Workplace Digital Signage: Benefits and Uses

Dec 22, 2023 | Internal Communications

Alistair Cousins

Alistair Cousins

Employee communication is the cornerstone of any successful business. But with the demands of modern corporate offices, how can employers effectively send a clear message to everyone?

Corporate digital signage is one of the most effective tools in your arsenal. It delivers real-time updates on any number of topics. Recent acquisitions, promotions, sustainability efforts, and other internal successes can be communicated within seconds. 

What Is the Purpose of Digital Signage? 

Digital signage is a modern alternative to more traditional forms of mass communication. Imagine a newspaper that has been modernised to reach thousands of people every day, hour, and minute. That is the essence of digital signage. 

Commercial digital signage displays are everywhere. You may have seen TrouDigital’s digital signage displays at the check-in desk for British Airways or even in your local Pharmacy. This modern form of communication is making inroads into various industries and becoming extremely popular in the corporate sphere. 

What is Digital Signage for Corporate Communication?

Technological advancements streamline communication methods. First, there was the humble pencil and paper; then came newspapers, emails, and so on. 

Workplace digital signage is the next step in communication, so it makes sense that it has become popular in the world of internal communications. You can find digital signage for manufacturing, retail, healthcare, finance, and beauty businesses. Digital signage solutions streamline the most complicated internal policies, politics, and procedures. 

Workplace Digital Signage: Benefits and Uses TrouDigital

What Types of Content Can I Display On Corporate Digital Signage? 

There is no end to the amount or types of content that you can show on office digital signage. Think of the screen as an empty whiteboard; the possibilities are endless. 

That being said, digital screens are designed for short, snappy bits of information. More often than not, corporations place screens in walkways, entrances, and shared spaces. Employees can quickly scan and absorb the information and keep walking. 

Workplace digital signage software can handle all kinds of communication mediums, including: 

  • Live dashboards
  • Digital welcome screens
  • Digital wayfinding
  • Company updates 
  • Internal milestones
  • Important reminders and alerts
  • Social media posts
Workplace Digital Signage: Benefits and Uses TrouDigital

What to Upload to My Workplace Digital Signage

Internal communications are often overlooked. Many business owners, supervisors, and managers focus their energies outward, rather than inward. Of course, external stakeholders, clients, and customers are a big part of any business, but so are the teams. 

Screens are a brilliant tool for improving employee communications. Here are a few of the best ways to build rapport with employees through the power of office digital signage: 

Live Dashboards 

Live dashboards utilise the power of Microsoft Power BI or API integration to bring your employees real-time data. They are great for numbers-driven teams. You can upload charts, dashboards, and statistics to your live dashboard. 

By placing live dashboards in strategic spots, you can target specific teams and encourage them to meet their goals. Are your sales representatives working toward a shared goal? TV dashboards function as quick visual cues that encourage individuals to work harder. 

Live dashboards are also great for creating friendly competition between internal teams. You can display weekly rankings and even offer a prize to the teams who make the most sales. 

Time-Sensitive Announcements 

Corporate digital signage is ideal for time-sensitive announcements. Business owners can strategically place their digital signage displays to target certain teams. For example, you could place a screen inside the IT department reminding them that a new piece of software needs to be live tomorrow. 

Birthday messages are also a popular option. They might seem insignificant in comparison to million-pound deals and deadlines, but they have a positive impact on the company culture. According to a study by Workbuzz, 45% of UK employees and business leaders rank a ‘great’ culture as the most important factor when looking for a new job. Great company culture is so important that it can make your candidate pool wider or narrower. 

Another way to make employees feel appreciated is to acknowledge internal successes. Accolades are typically reserved for big achievements, but companies can (and should) celebrate small milestones too. Employees who have been part of a business for three months will appreciate a kind message just as much as an employee who has been there for three years. 

Important information 

Office digital signage serves as a vessel for important information. Visible screens can direct employees (and visitors) to the right place. Graphics show visitors where they are on a map of your office, and digital posters tell employees that the annual doggy destress is happening in meeting room B. 

Employees have dozens of important tasks to complete over the course of an average day. If you rely on more conventional corporate communications methods like mass emails and meetings, you can waste precious time and, more often than not, fail to convey your message effectively. 

Content teams can upload vital information and broadcast it simultaneously to hundreds of employees. And, if they ever encounter any problems, they can contact our UK human-based support teams can help you solve your problem via phone, email, or even through on-site visits. 

Benefits of Office Digital Signage

For some, workplace digital signage software may seem like a strange new world. Internal corporate communications strategies typically centre around emails, team meetings, and the occasional news blog. 

Despite the popularity of these more conventional forms of communication, they leave a lot to be desired. Corporate digital signage excels in the areas where emails and meetings fail. 

