Digital Perimeter Boards | 5 Top Uses

Aug 9, 2021 | Leisure

Sophie Olver

Sophie Olver

Digital perimeter boards are a fantastic way to capture fan attention. Though most commonly seen at football and rugby matches, these electronic screens are also used at a wide range of events. These events include other sports such as motor and horse racing, conferences, concerts, exhibitions, and other leisure attractions.

Due to technological advancements over the last couple of decades, digital signage hardware has developed vastly, and outdoor screens now have numerous capabilities, including climate control, weatherproofing, and sunlight-readable technology. These developments have allowed outdoor stadiums to optimise their communications and marketing with digital signage.

Digital technology has revolutionised the fan experience and boosted revenue potential. This blog explores 5 top uses for digital perimeter boards, from fan safety to product advertisements.

1.    Boost Revenue With External Advertisements On Digital Perimeter Boards

Whether in the stadium or watching from home, fan attention is focused on the pitch. With digital perimeter boards surrounding the players’ action, the bright screens at pitch level catch the eye. Significantly, digital signage effectively captures 400% more views than static signage (Intel Corp). These facts make digital perimeter boards an unparalleled advertising method for brands hoping to target a particular audience and boost their reach.

Sell this digital screen space to external companies to boost revenue for your venue and their business. Traditionally, perimeter boards were static displays that could promote one advertiser at a time. Fast-forward to now, the digital capabilities of perimeter boards allow multiple brands to use your screens. From sports attire and drinks brands to local hotels and TV packages, various companies can optimise your space to appeal to a target audience in a confined space.

For virtual audiences, when partnered with virtual replacement technology, these digital perimeter boards can display personalised and relevant advertising content to viewers watching across different regions and countries. This functionality and commercial strategy has revolutionised advertising, allowing localisation. As a result, businesses can appeal to their target audiences and boost engagement with their brand. Simultaneously, fans will not be alienated by irrelevant advertising.

With huge stadium capacities, such as 90,000 at Wembley, a space on your digital perimeter board is gold dust to brands. The practicality and popularity of these boards make them an ideal source for advertisements and make external advertising a top use for digital perimeter boards.

Digital Perimeter Boards | 5 Top Uses TrouDigital

2.    Enhance Internal Advertisements With Digital Perimeter Boards

Just as external advertisements are displayed on digital perimeter boards, internal adverts can also shine. While external advertisements may boost revenue with brands buying digital space, internal adverts draw attention to revenue boosters onsite. Whether a food outlet or merchandise stall, season tickets or upcoming matches, use these boards to appeal to fans and boost sales.

With digital signage scheduling functionality, plan advertisements to display at optimum times, such as just before half time or before the end of a match, ready for when fans are getting up and moving.

Additionally, schedule promotional content. Research has found that 77% of shoppers claim discounts can influence where they shop, emphasising how displaying this on-screen can enhance sales. Often, limited-time promotional content is restricted by the manual task of reprinting and replacing print signage. Using digital signage software, however, schedule one-off or weekly promotions to display on-screen at a particular time, boosting fan appeal and excitement whilst also being an efficient advertising method for your venue.

Alternatively, if products (food, drink or merchandise) are running out of stock, display this on-screen immediately to fans. This content will create FOMO (fear-of-missing-out) amongst fans or trigger spontaneous purchase decisions under pressure. With eyes on the pitch, fans will not miss these last-minute deals on digital perimeter boards.

3.    Promote Fan Safety Reliably and Efficiently

Fan safety is critical. Getting safety messages out there quickly and efficiently is, therefore, of prime importance. Fan safety includes various situations, from advising exits post-event to alerting fans in a crisis, such as a fire. Fan safety also includes reminders to ‘be kind’ and that ‘hate won’t win’.

Using digital signage software, on-screen content can be updated immediately. As a result, in an emergency, staff can switch every screen to pre-designed crisis content. This preparation will alert everyone onsite with haste. This efficient communication improves crisis operations. With digital perimeter boards running around the whole pitch, no fan will miss an important message.

Moreover, schedule safe exit content for the end of games or events. Or, in the case of further pandemic restrictions, schedule safety content, such as mask-wearing and social distance advice, to display at regular moments throughout the event to remind customers of rules without ruining the overall atmosphere.

Digital Perimeter Boards | 5 Top Uses TrouDigital

4.    Build The Atmosphere With Digital Content

Stadiums and venues are consistently driving to improve the fan and customer experience. Digital perimeter boards can do this; alongside appealing advertising content, create an atmosphere with sharp, exciting graphics, hype up fans with cheering messages, and even compliment the game with imagery and player profiles around the grounds. Utilise the multimedia capabilities digital signage has to offer, including video and animation.

Additionally, use digital perimeter boards to promote your home club or team around the stadium with imagery and graphics. Show off the club colours and logo with pride, and demonstrate to the fans that this is their home and community. This content optimises your stadium digital signage and builds a fun and exciting atmosphere around the pitch, revolutionising the game.

5.    Highlight Big Moments And VAR Decisions On Digital Perimeter Boards

Big moments during matches and events are exciting, such as a penalty in a football match – everyone wants to know what is going on. Use the digital perimeter boards to display this. Pause advertisements and take over the digital screens surrounding the pitch. This content will create an atmosphere in the stadium, allowing all fans to focus on the matter at hand. With bold and bright text, no one in the stadium, whether at the front or the back, will miss a decision.

VAR decisions are intense moments. Hold that suspense with digital perimeter board graphics and display the result clearly and immediately on-screen. Alternatively, when silence is required in the stadium, display this the whole way around the pitch on digital perimeter boards. This crowd control will ensure no one around the stadium ruins the game.

For fans sat far at the back, the long viewing distance of the boards allows everyone to catch sight of the match and VAR decisions, no matter how far from the pitch they are. Digital signage for football clubs and various events is, therefore, a worthwhile investment.

Digital Perimeter Boards | 5 Top Uses TrouDigital

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