Digital Signage Menu – Why Your Restaurant Needs To Embrace Digital

Sep 21, 2017 | Restaurants

Lee Gannon

Lee Gannon

There are so many benefits to using a digital signage menu at your restaurant.

A digital menu provides ‘wow factor’ and can really add to the customer experience. Digitisation looks set to be the next big thing to take over the restaurant industry.

Flexible to accommodate for greater choice

A common issue with printing out paper menus for your restaurant is that it is far too expensive to change minor details. There is also the hassle of your waiters and waitresses needing to inform every new customer individually that you have run out of a dish, or that you are no longer serving something.
A digital signage menu updates your menu seamlessly. This means customers are instantly up-to-date with the latest menu, and as a result, they can order with the confidence knowing a dish is available. This not only saves your staff time, but this improves customer satisfaction as customers will not be disappointed to hear the food they have chosen has run out.
The classic ‘specials board’ in a restaurant is a nice tradition. But these can often be inconvenient if the specials board is far away from where a customer is sitting, or if the specials need to be regularly updated. A digital signage menu is a strong solution to this. Especially as a screen can rotate the food on offer to save space. This not only encourages your customers to order a specialty dish, but it also saves your restaurant money and time from not needing to print out separate specials menus.
Digital Signage Menu - Why Your Restaurant Needs To Embrace Digital TrouDigital

Self-maintaining to save staff time

Another great benefit of a digital signage menu is that it automatically updates for you. Your separate breakfast, lunch and evening menus are changed instantly at a time you schedule. This means you don’t have to collect up all of the menus from tables to change over, freeing up your staff to provide the best service they can. No longer will diners come in at those awkward times between meals and wonder what the kitchen is serving. If you were offering special deals, perhaps on drinks, these can be promoted too. 

A window to showcase your food

A digital signage screen can also really impress potential customers and draw them into your restaurant. You can present high-quality images of your food and drinks on an enticing slideshow outside your restaurant. This will catch people’s attention and encourage passersby to look at the menu and will increase the chances of them dining with you.
Great for restaurants of all sizes, an interactive digital signage menu outside your restaurant will allow customers to easily have a look at the menu after it catches their eye.
Digital Signage Menu - Why Your Restaurant Needs To Embrace Digital TrouDigital

Let everyone know how popular you are

Customer reviews are a crucial aspect as to where customers chose to dine. If you are offering a great service and you are proud of the reviews you have received, it is invaluable to display reviews about your restaurant to attract new customers. Customers prefer to hear honest reviews from genuine customers, so show off your reputation with digital signage! Happy customers will lead to more happy customers.

Cater to the health-conscious diner

Digital signage menus can bring transparency to your customers about what you are serving and where it came from. You can provide nutritional information for all of your dishes; increasingly important in today’s health-conscious culture. That said, calorie counts are not desired by all customers, and can certainly clog up a paper menu. Provide additional information for those who want it by having it in a drop-down bar, allowing those who do not want to see the calories to not be put off a treat!
Digital Signage Menu - Why Your Restaurant Needs To Embrace Digital TrouDigital

Digital signage is ideal for restaurants, improving the quality of service you are providing through enhanced efficiency, leaving an impact on diners. 

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