Digital Menu Boards for Restaurants

Help Your Food Stand Out

Whether you run a takeaway restaurant or a high-end eatery, having an engaging menu is fundamental to success.

Dynamic Signage Advantages

Opting for a digital restaurant menu board holds a number of advantages over static signage. Videos and reviews of your dishes can bring them to life and make all the difference at point of sale.

Manage a wide range of service information across different screens, all through one easy to use central dashboard.

Attract Hungry Eyes

It is important that digital menu boards match the aesthetic of a restaurant. For traditional establishments concerned that a digital screen would feel out of place, designs can be tailored to the décor of a restaurant. For example, imitating a blackboard style display.

Menu Scheduling

Most restaurants have menus that change throughout the day.  With a digital restaurant menu board, different menus can be scheduled in advance, to play at certain times of the day, week or year. 

If you’re planning seasonal specials you can plan the menu in beforehand and have them scheduled and ready to go months in advance.

Push Specials. Share Reviews. Celebrate Success.

Digital restaurant menu boards offer nutritional information in greater detail than static signage. Interactive screens can even be used for placing orders and checking ingredients. Restaurants can even display a Twitter feed or create a playlist of their latest TripAdvisor reviews.

Using our existing TVs, we have been able to reduce the cost of running our screens by 50% whilst increasing the functionality of the devices. Our staff love the drag and drop nature of the software and just how fast the content updates (less than a minute).