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restaurant menu board

Whether you run a fast-food branch or high-end eatery, having an attractive menu is fundamental to your success.

Opting for a digital restaurant menu board has a number of advantages over static signage.

Coffee shops and takeaways alike are investing in behind the counter displays, while restaurants and bars are using TV screens to double up as menus.


Digital menu displays make your food look appealing through HD images and video.

Whereas printed signs are limited in the size and number of images they show, the digital alternative allows restaurants to showcase much more of their menu through slideshows.

It is important that menu boards match the aesthetic of a restaurant. For traditional establishments concerned that a digital screen would feel out of place, designs can be tailored to the décor of a restaurant, for example, imitating a blackboard style display.


restaurant menu board

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restaurant menu boards

Restaurants have countless menus for lunch, dinner, drinks, specials and more. Displaying all this information on a menu board has always proven a challenge.

With a digital restaurant menu board, different menus can be shown at different times of the day. Starters, mains and desserts might be rotated on screen, while specials can be updated every day with images taken in the kitchen uploaded to tantalise customers.


Digital restaurant displays can showcase reviews and nutritional information.

Restaurants can display a Twitter feed where they retweet positive mentions, or create a playlist of TripAdvisor reviews.

Digital restaurant menu boards can also offer nutritional information in greater detail than static signage. Many fast-food chains are already investing in interactive screens where customers can not only place orders but check ingredients against dietary requirements.

restaurant menu board

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