10 Uses Of Digital Signage For Sports Clubs

Dec 20, 2017 | Leisure

Lee Gannon

Lee Gannon

Digital signage for sports clubs is spreading from clubhouse to clubhouse, popular across a variety of sports.

We love working with clubs and organisations of all sizes, empowering them through technology to share their passions and create modern exciting spaces where players can come together.

“The team at TrouDigital are very creative and supportive. Their product is very easy to install and to tune to the needs of the client. Our members are impressed and it helps them feel more engaged with the club. This is the best system on the market for many reasons and I have no hesitation in recommending them.” – Iain Burns, Desborough Bowls Club

10 Uses Of Digital Signage For Sports Clubs TrouDigital

Installing a digital screen at your venue opens up a wide range of opportunities:

1) Scoreboards, leaderboards and fixtures

Whatever the sport, competitive players are always interested in scoreboards and leaderboards. Many clubs rely on old-fashioned chalkboards or whiteboards to publish results. While there’s nothing wrong with this approach, going for a digital display instead has a number of advantages. Our digital signage for sports clubs allows you to link spreadsheets designed as scoreboards to a screen. Results can then be easily updated, even from a mobile phone, and instantly added to displays up in a clubhouse. Alternatively, they can be sourced from or synced with results published on a website. Different leaderboards can be managed for different age and gender categories rotated to save space and played at assigned times e.g. for juniors during junior lessons.
A clubhouse screen can serve as a club calendar as well as a leaderboard. Fixtures usually listed on a website can be embedded on a display so physical visitors can stay up to date. Making fixtures widely known has a huge positive impact on attendance, for both players and spectators alike. 

10 Uses Of Digital Signage For Sports Clubs TrouDigital

2) Club, league and player information

Whether a club is a century old or recently established, sharing information about its history or operation is a great way to create a sense of community among members. Digital signage for your clubhouse allows you to share updates with members and visitors, acting as a superior noticeboard where messages can be programmed remotely in advance and to a schedule. Similarly, it can be a great platform to share information on local sports leagues or even the performances of the top players at the club. Presentations on players that have made the most appearances, scored the most goals or shot the lowest round can introduce a fun competitive element. 

3) Welcome away teams and visitors

Being welcomed by a digital display as an away team or visitor can help shape a positive experience of your visit. With fixtures usually arranged long in advance, it is easy for clubs to pre-program welcome messages to different teams, adding a unique personal touch. The same display can serve practical functions such as giving directions to facilities such as changing rooms or highlighting which court or pitch a game is being played on.

10 Uses Of Digital Signage For Sports Clubs TrouDigital

4) Venue information

Similarly, screens can provide other crucial venue information such as the location of fire exits, disabled access or parking regulations. Sometimes clubhouses have kitchens that can be used or rooms that can be hired for private functions and events. Showing information on a digital display about how to hire and the terms and conditions of doing so can be an effective way to increase their usage.

5) Autonomous registration

The most modern sports venues are investing in touch screens. One of the most beneficial uses of an interactive tablet or kiosk is as a registration point for members and visitors. This allows for autonomous registration in a more effective method than signing a physical visitor book that can get lost or spoilt. It also saves the time of administrative staff who can focus on more significant tasks like taking bookings, although touch screens can provide this functionality too. Creating a digital record of registration empowers sports clubs with greater information on attendance and usage, helping them to make better operating-decisions.  

6) Boost sales with special offers

Digital signage for sports clubs has a tangible return on investment when it comes to increasing sales of membership, tickets, merchandise, food and drink. Digital displays are ideal for promoting special offers, whether it’s membership or lesson packages, tickets for upcoming games or merchandise sold in an on-site shop. The technology’s capacity for programmatic messaging means promotions can be deployed specifically at certain times of the year or events such as father’s day. This enables much more effective marketing. Those having just paid to watch a game are equally the most likely purchasers of tickets for next week’s match.
For sports venues with an attached bar or restaurant, a clubhouse screen is even more valuable. It can act as a restaurant menu or specials board, on top of serving the other nine functions described in this post. Players coming into the clubhouse after a round of golf to check their scores, for instance, might see a special offer on at the bar on the same screen, and be prompted to stay for a drink or even some food. 

7) Promote lessons, tournaments and events

In addition to boosting merchandise and restaurant sales, digital signage for sports clubs can be deployed to promote lesson uptake and attendance at tournaments and events. Parents coming into the clubhouse to collect their kids from a party might be targeted with special offers on junior lessons or equipment. If the club is hosting a social such as a barbeque, the word can be spread from the clubhouse screen. A touch screen device would even allow players to register in-person for tournaments.

10 Uses Of Digital Signage For Sports Clubs TrouDigital

8) Local advertising

Sports clubs are often at the heart of local communities. The diverse background of their members and geographical location makes them well connected. This creates a huge opportunity for local advertising on screens at club venues. Clubs can partner with other local businesses, using existing sponsorship relationships or creating new ones to promote their products or services. In return, on-screen advertising can provide a significant source of income for clubs. Whatever the size of your organisation, deploying digital signage and using it as an advertising platform is well worth looking into. We’ve written an actionable guide on how anyone can generate upwards of £330/month on a single screen.

9) Images and videos of gameplay

One of the strengths of deploying digital signage for sports clubs is the ability to upload images and videos in real-time. This can really set your club apart and be a popular feature. Images taken of gameplay, even on camera-phones, can be sent to screens and shared with others to see. Taking this to the next level, a club might want to record games or compile highlights that can be uploaded. This can make even the smallest of clubs feel professional. 

10 Uses Of Digital Signage For Sports Clubs TrouDigital

10) Club’s social media

Our final use of a digital clubhouse screen is displaying a sports club’s social media. Nowadays, even the smallest of clubs are on social, posting results and notices to Facebook and Twitter. An online following can be boosted by showing these feeds on a screen, raising awareness for your online presence. If your club interacts with your members through RTs on Twitter, for example, they will love seeing themselves mentioned on screen. Organisations posting images to Instagram can also embed these, making it easy to deploy content to multiple locations. Digital signage is a great way to bridge the offline and online world. 

The increasing popularity of digital signage for sports clubs is understandable given its versatility. If you think it’s time that your club invested, get in touch today!

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