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Digital Signage for Trade Shows – Boosting Engagement at Events

Oct 30, 2019 | Digital Signage, Hospitality

Alistair Cousins

Alistair Cousins

Trade shows are great publicity. The trouble is, all represented companies are competing for attention. How can you overcome this? Digital signage for trade shows helps you stand out.

Forget banners. Forget billboards. Digital signage for trade shows is your answer to getting seen and boosting your engagement. Turn heads with a professional and modern digital screen.

1. Create a buzz on social

A digital screen has many unrivaled benefits that can make your stand at a trade show the busiest. People are always posting on social media during events on platforms like Twitter. It’s a good idea for your company to join the conversation, but with a digital screen, you can do better.

You can display live tweets or images from Facebook and Instagram on screen. You might choose to amplify content from those using the event’s official hashtag or you could encourage attendees to tweet at your own account to boost your own following. Either way, people will be attracted to your stall and will want to get involved.

Integrating a spectacle such as a video wall can drive its own social traffic. The magnitude of the screen and the technology it possesses can be enough to wow your audience and get them tweeting about it. This has been seen in many examples before where videos walls have wowed an audience.


Digital Signage for Trade Shows - Boosting Engagement at Events TrouDigital

2. Encourage repeat visits

Advertising your stall’s schedule will keep people interested in your stall throughout the day. This can be a great strategy as it will drive people to visit your stall more than once. Have different things on throughout the day to maximise the time people stay at your stall, and to keep them coming back. A digital screen can advertise this for you, so you only need to focus on converting those interested into customers. Digital signage software will allow you to schedule this content too. For example, if you have an hour of showcasing your product’s features at 11am – 12pm you can have a video of the features scheduled to play during this time.

For example, if you are at a business orientated tradeshow. You may want to create content about having a industry expert talk at 3pm. Showgoers won’t want to miss this chance to aqquire insight from an industry expert, so they will remember to come back at 3pm. This is sure to generate extra traffic to your stall and also for your business. Digital Signage for Trade Shows - Boosting Engagement at Events TrouDigital

3. Be helpful and get appreciated

Events can be a little chaotic. Whether you are exhibiting or organising the trade show, why not use a screen to help guide attendees? Advertise where the nearest toilets are, where they can grab some food, or provide a map of the tradeshow stands. This will be greatly appreciated by all and, if you are exhibiting, your company won’t go unnoticed for looking after people. Just make sure your brand is prominent.

Digital finding is one of the main uses of digital signage. It’s used in a wide range of industries on a number of devices. An interactive digital kiosk could also be placed at a tradeshow allowing showgoers to; check in, find out where to go, and even check times/durations of upcoming events. Click here to find out how more about digital wayfinding and how else it’s being used, click here.

Digital Signage for Trade Shows - Boosting Engagement at Events TrouDigital

4. Amplify your Offering

One of the best things about going to a trade show is coming home with lots of free goods! Use your digital signage for trade shows to advertise any promotional gifts you are giving out to direct crowds of people to you. Even if you aren’t offering freebies, give people a reason to come over and stop for a chat and make this reason heard.

To go a step further you could combine your freebies with a hashtag to be used on your social media. Your digital signage can then show pictures, tweets etc. about the freebies that tradeshow goers will see. Not only will this create more ‘social buzz’ it will also entice them to come and check out your stall. Once they’re at your stall you can showase all the great things your company/product does.

Digital Signage for Trade Shows - Boosting Engagement at Events TrouDigital

5. Wow Your Audience

Static billboards and posters tend to blend into the background and are not enough to make your stall stand out amongst others. Digital signage for trade shows can be a great way to really make your stand pop out and stop pontential customers to have a closer look.  Digital signage will allow your company or brand to display content that correctly reflects your brand. For example, this could be your latest promotional video, footage of the fantastic work you do, or even something more creative such as a video wall.

However, it doesn’t stop there. You can also make your digital signage interactive, which will boost engagement for your stall. Simply integrate your stall’s screen with one of our RFID readers and you’re good to go. When someone touches an object or card recognised by the signage system, it will trigger specific content to play. For example, you may have product cards which when touched, display a video about how that specific product works.


Static billboards and paper posters just don’t cut it anymore. You need to think differently to grab people’s attention. Digital signage for trade shows makes events memorable and sets exhibition stands apart. 

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