Digital Signage Help – Quick Answers To Common Questions

Jul 10, 2017 | Digital Signage

Dom Hinchcliffe

Dom Hinchcliffe

When you first invest in digital signage there is an anxiety that it will be somewhat confusing, even with a simple interface like TrouDigital’s…

Fret not, here are some of the most commonly asked questions and straight forward answers for some digital signage help.


What kind of content can be displayed?

Digital Signage Help - Quick Answers To Common Questions TrouDigital

Digital signage is no longer the static entity that it used to be. It can support a range of content such as images, videos, social media streams, and RSS feeds. The content that you choose can be updated real-time allowing for information such as weather reports and the latest sporting news to be displayed.

Digital signage can also display maps, so users can view the quickest ways in which to reach destination B from A, or where destination B is located. With the touch screen software, digital signage can be used for more administrative and gaming functions such as viewing meeting rooms or booking an appointment.

How much maintenance needs to be carried out on the signage?

Often, buyer reluctance centres around the perception that there will need to be an ongoing management of digital signage help, which would be both time and money consuming. The reality is, however, that when using the right software solution, it proves to be little maintenance needed. Especially when compared to the time-consuming alternatives- such as posters.

Using the TrouDigital platform, it is easy to drag-and-drop widgets onto a canvas, making the composing of creatives a simple task. Furthermore, you can automate digital signage. This means that time consumed by maintenance can be alleviated through the screens being placed in advance on a loop. Social media and RSS feeds are also updated automatically, thus, allowing for the screens to be autonomous.

Where can digital signage be used?

Digital Signage Help - Quick Answers To Common Questions TrouDigital

Questions often arise as to where the digital screens can be used, and the answer is simple- anywhere. Outside, industry-grade weather-resistant IP-65 displays are accessible and reasonably priced. It is often popular to display signage in areas that experience lots of footfall- areas such as shopping centres, hospitals, and train stations.

It is vital to strategically place your screens in an area that offers the most exposure. Another vital facet of digital signage is also making sure that the content displayed is the most suitable to the environment. For example, in areas such as waiting rooms, where audiences are often for a long period of time, a video can be the most appropriate content. It is also important to display a variety of different content- you wouldn’t display the same content in a coffee shop (like a menu) as you would in a church (like a timetable).

Can I advertise on my digital signage screens?

Advertising is easy and popular to do on digital signage screens and can generate revenue for a business. Selling ad space and playing partners and other companies sponsored content can generate this capital.

Predominantly, most other signage platforms control and dictate the advertising on your screens, doing so by offering a signage solution and hardware for free and keeping the sponsorship profits for themselves. With our solution, we leave clients to dictate their advertising, allowing them to retain all of their ad revenue. If you did, however, wish for advertising to be taken off your hands, we can do so and discuss a fairer revenue share.

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