Bank Digital Signage | 10 Reasons To Invest

Dec 21, 2020 | Retail

Alistair Cousins

Alistair Cousins

Bank digital signage is changing the banking game. Financial institutions are often considered conservative, but the modern bank is evolving. Digital signage for banks is one facet of a transformation that is seeing banks model themselves more and more like retailers. With day-to-day banking increasingly handled online, financial institutions are rethinking their physical branches. In-house technology has a key role to play.

1. Promote Bank Products And Services

The nature of the banking business requires its customers to be constantly informed with regular changes to accounts, banking legislation, and new banking products. These changes are constant throughout the year and customers need to know about them as soon as possible.

Traditional print media such as posters tend to blend into the background, failing to capture the attention of customers and do their job. A digital screen behind the counter, on the wall, or even outside the bank, is a great way to catch your customer’s eyes and educate them on your offerings or promote new products.

Thanks to the technologies of digital signage software and digital screens, marketing teams are able to integrate videos and animations to add further value to their promotions and make them stand out on the high street.

With bank digital signage, you can also schedule content for specific hours, days, or times of the year. For example, if you wanted to market a specific bank service over Christmas, you could schedule content for this time and this time only.

Bank Digital Signage | 10 Reasons To Invest TrouDigital

2. Bank Digital Signage Is Efficient And Eco-friendly

Traditional advertising methods such as print media is often tedious to maintain. When the poster becomes outdated, a member of staff has to physically replace it and this can happen multiple times a week. Consequently, printing costs can mount up over time and this has an environmental impact as well.

However, digital signage can change this. A one time install means that you’ll never have to put up a poster again as the content can be updated effortlessly at a time and place that suits you. Not to mention the costs saved and reduction in carbon footprint through not having to print out posters.

Efficiency is paramount in the banking industry as when new banking legislation is passed, customers need to know about it swiftly. Cloud-based digital signage means that changes made to the screen can take effect in a matter of seconds.

Bank Digital Signage | 10 Reasons To Invest TrouDigital

3. Using Digital Signage For Banks To Check Customers In

By utilising a digital signage kiosk, banks can create a new checking in system for appointments. Currently, you will often have to walk into the bank and queue up only to be told that you need an appointment or that you didn’t need to queue up at all. This can cause customers to become frustrated as they sometimes feel like they’ve wasted some time.

However, with a digital kiosk, there’s a simpler way. When a customer walks in they can use a touch screen kiosk to gather information and book an appointment. Or the system could be used to alert the bank manager that someone has arrived and is ready for their appointment. Not only will this reduce queuing time, but it will also improve the bank’s efficiency.

Bank Digital Signage | 10 Reasons To Invest TrouDigital

4. Social Media

With over 2.89 billion people on social media, it is vital that banks are staying active and that their customers are engaging with their posts. A great way to showcase your bank’s social media is through a live feed on a digital signage display. This can be installed within the bank and display a live feed of tweets, Instagram, and other social channels. This is a great way to showcase the bank’s values and increase customer engagement.

It’s also a great way to get your customers involved with the bank. For example, by using select hashtags, customers could have their live tweets displayed on the screen after signing up for a new account or bank service. This will show other customers how many people are using the services and make banks more interactive.

Bank Digital Signage | 10 Reasons To Invest TrouDigital

5. You Can Schedule Messages And Promotions

Being able to work efficiently and complete tasks quickly is of paramount importance for any organisation. Directors and managers are constantly looking for ways to reduce the time it complete tasks and get more tasks done in the work week.

Digital signage scheduling allows organisations to bulk make all their content for a given time and schedule it to play at a later date. For example, if your bank was planning a summer promotion. The content could be created in the winter and scheduled to play at given times and dates.

Content and messages can even be set to expire at certain times. For example, if a bank service promotion is set to expire on the 31st August 2021 at 23:59pm. At this date and time, the content will remove itself from your digital signage playlists and won’t play on your screens.

6. Opening Hours

There’s nothing more frustrating than traveling to the bank and finding out it’s closed. Advertising your opening hours in the bank windows or within the bank is a great way to raise awareness for when the bank is open.

On bank digital signage, you can create great-looking, engaging content that lets your customers know exactly when you’re open and when you’re closed. Go a step further and schedule different opening hours for different times of the year. Or go even further, and let your customers know when upcoming bank holidays out. This will be of high convenience to your customers and will allow them to plan their banking activities appropriately.

Bank Digital Signage | 10 Reasons To Invest TrouDigital

7. Bank Digital Signage To Improve Your Internal Communications

Having a strong level of internal communications is at the core of excellent organisational performance. When all your employees know what’s going on and what products and services are on offer they can deliver the best service.

While screens have long been deployed to display exchange rate tables to customers, bank digital signage also now includes employee-facing content. Working in a bank is not easy. Staff really benefit from the distribution of materials like training videos on screen. Utilising its digital signage network, a bank can encourage its staff to keep up to date with the latest banking regulations and policies. Alternatively, screens might be used to project sales targets and instil an air of competition among financial salespeople. Both functions can improve the efficiency of a banking team.

8. Cutting Back On Print Costs

Although digital signage is a financial investment for both digital signage hardware and software needed, the printing and designing cost required in constantly updating traditional signage proves to be significantly larger over an extended period. Not to mention the time required by a member of staff to keep updating static signage or changing a USB device.

9. Update Bank Digital Signage Content Remotely Through Cloud-based Software

In the past, digital signage used to be an employee having to update separate USB drives/sticks individually. The employee would then have to travel to different locations around the country or organisation plugging in each USB into a screen. When the content needed to be updated, this process needed to be repeated. As you can imagine this ended up being a costly and time-consuming process. Some organisations are still using these methods to update their screen networks.

Thanks to advances in technology, most digital signage software now involves the cloud (cloud-based software). Through a clever integration between media players, the internet and software allow screens to be remotely updated from one central location. For example, if you had a 100 screen network you can update content for all these screens from the comfort of your living room.

Cloud-based digital signage is saving banks an invaluable amount of time and money. In addition to this, it is greatly improving the efficiency of marketing and internal communications.

Bank Digital Signage | 10 Reasons To Invest TrouDigital

10. Generate Additional Revenue

The role of a bank circulates around money. When digital signage is strategically positioned, it can be used as a tool to generate extra money. Banks are unique in that they receive not only a high amount of footfall from customers, but also receive a rather large dwell time from their customer intake. This makes a bank’s digital signage screens an attractive prospect to advertise their services and products on. Whether it is one of your national suppliers or simply a local business looking to expand its reputation, digital signage can be the tool to generate extra capital for your bank. If this is something you are considering, please look no further than our ultimate guide to digital signage advertising.

Bank Digital Signage | 10 Reasons To Invest TrouDigital

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