5 Digital Kiosk Content Ideas To Engage Your Audience

Mar 12, 2021 | Digital Kiosks

Alistair Cousins

Alistair Cousins

Digital kiosks are one of the most highly functional types of digital signage displays. With touchscreen abilities and a larger physical presence, these screens provide benefits and possibilities you simply can’t get with other screens.

To get the most out of your kiosk, you need great digital kiosk content. When we talk about content here we don’t just mean the design of your slides or creatives, we mean the content’s functionality. If you’re not using a digital kiosk to its full potential, you’re missing out. Great digital kiosk content can add value to your organisation.

This article takes you through 5 digital kiosk content ideas that are sure to supercharge your organisation. Ready to make the most of your digital kiosks?

1. Digital Wayfinding

Digital wayfinding is arguably one of the most popular and most innovating forms of content to deploy to a digital kiosk. As organisations grow larger, so do their buildings. This often means they are harder to navigate. In the past, static signs used to do the job, however, due to an ever-changing, more dynamic workspace, signs can quickly become outdated. The cost, work hours, and effort to continuously replace these signs add up too. Additionally, there is only so much information a static sign can hold. This can result in unclear directions and people getting lost.

Digital wayfinding, however, sets out to change the game. Although digital wayfinding content can be placed on other displays, it is most common on digital kiosks. If a user needs directions, all they need to do is select their destination on a virtual map, or type in where they are going. The digital kiosk will quickly provide a customised route and instructions for where the user needs to go. At large science parks with hundreds of different companies in different locations this has been a life-saver for postmen and postwoman.

Adding content such as digital wayfinding will boost the value and functionality of your digital kiosks at your organisation. The best wayfinding content is clearly planned out and well designed. Therefore, before adding wayfinding content to your digital kiosk, it’s best to speak to your digital signage provider.

5 Digital Kiosk Content Ideas To Engage Your Audience TrouDigital

2. Live Social Media Digital Kiosk Content

Social media continues to dominate the world, both in terms of socially and business communications. In fact, there are now over 4.1 billion active social media users globally. That’s over 53% of the entire world!

So why is social media so important? Social media has provided humans and businesses alike, a new way to directly communicate with one another. It allows us to show our affiliation with brands, share our interests, and speak with friends. Organisations quickly caught on to using social media upon realising the many benefits it has to offer. Social media can help humanise a brand and give it a personality, this, in turn, helps increase consumer trust.

Displaying live social media feeds on a digital kiosk can be a great way to engage with your audience with a human voice. By simply selecting your desired social media account, your kiosk can pull live posts or tweets alongside images and other media. This can be a great way to pull live, organic testimonials. Get your audience to share their experience with your organisation by posting with a unique hashtag. The screen can then pull the social media testimonials and showcase them live on screen. You could mix in content that encourages more testimonials such as 10% off your next purchase when you share your experience using the hashtag on social media. The more testimonials you have, the more potential customers see how much your business is loved and they will be more likely to purchase.

5 Digital Kiosk Content Ideas To Engage Your Audience TrouDigital

3. Information Hub

With so much to learn or know about organisation or area, it can be hard to effectively communicate in a concise and simple manner. Often all the information about an organisation is scattered across outdated leaflets and newsletters. This results in visitors not knowing what’s going on at the organisation or what to do when they get there.

Enter the interactive information hub. With an information hub users can browse what events are on at the organisation (complete with live calendars), access digital wayfinding maps, look up local history, see latest travel information, and more. With the information hub everything is in one place and can be accessed instantly making it an effective communication tool.

A popular use case for this type of digital kiosk content is for tourist locations. Tourists can simply select their preferred language and learn more about the local area or how to get to their destination. Therefore, this can make cities more pleasant for people to visit and makes it more likely for them to return. Digital information hubs are a popular trend for smart city digital signage and we expect to see more of them in the future.

5 Digital Kiosk Content Ideas To Engage Your Audience TrouDigital

4. Promotional Digital Kiosk Content

Promotions that work are promotions that stand out. Marketing teams are constantly looking for new channels or methods to get their promotional messages across to as many people as possible whilst increasing campaign engagement.

Advertising is digital signage’s bread and butter. As a heavily visual form of marketing and communications, digital signage is often used in windows, next to busy roads, and inside stadiums to advertise products and services to a large audience. However, when it comes to digital kiosks this is not often their first use case. This is often because they are thought of as more functional screens, reserved for wayfinding and interactive uses. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Digital kiosks have a unique physical presence in relation to other screens. They are tall, portrait orientated, and are always at eye-level. As a result, this makes them perfect for promotions and advertisements.

Adding promotions or advertisements to your digital kiosk content can be great for increasing the reach of your marketing campaigns. For example, in a shoe shop, when the interactive product catalogue is not in use, advertisements of your best sellers can be shown. Customers in the store may see these promotions and it may trigger a purchasing decision.

5 Digital Kiosk Content Ideas To Engage Your Audience TrouDigital

5. Interactive Product Catalogue

Interactive product catalogues are becoming more and more common in retail. As the retail industry moves further through a wave of digitalisation, stores are looking for more ways to increase their digital presence both online and in-store. Digital catalogues have been a big part of this, providing customers with more purchase options, home delivery, and stock checks.

Adding a digital product catalogue to your digital kiosk content can be a game-changer. It adds an additional channel where customers can gain more information about products or make a purchase. Customers no longer have to wait in a queue or wait for their order to be found. Instead, the user can search for their desired product, add it to their basket and have it shipped directly to their door.

5 Digital Kiosk Content Ideas To Engage Your Audience TrouDigital

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