Digital Signage With TeamViewer For The Ultimate Remote Support

Jun 18, 2018 | Support

Lee Gannon

Lee Gannon

When it comes to digital signage projects, support cannot be overlooked.

That’s why TrouDigital provides their digital signage with TeamViewer included for the ultimate remote support.

You might be wondering… what is TeamViewer?

TeamViewer is the market-leading remote support software used on 1.7+ billion devices worldwide. It allows users to remotely control devices with a TeamViewer app installed, making it ideal for managing large and geographically distributed networks.
As soon as we came across the software, TrouDigital realised its enormous potential when it comes to digital signage. With TeamViewer installed on each of our media players, our support team based in Southampton can connect to any customer’s media player and take control of their screen. This has been a game-changer from our perspective and of course for our users.
Traditionally, when support is required for digital signage it takes the following sequence:

  1. A user gets in touch with their signage provider and describes an issue
  2. The provider will (hopefully) suggest a resolution to the problem
  3. The user will receive instructions to go away and implement this themselves

Digital Signage With TeamViewer For The Ultimate Remote Support TrouDigital

Using TeamViewer, TrouDigital has been able to overhaul this frustrating and time-consuming process. It now goes something like this:

  1. A user gets in touch with their signage provider and describes an issue
  2. Our support team can diagnose the exact problem by connecting onto their media player
  3. The problem can almost always be quickly fixed by the support member, remotely from our office in Southampton, without causing the user a headache or additional work

At TrouDigital, we cannot imagine life without TeamViewer for digital signage and yet we are one of the very few digital signage providers offering this as part of our package. If your organisation wanted to invest in TeamViewer themselves for their network, an annual Corporate License is currently £1,222.98. But we save you this significant cost by adding you to our own network.
Simply sign up for one of our signage licenses which start at £25/month and receive this (and even hardware) free of charge.

Make Digital Signage Support A Priority

Too often the cheapest digital signage providers offer only limited support over email or slow support tickets that can endanger your network. A problem with a screen that faces your customers or prospects is not something that can wait for hours or even days to be resolved.
While cheap providers might claim that support is included, in reality, this sometimes only extends to email, with the privilege of picking up the phone carrying an additional charge. When you are new to digital signage and perhaps need some initial hand-holding, these costs can easily rack up, especially if you encounter problems that need to be resolved urgently.
At TrouDigital, we have placed support at the very centre of everything we do. Based in Southampton, a UK support team services clients over the phone between 8:00AM and 6:00PM, Monday to Friday, and often beyond. When we say support is included, that means everything.
When you choose TrouDigital, you get TeamViewer as well. Whether you are managing one screen or a vast network, don’t settle for second-rate support or you will only cause yourself a headache.

For more information about TeamViewer for digital signage, give us a call or drop us an email.
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