Advantages of Digital Signage | Our Top 5

Oct 18, 2019 | Advertising

Alistair Cousins

Alistair Cousins

Digital signage can be a fantastic addition to any business and can improve its daily operations. From improving communication between employees and customers to promoting products and showcasing timetables. The advantages of digital signage by installing a single digital screen or even a network of digital screens are endless. Read more below to find out how digital signage can increase the effectiveness of your business. Or click here to book a FREE demo.

1. Marketing Your Business

One of the advantages of digital signage is that it gives you an additional channel to market your business. There are countless successful examples of this in forms of internal digital signage and external digital signage. Internally video walls have been used in places such as corporate offices to showcase the fantastic work they are doing or large screen networks that allow intercommunications between sales and marketing departments. Externally we’ve seen digital signage utilised to promote marketing campaigns in the form of digital billboards and outdoor kiosks. These have spawned some fantastic examples of marketing campaigns that have gone viral.

In a world that has been oversaturated with print media, posters and leaflets just aren’t making the cut. Whereas a bright digital screen will catch the attention of passersby, who will absorb your marketing messages. There are many reasons for this that go beyond the brightness of the screen in comparison to print media. A screen will allow companies and marketing teams to showcase dynamic content that can react to the screen. For example, when a train goes by making the platform windy the content on the screen can change in relation to the wind.

2. Schedule Content

Another one of the advantages of digital signage is scheduling content. Digital signage software will allow its users to schedule content in advance and also set content to expire when it’s outdated. Other methods of getting content on the screen mean that once the content is up there it’s on there for good. Or until you go around gather all the USB’s, plug it into a computer, change the content and go around plugging them all back into the screens. However, cloud-based digital signage software will allow you to make content in advance, schedule it for exactly when you want/need, and also set it to expire if you need. This feature is perfect for seasonal content or limited-time deals.

The advantages of digital signage software also remove the embarrassment of having Christmas content up in March. With other methods of getting content on to a screen. The user may get lazy or just forget to take the Christmas content off the screen. This can result in your business getting a bad reputation. However, with digital signage software, the user can pre-make all the content in advance and set it to expire when it needs to.

Click here to find out further uses of scheduling software.

Advantages of Digital Signage | Our Top 5 TrouDigital

3. Control Screens from Anywhere

Advantages of digital signage software include being able to control your screen content from anywhere. Unfortunately, other methods of controlling your content on a screen mean that you will have to physically be at the screen’s location. This can be troublesome for marketing teams and managers controlling large screen networks. Not only can this prove to be annoying, but it’s also time-consuming.

However, with cloud-based digital signage software, you can save this time and say goodbye to these troublesome activities. Digital Signage software will allow you to control literally as many screens as you like from one computer and one chair. This will save your company or marketing team invaluable time, and money.

This feature can also be handy if there’s a reason the person who manages the screen is out of the office. For example, if they are on a business trip abroad or are sick at home. They can still update and change the content on the screen. This could also be handy if there was a surprise special guest coming to the place of business or an offer that needed to be promoted promptly.

Advantages of Digital Signage | Our Top 5 TrouDigital

4. Digital Wayfinding

Another one of the advantages of digital signage is more efficient wayfinding. Traditional print or metal signage is good for telling where left and right leads, but in a large corporate office, the sheer number of signs can get confusing. Failing to deliver on the job they were installed to do.

An interactive digital kiosk, however, can revolutionise your office’s wayfinding activities. A visitor or deliveryman can use an interactive map on the digital kiosk, to pinpoint exactly where they need to go. The digital kiosk can also show the exact route the deliveryman needs to take in order to reach their destination.

Advantages of Digital Signage | Our Top 5 TrouDigital

5. Entertain your Customers

Being able to keep your customers, patients or even staff is another huge advantage of digital signage. Digital signage and its software allow for the user or business to display any content they like allowing them to tailor entertainment to each target audience. For example, in a children’s hospital, the manager may want to display children’s cartoons on the screen. Or in a dental surgery for adults displays videos on oral health or dental procedures may be more desirable. Unfortunately, leaflets and posters have become outdated and are no longer keeping patients and guests entertained. Not only are they bored, their waiting time feels like it is lasting forever. This can have an adverse effect on their overall experience. Happy waiters will more likely lead to positive reviews, which can lead to more customers or clients.

Advantages of Digital Signage | Our Top 5 TrouDigital

It’s worth bearing in mind that this is a non-exhaustive list and there are countless advantages of digital signage that your business can utilise to increase efficiency, entertain, inform. If you want any of the advantages you’ve read above. Contact the team today.

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