Top 5 Uses Of Digital Signage Scheduling Software

Aug 21, 2019 | Software

Alistair Cousins

Alistair Cousins

Digital signage scheduling software plays an important role in improving the effectiveness of internal communications. This blog post will outline how digital signage scheduling software and its features can be used to revolutionise your business.

1. Schedule Different Menus

If your business operates in the food or catering industry, digital signage scheduling software can play an integral role in making sure the day runs smoothly. It can be time-consuming, tedious and costly to replace print menus throughout the day. You may have a busy breakfast period and forget to change the breakfast menu over to the lunch menu.

Now you have customers thinking they can get a full-English when the chefs are actually preparing sandwiches! Out-of-date, incorrect information is a common problem with printed content. Digital signage scheduling software can completely solve this problem. You can schedule specific menus to be shown at specific times of the day in advance. Additionally, the user could set a ‘special menu’ to be displayed on a certain day of the year for a certain time, such as a New Years Day Special or Christmas menu.

Digital Signage Scheduling software is a must-have for restaurants who want to make the eatery look more attractive, save time and resources. Find out how we’re transforming restaurants across the country.

Top 5 Uses Of Digital Signage Scheduling Software TrouDigital

2. Welcome Your Guests

Whether you are a hotel welcoming a famous sports team or a corporate office running an interview day, first impressions are everything. Making sure your guests feel welcome remains a top priority for hotel staff.

For example, if your hotel knows that the England cricket team are arriving at the hotel at 1 pm to stay in preparation for a cricket match, you can set your digital signage to display welcome messages at 12:50 pm. Right in time for their arrival. The software also has the ability to play highlights and videos of the cricket team, to add more value to their stay. It may seem like a novelty, but a simple welcome message can really set the tone for your guest’s stay. This can lead to a higher chance of a good review. Which is a great way to get more guests staying at your hotel.

3. Schedule Seasonal Promotions

For any business running seasonal promotions, digital signage is a great way to entice customers and increase revenue. Without digital signage scheduling software, these businesses would have to spend their valuable time creating posters/displays and physically taking down and putting up new physical material. However, thanks to digital signage and its scheduling feature, this problem can be solved in a matter of seconds.

Businesses can create content in advance for the year and set it to play and expire at certain times. For example, a toy shop will want Christmas deals to be displayed the month leading up to Christmas day and may offer an extra 25% off all toys in December. The user could create ‘Christmas themed’ content in June and set it to display on the digital screens from December 1st to December 25th. The software will also allow the user to set this content to expire after the 25th. This will cause the content to expire after Christmas which ensures customers don’t get confused.

Top 5 Uses Of Digital Signage Scheduling Software TrouDigital

4. Schedule Events

Gyms and leisure centres offer many classes throughout the day. Digital signage scheduling software can help clarify what classes are on and where they’re located. For example, if on Thursday from 2 pm to 4 pm the sports hall is booked out for badminton, the digital screen could display that badminton is being played in the sports hall. This tells members that the sports hall is currently occupied.

Find out how digital signage could be used in your gym.

Top 5 Uses Of Digital Signage Scheduling Software TrouDigital

5. Effectively Targeting Your Customer Base

Targeting different customer segments at the correct times can be a powerful skill if used correctly. For example, a community hall may have child activities in the morning and adult classes/activities in the evening. Here we have two completely different customer types who will respond to various types of advertising and promotion. There may be no point showing pottery classes to children when they would be more interested in child-friendly activities like discos. The community centre could schedule customer-specific content in advance, to make sure they are targeting their customers as effectively as possible.

Top 5 Uses Of Digital Signage Scheduling Software TrouDigital
Digital signage scheduling software is an extremely important feature that you can utilise to improve customer satisfaction and overall effectiveness of the daily activities of your business. Get in touch with the TrouDigital team today to ‘schedule’ a free demo of our software.

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