Cinema Digital Signage – Delight From The Foyer With Digital Movie Posters

Jun 7, 2017 | Leisure

Lee Gannon

Lee Gannon

Er… aren’t there already big screens at the cinema? Well yes, but we want to talk about cinema digital signage in the foyer.

Vintage movie posters have long migrated to the movie buff’s bedroom, replaced in movie theatres by digital screen displays. But are cinema managers utilising this platform enough?

Current and upcoming film promotion

Cinema Digital Signage - Delight From The Foyer With Digital Movie Posters TrouDigital Cinema digital signage encompasses both digital posters and screens or video walls. The former is a superior replacement to the traditional static poster for a number of reasons.
Firstly, one digital poster serves the function of infinite traditional ones as full-display images can be rotated on a playlist. This can be a great space-saving investment for smaller independent theatres in particular.
From a cost and environmental perspective, cinemas no longer need to source and discard a constant stream of marketing collateral that quickly becomes outdated as films cycle out. Receiving digital files that can be uploaded instantly, rather than installed on-site, enhances every aspect of marketing distribution.
The centrepiece of an increasing number of cinemas is a video wall, often split to show a variety of trailers. At peak times when ticketing and concessions queues are long, engaging cinema-goers with the latest trailers is the most effective way to maintain customer satisfaction.
Foyer trailers are also helpful to customers deciding on a back-up film choice should the movie they originally have come to see be sold out.
Trailers are obviously invaluable at building hype around upcoming films and enticing future ticket sales. One cinema marketing challenge, however, is the number of people who arrive too late to their showing and miss the pre-roll trailers. This is overcome by showing trailers on screens strategically placed to face customers as they leave the theatre.

Cinema Digital Signage - Delight From The Foyer With Digital Movie Posters TrouDigital Driving concession sales

A significant proportion of a cinema’s revenue comes from its concessions stand. A great way to drive sales is through digital menu boards or full-screen ads interspersed on other screens in-between media. Eye-catching imagery and enticing videos can be the difference between a cinema-goer walking into the theatre empty-handed or cradling a hotdog, bag of popcorn and drink.
Deals such as upgrading to a combo can be displayed prominently to maximise the value of each sale. Cinemas might even want to utilise QR codes on screen that can be scanned for discounts at the till. This kind of engagement can be recorded to better inform concession stand staff about pricing and demand.

Cinema passes and gift cards

Cinema passes or subscriptions are becoming increasingly popular. While many choose to sign up online, cinema-goers might not realise they are readily available along with gift cards at the till. Cinemas can use their digital signage network to promote these products where they cannot be missed. There is no better time to plant the idea of investing in a cinema pass in someone’s head than when they have just finished watching a great film. Likewise, anyone visiting the cinema and seeing gift cards advertised might think of an upcoming friend or relative’s birthday.

Special events and showings

In order to combat the popularity of online movie services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, more and more cinemas are looking at ways to deliver an experience that cannot be replicated at home. This is often taking the form of special events, whether for new movie premieres or re-showings of icon classics. Events such as midnight showings can be a great way to drive the hype around films and fill theatres at times when they otherwise might be quiet.
Cinema digital signage equips cinema managers with a platform to spread the word about these events. Special showings might have their own promotional advert within a playlist on the digital posters.

Deploy cinema digital signage, grab some popcorn, sit back and watch increased engagement with your movie posters.

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