Euro 2020 Digital Signage | Using Your Screens Effectively

Jun 10, 2021 | Leisure

Alistair Cousins

Alistair Cousins

It’s finally here! After a year-long delay Euro 2020 is about to kick off! Bars and pubs are preparing to welcome fans, businesses have drawn their sweepstakes, and the players are training hard. But how can Euro 2020 digital signage enhance your organisation during the tournament?

Euro 2020 (or the 2020 UEFA European Championship) is an international football competition featuring teams around Europe. After a competitive qualification period, 24 teams progress to the tournament itself. The teams are then split into 6 groups of 4. The winners and runners-up of these groups (with 4 best third-place finishers) enter the round of sixteen knockout stages. Winners from these stages progress to the quarter-finals, then semi-finals, and finally the final where the winners are crowned champions.

This time around, watching the Euros will be a little different. Usually, the tournament is played in a single host nation. However, for this Euros, there are multiple host nations with games being played right across Europe. As countries across Europe and the world begin to recover from COVID-19, travel and social restrictions are still very much in place. Certain events must be held outside, or those indoors are limited to lower numbers and must obey COVID guidelines. But where does euro 2020 digital signage fit in? and how will it aim to create a memorable, enjoyable supporting experience?

COVID Messaging With Euro 2020 Digital Signage

To ensure viewing areas stay safe and open for fans to watch the games, pubs, bars, and stadiums need to ensure fans are following COVID guidelines. This includes mask-wearing, social distancing, and symptom advice. The more protected fans and staff are, the fewer cases there will be, and the longer these venues can stay open for fans to enjoy the games.

For over a year now, digital screens have been used successfully to keep relevant audiences up to date with the latest COVID advice. Through cloud-based software, users are able to upload, update, and deploy the latest advice to their screens as and when new information is released. Organisations have been making use of Public Health England content and dynamic digital signage templates.

Pubs, bars, stadiums, and other viewing areas can display relevant COVID advice alongside content on their screens. This will keep COVID safety top of mind and will encourage supporters to keep washing their hands, etc.

Euro 2020 Digital Signage | Using Your Screens Effectively TrouDigital

Display Content Alongside The Games And Live TV

Euro 2020 Digital Signage is a great way to enhance the value of your screens. Alongside live matches, users are able to display special offers for food and drink, promote upcoming fixtures, and COVID safety messaging. If you don’t want to lose real estate on your screens during the match, you can schedule this content to play at half time and full time.

For the hospitality industry, live TV digital signage has shot up in popularity. By displaying content alongside live TV can help increase food and drink sales, and sign-ups to other events.

A good way to use this feature is having specials on for certain games. For example, while England is playing, you could have a bar on the screen saying “if England scores, grab a pint for 50% off!”. This can be a great way to boost the atmosphere of your establishment, whilst adding to the celebrations of England scoring.

Euro 2020 Digital Signage | Using Your Screens Effectively TrouDigital

Using Euro 2020 Digital Signage To Display Social Media

Nowadays fans are closer to the players than ever. Thanks to social media, fans get instant reactions from players regarding how the game went. It can give fans a great sense of unity and make them feel part of the team.

Thanks to Euro 2020 Digital Signage, users can utilise social media widgets and pull in live reactions from chosen players and teams via their social media accounts. This includes and images or media they share! For example, a user could follow the England Twitter account and get live reactions and updates as and when they come in. This can help fans feel more involved and up to date with the ongoing of the teams.

Users are able to follow a particular hashtag too. So if a topic is trending such as “#GoldenBoot” a user can jump on and pull all the posts relating to this hashtag. This can help keep content fresh and relevant. Social media digital signage is already proving to be a big hit in the education, corporate, and dental industries.

Euro 2020 Digital Signage | Using Your Screens Effectively TrouDigital

Display Highlights And Best Moments

Highlights of past games and matches are a great way to re-live the greatest and best moments. Whether it’s highlights of the glory days to re-ignite passion and belief, or if it’s highlights of a star player to boost excitement, they make for great entertainment!

On a standard TV, users are fairly restricted or limited to what they watch. Of course, you can choose a channel, however, what is shown on the screen is largely out of your control. If you want to watch highlights, you may have to wait a while until a specific highlights program comes on. However, you still can’t control the highlights being shown.

Enter Euro 2020 Digital Signage. Thanks to easy-to-use software, users are able to show YouTube videos of their choice. This means you can display highlights for a specific player, team, game, tournament, or moment. This can be a great way to entertain your audience when live matches aren’t on. It’s also an easy way to increase hype for upcoming games.

Euro 2020 Digital Signage | Using Your Screens Effectively TrouDigital

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