5 Reasons For A Digital Travel Agent Display

Mar 2, 2017 | Hospitality

Lee Gannon

Lee Gannon

High-street travel agencies are increasingly challenged by the DIY holiday trend facilitated by websites like Trivago and Skyscanner.

But they are not going away. A number of holidaymakers continue to prefer face-to-face consultancy. They consider this interaction part of the excitement of organising a holiday.

To ensure longevity, travel agencies are turning to new innovative ways to market themselves. Digital signage has been one of the most impactful methods.

There are a number of reasons for investing in a digital travel agent display:

Create automated holiday carousels

The window space of a travel agent is hugely important in getting people through the door and promoting particular products. Up until now, agencies have been limited in the space they have to show adverts for this season’s hot holidays. Window presentations have had to be laboriously constructed by staff and dismantled whenever an agency opts to push a different destination.
A digital travel agent display in the window overcomes this problem. Rather than only having room to advertise half a dozen holiday packages, hundreds of profiles can be automatically rotated on a carousel. Digital signage for travel agencies integrates with an agency’s holiday database to pull this information in. This avoids creating staff any additional work. A rotating digital carousel of advertisements is the solution to limited window space.

5 Reasons For A Digital Travel Agent Display TrouDigital

Engage passersby with interactive features

If scrolling photos of sandy beaches and luxurious hotels were not enough to entice a passerby to enter your agency, a digital travel agent display engages from outside. While they might be considering a holiday, often people in a hurry are reluctant to pop in for a brochure if they feel they might get caught up. Digital signage for travel agencies works with QR code technology letting users scan a screen with their phone. Prospective holidaymakers can instantly save brochures to their phone and walk away with all the information they need. The screen itself becomes an additional salesperson.
Similarly, digital signage is compatible with RFID tags. Agents can trigger specific content on a screen through the use of sensors. This is useful because it allows agents to promote particular packages on a feed, or call one back up at a prospective customer’s request.

Offer holidaymakers a digital catalogue

One of the most innovative forms of travel agent display is the touchscreen kiosk. Catering to the popularity of independent consumer research and online travel supermarkets, touchscreens allow agencies to offer a similar function in-house. Rather than having to sit down with an agent, prospective holidaymakers can pop in and browse the agency’s database of packages themselves on a kiosk.
This approach is a great way to entice visitors to take the first step into researching a holiday without feeling under pressure. From there, agents might offer assistance if required. Or the prospect can simple email themselves any profiles they like the look of and return later when ready to talk.

5 Reasons For A Digital Travel Agent Display TrouDigital

Utilise video to showcase destinations and accommodation

Video marketing has never been more popular. The explosion of travel vloggers on YouTube alone is a testament to people’s fascination with watching real life adventures. A digital travel agent display is uniquely able to capitalise on this trend and advertise holidays with video rather than traditional images.
Video content will often be available to travel agents. It can be in the form of TV adverts from leading brands or promotional videos from tourist offices and hotel marketers. Even travel vlogs might be displayed on screen. They help viewers really imagine visiting a country or taking a trip.

Tempt potential customers with limited-time offers

A final marketing strategy enabled by a digital travel agent screen is limited-time offers. These promotions have become integral for holiday supermarket websites where a hotel or flight’s pricing might be lowered for a small window of time to entice shoppers to make their decision. Digital signage is able to utilise the same premise. Displaying countdown timers next to particular promotions is a simple yet effective way to encourage prospective holidaymakers to make an enquiry or that final decision.

A digital travel agent display is the secret weapon your agency needs in the market war waged against online travel supermarkets.

5 Reasons For A Digital Travel Agent Display TrouDigital

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