All TrouDigital Software Features

Oct 29, 2020 | Software

Reuben Staples-Burton

Reuben Staples-Burton

This document contains the majority of TrouDigital’s digital signage software features. As new features are added this document may be changed or amended accordingly. Looking for hardware? Follow the link to learn about TrouDigital’s digital signage hardware. For the most up-to-date information contact our digital signage specialists.

TrouDigital Features last updated – 28th October 2020.


All TrouDigital Software Features TrouDigital

TrouDigital Signage Apps:

Here is the latest list of platforms and apps that can run TrouDigital’s digital signage software.

  • Native Android player app for Android-based devices (miniPC, streamer, dongle, tablet, Android TV/SoC, TV box, and smartphone).
  • Native Windows player app for Windows (7 or higher) based devices (desktop, laptop, miniPC and dongle).
  • Chrome OS player app for Chrome OS based devices (Chromebox, Chromebit, Chromebase, and Chromebook).
All TrouDigital Software Features TrouDigital

TrouDigital Monitoring & Reports tool:

TrouDigital features also includes monitoring and reporting tools which allow you to stay on top of screen health, statistics and more.

  • Live monitoring tools to monitor the health and status of all your devices.
  • History reports.
  • Proof-of-play reports (essential for advertisers and stat trackers) – this shows the number of times your slides/commercials/creatives were playing on which digital signage displays. These reports give you access to how long they were played for in any period of your choosing.
  • TrouDigital provides you with the ability to export these reports into CSV format. From here you can easily communicate data into charts and tables.

Online Studio – TrouDigital Features:

  • TrouDigital’s online Studio allows you to create content, upload your media files (MP4, JPG, PNG, GIF) and documents (PDF, PPT, PPS, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, and more). Using our online studio, users are able to deploy playlists and creatives to all their digital signage displays.
  • Cloud-based (SaaS) – Remotely access your digital signage screens from your office, home, or wherever you might find yourself. This is especially handy if you need to urgently update your screens or change content.
  • Creatives – Create either video or image creatives (creatives are the foundation of any playlist you wish to deploy to your digital signage displays). Another option is to create a composite creative where you can drag-and-drop simple and powerful widgets to form a beautiful screen design.
  • Widgets – Through TrouDigital’s Creative Composer create stunning creatives using our drag-and-drop technology. With TrouDigital you gain access to a host of powerful, easy to use widgets that you can simply integrate into your creatives:
    • Basic widgets: text, label (header style text), image, video, shapes (Including squares, rectangles, circles, and many more) slideshows (compile images, videos, or widgets to scroll through in one location), ticker (rolling text), RSS feeds and MRSS (Media RSS).
    • Advanced widgets: weather (including live forecasting for nearly any location you can think of), clock (you have the ability to customise the format), webpage (featuring our auto-scroll technology), web image (this can also be used dynamically), web video, FTP, countdown/up (perfect for promoting time-sensitive offers), embedded creative (this allows you to showcase a creative within another creative), embedded HTML code, table (great for sales statistics), live dashboards using charts such as pie charts and more, calendar and Ad widget (this also supports Adomni advertisement services, Vistar Media, etc.).
    • Interactive widgets: This includes our new smart queue, simple queue, and smart entrance (commonly used within COVID-19 solutions).
    • Social widgets: Display popular social media channels and feeds from Instagram, Twitter, Yammer, YouTube, Ustream, and M3U8 streaming. TrouDigital gives you the option to build live social walls with some of these social media platforms.
    • We also support live TV (PIP – using HDMI-IN port).
  • Sharing – you have the ability to share creatives and playlists between other users. This is perfect if you have multiple teams working on content that are located in different departments or externally. If you wish to add restrictions to your creatives users have the ability to create a share only user – these users will only have access to makes edits to content that was shared to them from another user.
  • Multiple languages– TrouDigital users have the option to choose from over 10 different languages to use. Is your preferred language not available? Let us know and we might add your language in a future update.
  • Templates – we’ve created a number of fantastic templates in a variety of sectors for you to use. We have templates in portrait and landscape that will work seamlessly on your digital displays.
  • Access to an ocean of free to use video or images from Pixabay, or even use Unsplash for great images.
  • Image Editor tool – you have the ability to crop, draw on, rotate, and style your images before and after you upload them to your TrouDigital account.
  • The ability for custom dimensions – whatever the dimension or size of your screens you’re in safe hands. With our software easily change the size of your canvas to meet the exact requirements of your displays (this is handy for special displays and video walls which can come in an array of various sizes). If your screen has a common aspect ratio you’re in safe hands too (common aspect ratios: 16 x 9, 16 x 10, 4 x 3, 9 x 16, 10 x 16, and 3 x 4).
  • Scheduling – take advantage of easy to use, powerful digital signage scheduling software to automate your creatives and playlists to run at specific times, days of the week, within a given time range or date range. With TrouDigital, our users have the power to choose an expiry date for a creative on a certain date and time or any combination of a user’s choosing. Discover our top 5 uses of digital signage scheduling software here.
  • Screen Groups – dealing with a larger network of screens? With industry-leading software, can group your screens by location or even by use. This will save you precious time through easier administration.
  • App configuration– need to automatically reconfigure your player app? With TrouDigital send an app configuration to any of your devices. This can be done easily from the online studio.
All TrouDigital Software Features TrouDigital

Other TrouDigital Features:

  • Synchronised displays and units – you can synchronize your digital screens to create a video wall. Or you can synchronise units if you need content to be displayed at the same time.
  • Quick media library population – by using your FTP server TrouDigital can seamlessly fill up your media library, each day, with new media. To utilise this feature, we require a small development to gather data from your FTP site.
  • Integrations – face recognition technology (audience measurement). Through camera software and our trigger technology an attached camera can deploy the correct slide or advert to the right person.
  • USB barcode reader – trigger content to play after scanning specific barcodes.
  • RFID reader (ability to read passive RFID tags) and sensors (IoT – Internet of Things) that can deploy creatives within your playlist, through TrouDigital’s unique events technology. These integrations can come in handy in retail stores or museums who can make use of lift and learn technologies.
  • Security cameras – we integrate with Bosch security cameras. This allows users to count users inside a store/venue. This is powerful when partnered with our smart entrance widget.
  • Touch abilities – When it comes to interaction we’re hands-on. TrouDigital offers an array of touch abilities. This includes navigation via previous/next creative in your playlist (on a touch screen digital display, for instance), navigating a live website, triggering popup forms to fill out, and send off.
  • Digital wayfinding – we have the ability to build a powerful digital wayfinding solution. Users are able to navigate around an interactive map of a campus or place of business.
  • Showcase – through our showcase feature, your playlist can act as a “screen saver”. Once a user touches the screen, the touchable content comes to life. After a selected period of inactivity, your playlist plays again. This could be a playlist of what your organisation does and when a user touches the screen an interactive wayfinding map appears.
  • Offline capabilities – Troudigital offers a special edition of our Android player app for offline usage. This is particularly helpful if your venue has no internet access (if you are using this option the player app needs to be updated by disk-on-key dongle).
  • Special types of users and permissions – we offer other user types to meet your requirements. For example a “share only” user can only edit elements from your creatives that have been shared with them and they have permission to edit them.  An “audit” user’s edits need to be approved by up to 3 selected auditors (these don’t require a TrouDigital account). These auditors will dis/approve changes/creatives by email.
  • SSL encryption

To hear more about TrouDigital features or how to use TrouDigital features get in contact with the team by calling 02380 981110 or click the button below and send us a message.

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