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Dec 11, 2017 | Digital Signage

Lee Gannon

Lee Gannon

Whether you’re new to the technology or a veteran, digital signage training can ensure you make the most of your solution.

You don’t need to be a new customer – train additional staff to manage your screens, request refresher training or a demo of our latest features. We just want you to be familiar and confident.

We offer a variety of training options for digital signage:

Virtual training

As we have clients all over the UK and beyond, virtual training tends to be the best fit for most customers. It works similarly to our web demos where you choose a suitable date and time and access our training through a virtual meeting invitation over email. One of our trainers will share their screen and walk you through the solution, showing you how to design a creative, talking you through the different widgets available and how to create a playlist. Rather than providing a generic tutorial, this is your chance to ask questions specific to your deployment. If scheduling content for different times of the day, or days of the week, is a priority for you, your trainer can focus on this element of the solution. If your project involves touch-screens, tailored training on our touch functionality can be provided. 
Digital Signage Training - Become An Expert The Best Way For You TrouDigital
The more information our digital signage expert has about your specific project, the more useful your digital signage training will be. All our trainers are briefed on clients beforehand, but the greater your involvement in the training, the more you will get out of it. If there’s something in particular you are looking to do, let our expert know beforehand and they will be more than happy to work in your actual account rather than in a demo account. This will help you get your screen network up and running, while you are learning the skills to take over management on your own in the future.
It is worth noting that multiple individuals can attend the same virtual training session on different devices, or together around the same PC. To access training on different devices, provide an email address for each attendee or simply forward the online meeting invitation link to everyone. This gives your whole team a chance to ask questions. If more than one person will be involved with your digital signage management, it’s often a good idea to get trained collectively so no one person need be relied upon. 

Digital Signage Training - Become An Expert The Best Way For You TrouDigital

On-site training

In instances where deployments are more complex, perhaps due to their size, location or hardware choice, on-site training is available, subject to travel costs. For most projects, such training is unnecessary as media players are delivered preconfigured for signage and their installation is simply ‘plug and play’ using the provided HDMI cable. All software training can often be done virtually. 
That said, on-site training can be valuable for AV resellers and partners who need their salespeople to be extremely familiar with the solution they are selling so they can answer questions. Alternatively, if the solution is to be rolled out to multiple sites, it can be worthwhile for central communications and IT teams based at a Head Office. Having lead staff or a core team receive digital signage training in-person can assist in a successful deployment, although virtual training is almost always more than sufficient.
Ultimately, the level and type of training you receive is your choice.

Digital Signage Training - Become An Expert The Best Way For You TrouDigital

Training material

Our digital signage solutions are designed to be user-friendly, created with a non-technically gifted end-user in mind. This means that often training is unnecessary. While many of our users quickly learn the ropes during our two-week free trial, we have a range of training resources available to support you.
Setting up your media player is a two-minute job with everything you will need to be provided in the box. In short, connect it to your screen and power. Use the USB keyboard provided to join your WiFi network (or use Ethernet) and our signage app will automatically download your content as we’ll have assigned your account for you in advance. See our illustrated guide here.
For a comprehensive tutorial of our digital signage studio, please check out our YouTube channel for a series of short explainer videos. If you’re looking for a 101 on how to upload a video or put together a slideshow, this is a great place to start, often a sufficient substitute for formal training.

Digital Signage Training - Become An Expert The Best Way For You TrouDigital

Backup support

Aside from the different digital signage training options outlined above, you can be 100% confident using our digital signage solutions because of the backup support we provide. Unlike other providers, we don’t slap you with a training fee upfront, leave you to your own devices and then try and sell you additional training when things start to go wrong. Support is an ongoing service, provided free of charge. We can afford this precisely because we rarely encounter problems!
As a TrouDigital customer, you are supported in a number of ways. Firstly, all media players on our network are logged in our reporting dashboard. This means we can keep an eye on connectivity for you, and let you know should a connection be lost or an update required. Our support team can also jump into your signage account at your request to check playlists have been configured correctly or make changes for you. This extra level of visibility makes trouble-shooting a lot simpler when trying to describe an issue over the phone. Nine times out of ten, a silly mistake has been made and it’s a quick fix.
Digital Signage Training - Become An Expert The Best Way For You TrouDigital
For users on our top-level packages, we also provide remote access support using TeamViewer. This premium software allows us to take control of media players remotely. This completely avoids the need for a support call where a solution is explained but you then have to go away and do it. TeamViewer makes your digital signage zero hassle. Our experts can jump onto your screen, diagnose the problem and fix it themselves from the comfort of our office! You’ll never want to use a customer support line again.

If you are interested in receiving a demo or digital signage training, please get in touch using our below form or call us today on 02380 981110.

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