5 Great Uses of Digital Signage For Offices

May 20, 2019 | Internal Communications

Alistair Cousins

Alistair Cousins

Corporate offices are busy places with so much going on. This often raises communication challenges, especially for larger corporations. There’s a lot of information that needs to be conveyed from the company’s latest ventures to its core values. Digital signage for offices offers a great way to synthesise information and display it effectively and efficiently to employees. We have put together a list of 5 great uses for the technology.

Relay Company Messages

It is crucial that your employees have a clear understanding of what is going on inside the office. For example, it is important that if there is a scheduled fire drill employees know about it in good time so that they can prepare or set aside work to participate safely. Alternatively, there may be an event such as an office party, or a fundraiser that all employees should be aware of so that they can take part. By placing digital screens around the office building employees will see these messages and know exactly what is going on.

5 Great Uses of Digital Signage For Offices TrouDigital

Promote Company Values

It is important that your employees are continuously reminded of the company’s values to have a positive influence on work ethic and on how they act around the office. For example, your company might want to collectively start making a greener effort. Digital signage in your office could display messages to remind employees that they need to bring their own mug in for coffee to cut down the usage of paper cups. Such reminders might also encourage say the marketing team to echo this message with their own company content through social media, therefore having a wider impact.

5 Great Uses of Digital Signage For Offices TrouDigital

Make a Good Impression to Prospect Clients

If you have prospects or clients visiting your office building, it is paramount that you make a good first impression. The presence of digital signage gives the building a modern and professional look, making your company come across well. When visitors are looking around the office they will see all the company ventures and ongoings and what they are involved in, creating a favourable impression – a big bonus when entering business talks. Screens placed in reception areas utilise the attention of waiting visitors, giving your company a chance to educate them about your product or services.

5 Great Uses of Digital Signage For Offices TrouDigital

Wayfinding For Visitors (And Delivery Drivers!)

Corporate offices can be vast with little information on how to navigate your way through the floors and rooms. Digital kiosks or screens can be a great tool to help new employees, prospective clients and visitors navigate through the building – especially if they are multiple tenants. By placing a kiosk or screen in your lobby, people will soon find their way around with ease, able to search for the people, department or company they are visiting. Depending on the sophistication of the digital wayfinding solution, interactive maps can display routes and provide clear instructions. Delivery delivers in particular will appreciate you making their lives that much easier.

5 Great Uses of Digital Signage For Offices TrouDigital

Inter-Department Communications

Communication between departments is essential in ensuring maximum efficiency and optimising the work rate of your teams. For example, the marketing and sales teams must work in unison to meet related targets and work effectively. To ensure this, digital signage for offices can involve screens located by different departments. For example, a Sales screen or Marketing screen could show relevant targets and information. The transfer of information between screens better connects employees and links whole teams who otherwise might have been left in the dark. This channel of communication can encourage greater collaboration and have a real impact, perhaps raising the performance around targets.

5 Great Uses of Digital Signage For Offices TrouDigital

While we could have written about a dozen more uses of digital signage for offices, these 5 practices especially enhance internal communication. If you want to address any of the challenges above or simply modernise your office premises, get in touch to discuss our corporate digital signage.

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