Office Digital Signage | Top 5 Uses

Dec 16, 2020 | Internal Communications

Alistair Cousins

Alistair Cousins

Office digital signage is quickly becoming the norm for corporate environments. To operate effectively, offices need to ensure they attain a high level of communication. This high level of communication keeps everyone informed and working toward the same goal. This blog post outlines our top 5 uses for office digital signage, and how you can use the technology to supercharge the way your office works forever.

If you want to learn more about how digital screens are being used in offices and corporate environments visit our dedicated corporate communications page.

1. Digital Message Boards

A digital message board in your office is essential in maintaining a high level of communication amongst your visitors and employees. A message board on a screen allows departments to display messages, promote events, and keep all staff in the loop regarding what’s happening at the office.

Digital message boards are effectively noticeboards that are embedded onto a screen. In recent times, traditional message boards have become inefficient and are a hassle to keep updated. Each time a department or office wants to add/change information, the material has to be made, taken to the location of the board, and physically installed (not to mention all the time taken, and the waste accumulated to remove and dispose of old material). Furthermore, if you have multiple message boards around your office this process is further multiplied.

This left offices searching for a simpler solution that reduced the time it took to update noticeboards, whilst maintaining the efficiency of having a large amount of information in one place. Enter, digital message boards. Through the use of a digital screen, messages, announcements, pictures, and more can be displayed in the same way as the traditional notice board. However, through bulletin board software, multiple digital message boards can be updated instantly and remotely from one central location. In addition to these added features such as animations and sound can bring further engagement to important messages.

A key benefit of digital message boards is that messages can be planned and scheduled in advance. This can massively reduce your workload throughout the year.

Office Digital Signage | Top 5 Uses TrouDigital

2. TV Dashboard For Office Digital Signage

Keeping track of key metrics and KPIs is essential in the success of your organisation. Making sure employees know how the organisation is performing in key areas is important for them to do the best job possible. Through a TV dashboard, all key metrics can be displayed in easy to read visual formats, allowing everyone in your organisation to easily keep track of KPIs and their performance as a department, team, or business.

A TV dashboard can display live metrics for different departments. For example, the sales department could have visual statistics on display that are useful to their effective operation such as close rates, customer satisfaction, profit per deal, etc. In contrast, a marketing team may have a different set of KPIs on screen. These could be bounce rates, PPC clicks, sign-ups, etc.

Having these statistics on display can help motivate employees to work harder and smash their targets. It can also be a useful feature to capture and address critical issues. For example, if a live metric suddenly drops then the department knows there is an issue in that area and can address it swiftly.

Office TV dashboards can be integrated with Microsoft’s Power BI. Through office digital signage, your office can seamlessly connect Power BI to the digital signage software and start deploying dynamic reports and dashboards to a network of screens.

Office Digital Signage | Top 5 Uses TrouDigital

3. Social media

Social media continues to explode in popularity as time goes on. No longer is social media just for chatting with friends. On social media, you can now shop, advertise, and even job hunt.

The benefits of social media, however, aren’t just reserved for socialisers outside of work. In fact, businesses have started discovering the many advantages of social platforms and how they can be used to lift employee morale and strengthen communication between the organisation and employees.

In many organisations, employee advocacy regarding social media is heavily encouraged. There are many reasons for this including SEO, communication, moral, etc. Displaying social media on your office digital signage is a great way to keep employees engaged. Through live social media feeds, your organisation can display the latest tweets or Instagram posts as they come in. Alternatively, digital signage can follow a hashtag. So if your organisation was running a campaign like #zeroemissions2021, the screen could pull all the tweets/Instagram posts that include this hashtag. This is a great way to get your employees involved and sharing the same goals as the organisation.

Office Digital Signage | Top 5 Uses TrouDigital

4. Video Walls

Video wall solutions are a great way to show off what your organisation does and wow your audience. Part of the digital signage hardware family a video wall is one large display made up of smaller displays.

With an office video wall, your organisation can display the same content that they display on their digital signage displays, but bigger and better. Video walls are great ways of capturing the attention of employees and visitors and bringing awareness to what your organisation thinks matters most. For example, your video wall could display a large animation for your latest environmental campaign, or display examples of the great work you are doing.

Office Digital Signage | Top 5 Uses TrouDigital

5. Digital Office Wayfinding

As companies grow, office buildings for larger organisations can become more difficult to navigate. Whether it’s the future employee looking for the interview room, the postman looking for the correct place to drop a parcel, or a high-value client coming in for a meeting, you want them to navigate your building efficiently.

With digital wayfinding paired with a digital kiosk in the lobby of your building, users can touch the screen and view a virtual map. From here the user can search and navigate rooms. Once they find the desired room they can touch it which will illuminate a map for them to follow.

Office Digital Signage | Top 5 Uses TrouDigital

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