Workplace Digital Signage: Benefits and Uses TrouDigital

Workplace Digital Signage Is Visually Striking  

Did you know that 65% of the population are visual learners?

Savvy CEOs, office managers, and internal communications assistants can use digital signage solutions to tap into this phenomenon. Boosting employee engagement is difficult at the best of times, but with the power of workplace digital signage software, business owners can catch the attention of their employees. 

A strategically placed, well-designed video wall can convey massive amounts of information within just a few seconds. You can even install a video wall in your meeting room to add visual cues that support your statements. 

Workplace Digital Signage Saves Money 

Believe it or not, investing in workplace digital signage software can save you money. Poor employee engagement costs the global economy 8.8 trillion dollars, which translates to 9% of the global GDP. Whereas poor engagement leads to money loss, positive employee engagement can boost your earnings. Engagement leads to a 21% increase in profitability and a 17% increase in productivity. 

Employee communication does not always have to involve hard-hitting topics and deadlines. You can also use digital welcome screens to convey real-time, personalised welcome messages. Small but personalised touches can make a world of difference to morale. 

Workplace Digital Signage Builds Community

The mere existence of new workplace digital signage sparks conversations, but it does not stop there. Businesses can leverage the interactive element of digital signage screens to encourage collaboration and even appreciation between colleagues. 

Mike Tippets, the Vice President at Hughes, uses interactive digital signage to build a sense of community between colleagues. Tippets invested in digital signs and pre-loaded them with a questionnaire. Employees were instructed to enter a colleague’s name and explain why they appreciate them. Digital screens make this sort of small but impactful moment possible. 

In the right hands, interactive office digital signage has the power to improve employee communications in every direction. The company has a better understanding of what makes employees tick, and it also has real-time feedback about internal politics. In our data-driven world, digital signage solutions are a no-brainer. 

Workplace Digital Signage Suits Our Attention Span

It is no secret that our attention span is shorter than it used to be. Microsoft’s claim that the average person’s attention span is eight seconds, just one second behind a goldfish, has long been debunked. Yet, fiction isn’t far from the truth. 

According to a recent study from King’s College London, 49% of people feel like their attention span is shorter than it used to be. This change is thought to be due to the prevalence of social media, smartphones, and digital marketing. In the same study, researchers found that 18% of respondents unequivocally believe the myth that adults have an attention span of just 8 seconds. 

So, what can business owners do? They can either continue using more conventional strategies for internal communications, or they can adapt to the new digital landscape. 

Office digital signage can convey key pieces of information within seconds. It is well suited to small, bite-sized bits of information. CEOs can use digital communication to update employees about successes within the business. When employees read that their company has ‘planted over 1,000 trees’, they immediately know that they are working for people who care about corporate sustainability. 

Workplace Digital Signage Is Automated 

Corporate digital signage can also streamline your internal communications efforts. Content management teams know how difficult it is to juggle multiple deadlines. In any given month, the team might have to create internal messages about promotions, job opportunities, religious holidays, birthdays, and more. Even after creating the content, teams still have to upload each piece to individual platforms. 

Digital signage software is an effective solution to this problem. TrouDigital’s software comes with an in-built content management system. It allows users to create, schedule, and upload all their digital signage content from one place. If users do not want to use the CMS, they can create content from pre-built templates. 

Using digital software does not have to be intimidating. In fact, TrouDigital’s workplace digital signage software saves time and energy. Everything is in one place, so the content strategy is far more streamlined. Content strategists can build a robust content calendar that includes important internal updates, successes, and reminders. 

Workplace Digital Signage: Benefits and Uses TrouDigital

Workplace Digital Signage Reinforces Branding 

Corporate digital signage is a great way to create unified branding across your site. Whether you are celebrating a record number of leads or announcing a new team member, you can implement brand colours, fonts, and logos. 

Some might argue that branding is not important in internal corporate environments. In fact, branding can have a positive impact on your business, both externally and internally. According to a study conducted by LinkedIn, ‘a company’s employer brand is a much stronger predictor of interest in working at a particular company.’ An employer brand is the representation of a company as an employer, something that many business owners ignore. 

Outdoor digital signage is a great way to reinforce branding to existing employees and also send positive messages to people who are walking past. By using corporate digital signage at the entrance of their building, business owners can reach far more people. Strategic placement bridges the gap between the corporate world and curious members of the public.

Tried and Tested Workplace Digital Signage

TrouDigital is a leading provider of workplace digital solutions. Our digital signage hardware links to our TrouDigital platform, which allows you to easily connect to and manage your screens. If you want comprehensive, intuitive office digital signage, contact us. 

Still not sure? We have a long list of success stories from British Airways, Clyde Munro, and Lanes-i. You can also book a demo to explore how digital signage can benefit your business. 

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