Digital Signage For Job Centres | 5 Top Uses

Jun 21, 2021 | Internal Communications

Sophie Olver

Sophie Olver

Every single day, up and down the country, job centres are helping people get work. Digital signage for job centres is modernising and rejuvenating these sites, alongside new and improved digital job search computers. These developments have helped many people feel welcome in a place they dread.

By going digital, job centres can create a friendly and supportive place for customers while also providing an efficient and reliable experience. Simultaneously, digital signage for job centres is helping staff by speeding up check-in processes and reassuring and attracting customers.

Here, we explore 5 ways your job centre can use digital signage to improve operations and customer satisfaction.

1.    Ease Appointment Check-in With Digital Kiosks

For jobseekers, having to endure long queues just to check in for an appointment or be pointed to another helpdesk can be an agonising experience, especially when they just want to get on with the process. Job centres can improve this experience with digital kiosks.

Using digital kiosks situated near the entrance and queuing areas, customers can check-in for appointments and receive directions to the waiting area. Alternatively, they can use the podiums to find the correct helpdesk to answer their question, rather than entering multiple queues. This form of digital signage for job centres saves time for customers and staff, speeding up site efficiency.

When not in use as a check-in, these kiosks can become informational hubs. Customers can use the touch screen display to search for FAQs and informational webpages, such as on what services your centre offers or jobs in a specific area. This ability allows customers to answer their own questions and control their experience, making the overall experience of going to the job centre less nerve-racking.

Additionally, these kiosks can host surveys and questionnaires for customers to allow your centre to receive feedback on its performance. This information then gives you free feedback to measure against your KPIs and improve your centre.

Digital Signage For Job Centres | 5 Top Uses TrouDigital

2.    Waiting Area Digital Signage For Job Centres

Going to the job centre can be an uneasy experience for some and the wait for an appointment can increase nerves. Waiting area digital signage for job centres can improve this experience by reducing perceived wait time and providing necessary distractions.

Research suggests digital signage queue management techniques can reduce perceived wait time by as much as 35 per cent. As a result, manage your waiting customers with techniques such as displaying estimated wait times and calling people forward with a direction to where they need to go. For example, Joe Bloggs to Helpdesk 4. By adopting job centre digital signage, you can manage customer anxiety by reducing the uncertainty of when they will be called up. This management allows customers to relax into their wait.

Job centre digital signage also offers ways to distract customers from their wait, improving customer experience. Bored customers are more attentive to the passage of time, so replace static and unappealing posters with electronic screens. These screens engage viewers with multimedia content such as rotating images, social media content, and videos.

Video content, in particular, can turn heads and hold attention; visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text, making videos a lot more appealing. These facts also emphasise the dominating power of videos to translate messages. As a result, your job centre can deliver messages to customers while reducing their perceived wait. Videos could, for example, promote your services or how to get ready for an interview. Alternatively, display live TV to fully distract jobseekers from the situation, further creating a welcoming environment.

Digital Signage For Job Centres | 5 Top Uses TrouDigital

3.    Digital Window Displays For Job Centres

Long gone are the days of job cards in windows; the digital revolution has transformed the job centre window display. Whenever someone walks past, the high-brightness screen advertising new jobs and centre services will capture their attention. This attractiveness will make sure those who need help have their heads turned, and your centre appears to be a welcoming place.

Often compromised on window display job cards, digital signage screens display large, high-resolution images and job highlights, pulling in potential job seekers. These adverts can be placed on rotation and scheduled using digital signage software. This method of advertising improves job promotion efficiency, as well as brings people in to explore others.

Alternatively, display welcome messaging to create a positive experience from the moment someone walks in.

4.    Digital Advertising Screens

A job centre does more than just advertise jobs; it advertises its services also. It helps people prepare for, find, and stay in work, administers claims for benefits, such as income support, incapacity benefit and universal credit, and provides training, guidance, and work placement programmes, such as work experience, volunteering, and job trialling. Using digital signage, highlight on-screen what resources you offer to make the experience easy for job seekers, such as computers to search for jobs and your telephone service.

To optimise your advertisements, include a call to action (CTA) on your job centre digital signage. A CTA is a phrase that tells the user exactly what action to take next. For example, call now to book an appointment or speak to a staff member today to find out how benefits are changing. CTAs create a way of converting job seekers into active participants at your job centre. This guidance is perfect for someone feeling lost and hopeless in their job hunt.

The digital advertising screens can present to the public what you offer and reassure that support is always available. Moreover, by localising your adverts, you create a sense of community. This personalisation makes your job centre welcoming for its target audience – the local unemployed.

5.    Testimonials On Digital Signage For Job Centres

Knowing other people have been in your position and come out on top can be hugely reassuring. This point makes testimonials a game-changing content idea for digital displays. Unlike posters that fade into the background, on-screen content jumps out and brings the review to life.

With 72% of customers saying positive testimonials and reviews increase their trust in a business, displaying noticeable testimonials and success stories on screens around your centre can do wonders. It improves job seeker confidence in themselves and their confidence in your job centre and its services.

Digital signage for job centres is the best place to host success stories; text can be partnered with imagery or even video, bringing stories to life and making them seem achievable for anyone. Moreover, place these testimonials on rotation to allow multiple to be displayed on one screen and not fighting for space on a wall.

Digital Signage For Job Centres | 5 Top Uses TrouDigital

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