Meeting Room Signage – 5 Benefits Of Going Digital In Your Office

Sep 27, 2017 | Digital Signage

Lee Gannon

Lee Gannon

Meeting room signage is the modern solution for innovative and efficient businesses.

Here are 5 reasons why your office needs meeting room signage from keeping a professional image to impressing your visitors.

 1. They help you stay professional

Meeting room signage is great because it is practical and efficient. Your business will look professional with a digital screen that indicates the meeting room schedule. Confusion is the past, as everybody can see who is booked in and when slots are free. This prevents the misunderstanding of somebody stumbling into a meeting or interview. An interruption is not only embarrassing for your business, but it can disrupt the flow of a meeting or interview and have a negative consequence of your office looking unprofessional. Meeting room signage is the modern solution.

Meeting Room Signage – 5 Benefits Of Going Digital In Your Office TrouDigital

2. They provide an efficient system

Digital screens enable an efficient and fair system, allowing people to book meetings in advance and to avoid the frustrations of double-bookings. A double-booking could leave you stuck, and that is an incredibly unprofessional position to be in for an interview or meeting. A digital screen can overcome misunderstandings and be a system in place that everybody follows. Easy-to-read displays outside a meeting room and in foyers allow everybody to see a real-time booking schedule. A traffic-light system easily shows whether a room is engaged or not, and a countdown timer indicates how long a meeting has left. Instead of a bustle outside the meeting room, that interrupts your flow and can cause panic to finish, a more pleasant alert is heard to represent when you should start to pack up. A digital screen can also provide a fair solution: it can track who has booked a room and their frequency of bookings. Tracking this information can help provide a fair way of allocating slots to those who would like them.

3. You can track attendance

The benefits of an efficient system and fairness in the office lead to increased attendance. It can be very frustrating for a room to be booked only for nobody to show up. This is a waste of time and resources and has an opportunity cost that somebody else could have used that room. Digital screens have a digital booking system that can track attendance, to not only ensure that everybody has a chance to use the meeting room, but to track who doesn’t turn up and who overruns. This keeps order and makes sure everybody sticks to the rules, removing uncomfortable confrontations and accusations. Those who do not show up to their allocated booking can be warned with cautionary messages, allowing ill-users to be treated responsibly.
Meeting Room Signage – 5 Benefits Of Going Digital In Your Office TrouDigital

4. Digital signage is smart technology

A digital booking system takes care of any hassle of organising meeting room bookings in a busy corporate environment. It provides flexibility to deal with ‘no shows’ and last minute cancellations, allowing those interested in the meeting room to be notified and made aware of any changes to the schedule. Timetables can be programmed in many different ways to provide the ideal solution for your office. Digital booking systems can integrate with calendar or email software. You can even set up text messages that notify when a room becomes available, this helps maximise the use of the meeting rooms and allows smooth adjustments to schedule changes. Meeting room signage handles all of the logistic and administration tasks for you.

 5. Digital signage provides wayfinding assistance

Digital signage for meeting rooms can also provide wayfinding assistance, allowing those arriving for a meeting or an interview to know exactly where they need to be. This helpfully frees up time as a staff member does not need to wait on hand to escort a visitor to their room. Using a touchscreen display, visitors can quickly search a name of the company they are visiting to find the room they will be in. You can also greet guests in the foyer rooms with personalised messages on a screen to provide a nice, friendly touch. A professional first impression will set you up brilliantly for the meeting or interview.

Meeting room signage is the perfect solution in offices for a modern, efficient and professional system. Innovate the way your company holds meetings today to inspire productivity.

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