Making A Splash With Digital Signage For Aquariums

Apr 29, 2021 | Leisure

Alistair Cousins

Alistair Cousins

Digital signage for aquariums is helping both small and large aquariums supercharge guest experience and increase funding.

Aquariums are magical places. With thousands of different fish, crabs, and other sea life on show there’s so much you can learn. In some cases, aquariums are home to endangered species or rescued animals. Thanks to funding from visitors and the public, this sea life can be looked after, given a home, and hopefully released back into the ocean. To keep up their work and stay open, aquariums rely heavily on this funding and a consistent stream of visitors. To do this, the aquarium needs to provide its visitors with the best experience possible. As a result, they generate repeat visits and therefore, more funding.

Here’s where digital signage for aquariums comes into play…

Digital Information Signs For Aquariums

There is a sea of information available at an aquarium. Whether it’s for fish, sharks, coral, or even the aquarium itself, there is lots to learn. The small static signs that are often situated next to the tank only hold a drop of information in comparison to what’s available. This may leave fish fanatics feeling unfulfilled or wanting more information.

Digital signage for aquariums opens up a world of possibilities in both content and additional information. Through digital screens, an aquarium can display a wealth of information about the fish including videos, pictures, and social media. Content could show a recorded rescue story complete with videos and images. Or content could show videos of specific habits of the fish such as how it feeds etc. In conclusion, this ensures visitors don’t miss out.

Digital screens mounted next to key tanks or exhibits are a great way to concisely display lots of different information. It can be a great tool for younger visitors and can help them to learn more about all your aquatic residents.

Making A Splash With Digital Signage For Aquariums TrouDigital

Social Media For Aquarium Stars

In some aquariums, water-based celebrities are residents. You may remember “Paul the Octopus” who rose to fame after correctly predicting all six of Germany’s 2010 world cup matches. Visitors are likely to travel far and wide just to see the celebrity for themselves. As a result, the popularity of your aquarium goes up, and you can generate more funding.

If your aquarium is lucky enough to be a home to someone like Paul the Octopus, it’s a great idea to get them a social media presence to boost their popularity further. In turn, this boosts the popularity of your aquarium and the visitors it generates. To increase awareness of your aquarium star’s social media presence you display a live social media feed on a screen. Through digital signage software, your aquarium can connect to the aquarium star’s social media account and pull in all the live posts. These could be posts relating to what they’ve recently eaten, or how they’re doing today. This can also give your aquarium residents more of a personality.

Social media screens can also be used for your aquarium’s main general social media accounts. It can be a great way to boost social media engagement. For example, you can include content that says “share a photo of your day on Twitter using the hashtag #TrouAquariumFun and get 25% off your next visit”. Potential guests will see the great times your current guests are having at the aquarium and will want to check it out for themselves. In addition, for those who claim the 25% discount, you’ll gain some funding through repeat visits.

Making A Splash With Digital Signage For Aquariums TrouDigital

Digital Wayfinding For Aquariums

Digital wayfinding has quickly shot up in popularity in navigational technology. Using screens or touch screen kiosks to enhance navigation has been adopted by a large number of leisure-based organisations including museums, zoos, and aquariums. In addition, these kiosks can double up as smart information hubs.

In the leisure industry, being able to easily navigate the location is at the foundation of a happy, memorable guest experience. Some aquariums can be very large, and getting lost can result in a frustrating experience. As a result, effective wayfinding is needed to help guide visitors and help them get to a specific exhibit, gift shop, or cafe easily.

Digital wayfinding provides a great solution for larger aquariums. The user can simply enter their desired destination (clownfish, turtles, gift shop, toilets) and the screen will serve up directions for exactly where the user needs to go. As a result, this drastically reduces the number of guests getting lost or not being able to see the exhibits they want to, resulting in a better experience.

Making A Splash With Digital Signage For Aquariums TrouDigital

Upselling Products And Food

The success of an aquarium often relies on the funding it can generate from its guests and visitors. In an attempt to increase this funding, many aquariums have added a gift shop or café. Not only does this improve guest experience, but it also creates more chances to generate aquarium funding. To get the most out of your cafés and gift shop you need to encourage guests and visitors to spend more.

Digital signage for aquariums provides an eye-catching channel to promote gifts and upsell food options. It is often popular to use these screens to draw awareness to special offers and extend marketing campaigns. Content can be placed on the screen showing gift shop deals such as “40% OFF all fishtank accessories – today only!”. Guests are likely to see this offer on the screen and won’t want to miss out.

In terms of the café, digital menu boards are a highly popular addition. Dynamic content and scheduled menus, are a great way to draw attention to special food offers and entice guests. Therefore, if guests see that if they buy a sandwich and crips they get a free drink, they will be more likely to want to make a purchase. In addition, dynamic animations can act as a catalyst here and draw attention to special menu items or offers.

Making A Splash With Digital Signage For Aquariums TrouDigital

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