Digital Kiosks: Your Ultimate Guide

Jan 6, 2020 | Digital Kiosks

Alistair Cousins

Alistair Cousins

Digital kiosks are a fantastic piece of technology that comes with a host of features to help revolutionise your business. From wayfinding to advertising these digital kiosks do it all! This guide contains all you need to know about how you can use a digital kiosk, how to set it up and a number of the many benfits they can bring to your business.

What Is a Digital Kiosk?

So what is a digital kiosk anyway? In a sentence a digital kiosk (also known as digital totem) is a digital freestanding display. They can include immersive touch screen abilities or be used purely aesthetically. Digital kiosks come with all the fantastic benefits included with our signage software with the additional benefit of immersive touch technology. This drastically improves the engagement your business has between you and your customers. 

Digital Kiosks: Your Ultimate Guide TrouDigital

How Do They Work?

Like our digital signage media players, our digital kiosks are ‘plug and play’. This means all you have to do is connect your digital kiosk to a power supply and watch as your content loads within seconds. All you need is a plug socket and an internet connection (ethernet or WIFI) to bring your content to life. If you need to change the content on your kiosk, simply log in to your account via our website and make the changes you need. If you ever need support each one of our digital kiosks comes installed with TeamViewer (remote support). This means wherever you are, and wherever we are we will be able to provide you with the support you need. 

Our digital kiosks are powered by powerful android media players (mini PC) that hide out of site.

Our kiosks are availible in sizes from 43″ to 55″ inches meaning you can rest easy knowing your content will be displayed in a clear and attractive manner. 

Digital Kiosks: Your Ultimate Guide TrouDigital

What Are Digital Kiosks Used For?

The power and awesomeness of a digital kiosk are reflected in its many uses and coverage of diverse industries they are employed in. Arguably wayfinding is one of the most popular uses of interactive digital kiosks. By simply installing a wayfinding kiosk in a lobby or hallway you can drastically increase customer and visitor satisfaction. They also help in cutting down the number of people who get lost on the way to meetings.

Another common use of digital kiosks is advertising. Many of our clients will install a digital kiosk in an area that experiences a high footfall (foot traffic), and will display adverts on the screen. This has given our clients an extra revenue stream that they can invest back into their business. Larger outdoor kiosks are great to increase brand awareness and ensure your brand is top of mind amongst potential customers.

Other uses for digital kiosks include Welcome content, social media, information hubs, and many more. To discuss how a digital kiosk could be used at your business, contact the team today.

Digital Kiosks: Your Ultimate Guide TrouDigital

How Much Does it Cost?

Many people think a digital kiosk costs an arm and a leg purely because it’s digital and are often only seen used by larger brands with deep pockets. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. As of late the price of digital signage and digital kiosks has plummeted. There has never been a better time than now to invest in digital kiosks. 

The software is cheap too! With prices starting at £18 per month per kiosk, allows your business to forge a great looking digital signage project for less. Each screen will also require an android media player. These come at a one off cost of just £165 upfront and stay hidden out of site.

For up to date hardware pricing for digital kiosks contact the team today.

Digital Kiosks: Your Ultimate Guide TrouDigital

How Do I Control My Kiosk?

All of our digital kiosks are powered by our cloud-based digital signage software. Our newley updated cloud-based, drag and drop studio allows you to control your network of screens or kiosks (or both!) from anywhere in the world!* 

When you want to update the content on your digital kiosk, simply log in to our studio and start creating. Or alternatively you can upload pre-made content. You will then complile this content into a playlist which can then be assigned to a screen.  Within seconds you will see your shiney new content appear on your digital kiosk for all to see. 

*Providing you have an internet connection

Digital Kiosks: Your Ultimate Guide TrouDigital

Overall, digital kiosks are a great addition to any business and in most cases will serve as an extra employee, reducing your workload! If you’re looking for a digital kiosk for advertising, wayfinding, or another project you have in mind, contact the team today.

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