Social Media Digital Signage | What It Is And Best Uses

Jan 20, 2021 | Software

Alistair Cousins

Alistair Cousins

Social media digital signage opens the door to heightened levels of employee or customer engagement. Having internal signage that broadens the scope of engagement for employees, can only be beneficial. 

Signage that might display social media posts in real-time with employees invited to post, could help to celebrate personal and collective achievements. It can also alert employees to social and professional opportunities and boost morale through fun and topical content. 

Alternatively, customer-facing social media signage can boost customer experience, allowing visitors to feel a part of the business, and potentially boost sales.

Social Media

Social media platforms allow users to talk to friends, post photos, find jobs, and even buy cars. As time goes on, social media becomes more powerful with added functionality and useful features.

It’s common knowledge that social media is exploding in popularity and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. The large number of new social media platforms being introduced each year acts as a catalyst for the channel. For example, TikTok has recently exploded in popularity seeing 690 million users in just 4 years. To put this in perspective, Twitter has just over 350 million users since its launch in 2006.

With its growing popularity, businesses are no stranger to the benefits of social media. Organisations now post on their own pages, engage with customers, and even conduct their own business.

Check out our infographic for social media statistics blow.

Social Media Digital Signage | What It Is And Best Uses TrouDigital
Social Media Infographic

What Is Social Media Digital Signage?

Put simply, it is social media that is displayed on digital signage displays or screens. It allows users to display live online social media content and feeds on screens around a given location. This often helps increase the reach of social media marketing campaigns.

Through digital signage, an organisation can choose to display posts from a chosen hashtag, user, or their own account. This makes it a powerful method for displaying live social media campaigns or testimonials. 

With brands constantly looking for ways to increase their engagement with customers or visitors, social media digital signage has boosted in popularity.

Social Media Digital Signage | What It Is And Best Uses TrouDigital

Top Benefits Of Social Media Digital Signage

1. Increase Trust Through Social Media Testimonials

Testimonials and reviews have long been a trusted method of increasing trust and even sales. When customers are thinking about purchasing a product or service they will often see what other users have said. If the previous customer experience was positive or the product has a higher rating the potential customer will be more likely to convert. However, if the experience is mostly negative, has bad reviews, or a low rating, the potential customer is more likely to avoid.

To organisations, good quality testimonials are like gold dust. You’ll notice that when you visit a company website, you’ll see testimonials across every page you visit. In some cases, the website may have a dedicated page just for customer reviews.

Social media testimonials are great because they are often organic and can invoke higher levels of trust. They are also easy to find through hashtags or mentions. On some websites, you will notice live social media feeds that display what customers are saying about that business live. Due to their popularity and the potential benefits they hold, organisations are looking for more ways to increase the reach of their social media testimonials in stores or buildings. 

Digital signage allows an organisation to display live social media feeds on digital screens around their organisation. This could be a screen behind the checkout, a video wall in a corporate office, or even a waiting room screen at a dental practice. For example, a dental practice could display live teeth whitening testimonials via a set hashtag. Patients can post their results on social media with a specific hashtag. The dentist can tell the digital signage to pull in posts involving this hashtag on their screen. Like magic, all the live customer testimonials will appear on the screen. Other patients will see the results with the testimonial and may be tempted to also have teeth whitening.

Social Media Digital Signage | What It Is And Best Uses TrouDigital

2. Increase Social Media Campaign Reach And Engagement

When launching a social media campaign, marketers want their content to be shown to as many of the right people as possible. In addition to this, marketers aim for high levels of engagement. Organisations are always looking for ways to improve campaign performance with both online and offline methods.

Through digital signage, markers are now able to increase the reach of their social media campaigns to physical locations. For example, the marketer can tell the digital signage to pull in social media posts from a specific account and hashtag (used for the social media campaign). Then, the social media campaign will be shown on chosen screens at a physical location.

Marketers can also go a step further and put a CTA (call to action) encouraging customers and visitors to engage. For example, a screen at a paintball center may encourage visitors to upload a picture of their day out with a hashtag for Twitter. Not only will the paintball center’s followers see these pictures of happy customers, but the pictures will also be seen on screens around the paintball center for other visitors to see. These pictures could also be shown alongside other marketing content on the screens. 

Social Media Digital Signage | What It Is And Best Uses TrouDigital

3. Increase Employee Engagement

Employees who interact with their organisation’s social media often have higher levels of engagement and are more likely to stay longer at the company. Social media is also a great way to further emphasise company values whilst improving employee efficiency and performance.

Displaying your organisation’s social media feeds on screens is a great way to keep employees up to date with everything that is happening. For example, your organisation may be transitioning to being zero waste and is encouraging employees to bring in reusable coffee cups. The organisation may post about this campaign on their social media channels. The employees will see these posts on internal communication screens and will be more likely to engage with the campaign.

Social media digital signage for internal communication can also increase employee motivation. For example, the organisation may share a post about an employee of the month. Through digital signage, these posts can be shared on digital screens around an organisation and encourage employees to work harder to achieve the same recognition.

Social Media Digital Signage | What It Is And Best Uses TrouDigital

4. Social Media For Live Events

When it comes to live events it’s all about the experience. Whether it’s at a football match, festival, or trade show guest experience will directly impact the success of an event.

Social media is a great way to improve the experience for your visitors. It allows them to see what’s happening when it’s happening and what other people are saying about it. It can encourage visitors to get involved.

Social media for live events also has the potential to make someone’s day. For example, at a football match, a fan may tweet at the football club and their tweet could be displayed on the screen. Seeing a message or a happy birthday displayed on a big screen will definitely live long in the memory of the guest. 

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