Reception Digital Signage – Dynamic Screens To Welcome Visitors

Feb 28, 2018 | Internal Communications

Lee Gannon

Lee Gannon

Visiting an office for a meeting or picking your kids up from school, you are increasingly likely to be greeted by reception digital signage.

Businesses and organisations of all sizes are installing dynamic digital displays to help create the right first impression.

Make a statement

Executed properly, deploying a digital screen in your reception area can create a centrepiece and talking point for visitors. There’s nothing worse than arriving somewhere for the first time and not being certain you are in the right place. Digital signage announces your brand or organisation.
Simply investing in the technology reflects how you value communication and a smart looking display portrays your business or institution as modern and forward-thinking. 
Reception digital signage enables you to show welcome messages and even videos to your visitors, clients and staff. If you want to really impress, you could opt for a statement video wall that transforms your reception from simply a waiting area into an engaging, memorable space.

Show the way

If you are new to a location, whether you are visiting for a meeting or appointment, attending an interview or an event, getting lost and being late is always a concern.
Reception screens can be a great wayfinding aid.
There are many different ways you can offer directions to visitors. You could show simple arrows pointing them in the right direction or floor plans where rooms are marked out. Digital wayfinding can be a lot more sophisticated than that too. Think virtual walkthroughs videos and animated maps.
Reception Digital Signage - Dynamic Screens To Welcome Visitors TrouDigital
For corporate environments, you can even get interactive with touch screens and kiosks. Bespoke wayfinding solutions, like the one we designed for the University of Southampton’s Science Park, can incorporate company directories with a search feature. Routes are drawn out for you to make getting where you need to be as easy as possible. This is appreciated by visitors and delivery people alike!
Aside from maps, wayfinding might also mean embedding schedules and timetables on your reception screen. Visitors rocking up for a meeting can then check the schedule and confirm the room they need to be in, without queueing to speak with your receptionist. This frees them up from answering the same questions over and over too.

Share your news

If you have ever found yourself sat in a reception area, waiting to be seen or collected, you’ll know that time can go pretty slowly. From the company or organisation’s point of view, this actually represents a great opportunity to engage visitors. Rather than let them waste the time on their phones, digital reception displays can give them something to look at.
Share company news in the form of scrolling messages or republish content taken from other literature like newsletters. Let them know about any upcoming events or past achievements. An introduction to your organisation, effectively the ‘about us’ summary on your website, might be displayed too.
Another advantage of going digital means you can embed social media as part of presentations as well. A display in your reception area can be a great way to get more eyes on your Twitter feed or Instagram pics.

Offer helpful information

Finally, reception digital signage is extremely practical. Its versatile and flexible nature means you can show all kinds of information in rotating playlists to overcome traditional space limitations.
Visitors to a reception area can benefit from pragmatic information as diverse as transport links, traffic reports and weather forecasts. All these external sources of content can be pulled into your dynamic display, updating in real-time to deliver accurate results.
The more you assist those entering your premise, the more favourable their impression of you as a company or organisation. For that reason, deploying reception digital signage to welcome and aid visitors is a worthwhile investment.

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