4 Ways Eco-Friendly Digital Signage Can Turn Your Business Green

Aug 3, 2021 | Internal Communications

Sophie Olver

Sophie Olver

Businesses are increasingly looking for new ways to improve their sustainability. As the world faces a dire climate crisis with just 12 years to limit climate change catastrophe, businesses must critically pay attention to their carbon footprint. Sustainability has, therefore, become a key part of many business plans. Eco-friendly digital signage is the future for companies wanting to reduce their impact on the environment whilst simultaneously improving marketing and communications.

From saving trees to using less energy, digital signage is a reliable solution to ensuring your business meets its sustainability goals. In this blog, we highlight 5 ways digital signage can be and is eco-friendly.

1.    Reduce Deforestation With Eco-Friendly Digital Signage

Businesses are prime culprits in wasting paper; the average office worker uses an expected 10,000 sheets of paper per year. With 42% of global wood harvest going towards making paper, it has become crucial for businesses to reduce their paper consumption. This change will help work towards a greener planet.

Most paper communication is produced for one-time-only communications, such as promotional posters and bulletin board messages. As a result, a sustainable solution to marketing and communication has become increasingly important. Eco-friendly digital signage offers the perfect solution.

Unlike static signage that requires reprinting and replacing often, control digital signage centrally via digital signage software. This software allows on-screen content to be redesigned and deployed to the screen instantly without wasting any paper. Eco-friendly digital signage is, therefore, a long-lasting solution.

Forests cover roughly 30% of the world’s land area. Yet, in the last 60 years, according to the European Commission, more than half of the tropical forests worldwide have been destroyed. This fact emphasises why a different method of communication has become necessary. By turning to digital communication, your company will be greener and save money on paper consumption.

4 Ways Eco-Friendly Digital Signage Can Turn Your Business Green TrouDigital

2. Shrink Energy Consumption With Media Players

A digital signage solution requires two hardware components: a screen and a media player. Media players are micro PCs that sit behind your screen and play signage content through an app. The content updates in real-time through the internet. Media players will help your business in its eco-friendly mission by using a fraction of the energy of a generic PC.

External media players, in particular, are an exceptionally green technology. They can be plugged into any screen, allowing you to reuse your old technology, bringing it back to life. They are also energy efficient; Android media players use approximately £7 in electricity a year, saving the planet and your bills.

4 Ways Eco-Friendly Digital Signage Can Turn Your Business Green TrouDigital

3. Increase Communication Lifespan With Eco-Friendly Digital Signage

Paper is a temporary and unsustainable communication solution; it accounts for around 26% of total waste at landfills. When a message changes, posters need to be reprinted and replaced, demonstrating the short lifespan of static communication. Eco-friendly digital signage hardware, on the other hand, provides a long-lasting method of communication.

Alongside being able to update content immediately on-screen, many screens now have a lifespan of around 100,000 hours (over 10 years). This fact demonstrates how digital signage saves time and money and reduces the wastage of finite printouts. With a multitude of sustainable benefits, digital signage is a worthwhile investment.

Moreover, make use of timers on commercial-grade screens. Using this functionality, automatically turn off your screen at particular hours, such as at night, or even reduce the screen’s brightness level. This functionality contributes to the energy-saving abilities of eco-friendly digital signage.

Additionally, when your digital signage hardware needs replacing, recyle its components and and use them for new products. Or, if your business owns an old TV screen, link it to a new media player to become digital signage. This sustainability demonstrates the role digital signage is playing in minimising the climate crisis.

4 Ways Eco-Friendly Digital Signage Can Turn Your Business Green TrouDigital

4. Decrease Unsustainable Material Usage With Digital Signage Solutions

Static communications not only require paper but ink, plastic, chemicals, and more. These materials are unsustainable and contribute towards polluting the planet. By investing in eco-friendly digital signage, however, you can minimise the unnecessary use of these resources.

The unsustainable materials involved in producing print communications contribute to piling up the landfills, subsequently releasing toxic liquids that contaminate the soil, water, and air. Cartridge cases, for example, are made from polymer and take 450-1000 years to decompose. With 375 million empty ink cartridges ending up in landfills every year, reducing this material will help combat the climate crisis.

By converting from print to digital communication for internal and external marketing and messages, you will reduce your waste and carbon emissions. This small but notable contribution to helping create a more sustainable planet will help support and meet your business goals.

4 Ways Eco-Friendly Digital Signage Can Turn Your Business Green TrouDigital

Ultimately, going green has multiple benefits for your business, including boosting conversion rates and sales. In fact, recent research by Deloitte has found that nearly 1 in 3 consumers have stopped purchasing certain brands or products because they had ethical- or sustainability-related concerns about them.

Significantly, consumers will spend up to 20% more on environmentally sound products or services. As a result, eco-friendly digital signage not only meets your business sustainability goals and decelerates global warming but also helps your business stand out far above competitors.

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