Digital Signage Media Players

Pre-configured media players allow you to transform any screen into an engaging display. Simply connect power and internet and control any screen from any location.

Digital Signage Media Players TrouDigital   Plug and play.

Digital Signage Media Players TrouDigital  Produce 90% less CO2 vs Windows PCs.

Digital Signage Media Players TrouDigital   3-year hardware warranty via SignageShield®.

Digital Signage Media Players TrouDigital
Digital Signage Media Players TrouDigital
Digital Signage Media Players TrouDigital
Digital Signage Media Players TrouDigital
Digital Signage Media Players TrouDigital
Digital Signage Media Players TrouDigital

The introduction of TrouDigital to our business transformed our ability to present content and information to customers in our practices with screens. The cloud-based software allowed a simple, effective way for our team to update, schedule, collaborate and maintain multiple screens from any location and at any time.

Digital Signage Media Players TrouDigital

Jonathan Suttle
Marketing Coordinator

A big thank you to TrouDigital for the support and assistance over the past couple of years. The many changes that the pandemic brought and then having to understand the system, identify the screens and move them from T3 (and back to T5) etc. The team was always responsive to our requests no matter the time, or day.

Digital Signage Media Players TrouDigital

Ryan Newsam
Customer Experience Delivery Project Manager

TrouDigital has provided an excellent, professional and valuable service to help communicate important messages to residents. I would recommend TrouDigital to any marketing or comms professional looking to improve/widen the use of digital channels.

Digital Signage Media Players TrouDigital

Sandy Eaton
Strategic Communications & Marketing Manager

Digital signage media player FAQs

Important questions with simple answers.

Do you help with setup?

Our media players come pre-configured, so all you should need to do is plug them in and connect to the internet. However, should you need help our friendly support team is on hand to get you up and running.

We have excellent guides and tutorial videos to get you heading in the right direction. Just ask our team!

Do you offer training?

We offer a number of training options to help you get the most out of your screens.

Remote training over Zoom is available in our Teams and Enterprise packages. Our digital signage experts will guide you through our software and show you everything you need to get the most out of your screens.

We also have training available in the form of written guides and pre-recorded videos.

You’ll be an expert in no time! 

Are there different types of media player?

There are many different types of media players on the market. Different media players will suit different projects and use cases.

Media players can also include a range of different Operating software including Android, Windows, and Linux.

Make sure to speak with our team to find out what media player is right for your project.

Are media players really easy to install?

Yes, it’s like connecting a phone to WiFi for the first time. We have a video guide that talks you through it in minutes.

Our media players are simply “plug and play” and come fully configured for your convenience.

How many screens can I control?

Providing each screen has a media player connected you can control as many as you like. From our dashboard, you can manage 1-1000+ screens.

Our ‘groups’ features enables you to effectively manage groups of screens together. This can save invaluable time when mass-updating screens.

Can I use my own media player?

Yes. You are more than welcome to use your own media players. Our digital signage app can work on Android, Windows and Chrome. Please be aware, however, that we can only support our own devices.

Please contact TrouDigital to verify media player compatibility.

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