Digital Signage Trends For 2021 | 5 Trends To Watch Out For

Nov 27, 2020 | Digital Signage Trends

Alistair Cousins

Alistair Cousins

There are some great digital signage trends for 2021 you need to look out for.

2020 has been a whirlwind year to say the least. Globally, we’ve seen a mass change in the way businesses operate, with staff working from home, businesses switching to home delivery, and more. Amongst the chaos, however, the digital signage industry has been hard at work. In 2020, we saw the birth of digital hand sanitisers and digital smart entrances. But what should we keep our eyes peeled for in 2021?

Here, we take you through our top 5 digital signage trends for 2021…

1. Ultra High Bright Displays

Digital signage solutions are a highly visual form of marketing and communications. Therefore, it is paramount that your on-screen content and messages look great, and more importantly are easy to read.

Some digital signage users have found that on a normal brightness display (such as a living room TV) the content looks great in low light, however, when the sun comes out, the content on the screen seems to disappear. This has left these users frustrated and searching for screens that keep their content looking great even on the sunniest days of the year. Enter, ultra high bright displays.

Part of the digital signage hardware family, ultra high brightness displays have been around for a few years, however, lower prices in recent times have made them a more accessible solution. These commercial grade screens feature extremely high brightness ratings in comparison to the average digital display. This extra boost of brightness packs a punch and allows content to be easily seen, even in direct sunlight.

In 2021, we expect to see far more ultra-high bright screens in shop windows, as high street retailers battle it out to capture the footfall of consumers.

Learn more about high brightness screens here.

Digital Signage Trends For 2021 | 5 Trends To Watch Out For TrouDigital

2. Automated Content Creation

Globally, organisations are looking for ways to speed up their operations and boost efficiency. Robots now help in factories and warehouses, self-checkouts are now common-place in supermarkets, and we even have access to automated parking systems that park your car for you.

This automation has extended to the digital signage industry. We’ve already discussed digital signage scheduling which allows you to automate when content appears on your digital displays. But what about the content itself?

Digital signage providers are constantly developing new solutions to make the digital signage experience as streamlined as possible. This year we’ve seen more digital signage users making use of digital signage templates. Clever software allows the user to browse 100s of templates, choose one they like, and edit the information (e.g. company name) and display it on their screens. However, the design work and animation are all done for them.

This digital signage trend possibly saves hundreds of hours each year and noticeable cost savings on the content’s design which can be used elsewhere in the organisation.

To Learn more about automated content platforms click the button below and get in contact with a digital signage expert.

Digital Signage Trends For 2021 | 5 Trends To Watch Out For TrouDigital

3. Digital Product Catalogues

One of the digital signage trends for 2021 we expect to be common place in digital signage for retail are digital product catalogues.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, retailers have been searching for solutions to slow the spread of germs and reduce the amount of contact customers have with products. For example, in a clothing store a T-Shirt sitting on a rack may be touched by hundreds of customers each day.

To mitigate this contact, some retailers have been displaying a single size of the product on the shop floor along with sizing, etc. The single product features a product code that the customer can enter and find on a digital product catalogue. The customer can then add the item they want in their preferred size to their basket and have it delivered to their home or ready to collect at the counter. After each use, the screen can be easily wiped down to kill any germs and viruses.

Digital Signage Trends For 2021 | 5 Trends To Watch Out For TrouDigital

4. Digital Wayfinding

Digital Wayfinding is one of our digital signage trends for 2021 we expect to explode.

As organisations grow and increase in size they become harder to navigate. For example, some universities have thousands of individual rooms. These are often located in various buildings around a campus large enough to serve thousands of students. For visitors or new students, these places are impossible to navigate effectively.

In the past, traditional signs in buildings may have been satisfactory. However, in a fast-paced world with constant changes, this static signage becomes quickly outdated and isn’t the most effective wayfinding tool.

More and more organisations are discovering digital wayfinding and its benefits. For example, a user can receive specific instructions of where they need to go by viewing the best route on an interactive display.

Another huge benefit of going digital is the fact content can be changed as often as it needs to be. For example, if the main conference room has been swapped with another room, the content just needs to be changed in the design. Once the user presses update, the new information will be available on-screen in seconds. Not only has this proved efficient, but it also have a significant impact on print costs.

Digital Signage Trends For 2021 | 5 Trends To Watch Out For TrouDigital

5. Digital Restaurant Menu Boards

Restaurants, takeaways and bars are constantly discovering new methods of promoting their products and making their food look as good as possible. They are also looking for ways to draw attention to special offers and promotions to upsell food.

In the past, traditional menu boards have done a decent job at showing what’s available. However, digital restaurant menu boards have taken menu boards to the next level and are portraying food in ways that are not possible with other technologies.

In addition to going digital, we also expect to see many eateries opting for a digital restaurant menu video wall. This is where multiple screens can be daisy-chained to give the illusion of one large screen. This allows for more possibilities for restaurants to draw attention to their food and drinks. For example, you can have food extending over displays (like in the example below) to really wow your customers. Or you can combine all your screens to draw focus to one specific promotion.

How many restaurants do you think we’ll see go digital in 2021?

Digital Signage Trends For 2021 | 5 Trends To Watch Out For TrouDigital

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