14 day free trial license to get familiar with the platform. 3. In special circumstances, we loan out media players for a trial period, this allows you to see your content on a screen, exactly as it would be. No other signage company offers the same.