The Case For Hotel Digital Signage

Nov 11, 2016 | Hospitality

Lee Gannon

Lee Gannon

Digital signage has been in hotels for years.

That’s if you count all those old TV screens in guest rooms that show room service prices when they’re left on standby… Only more recently has it featured more prominently in hotel lobbies.

Now digital signage is here to stay. That’s because a screen can act as…

A Virtual Concierge

What if your hotel could hire a concierge who worked 24/7, knew everything there was to know about the hotel and the local area, and was always available to answer your guests’ questions? And what if this concierge cost a fraction of the price of another full-time member of staff?
With hotel digital signage, you effectively hire a virtual concierge. Screens can answer all your guests’ frequently asked questions, displaying everything from spa prices to breakfast times. Digital signage can do more than recommend the hotel fitness centre or conference room. It can show visitors your facilities through images and video.
Interactive screens or kiosks in a hotel can even provide way-finding assistance. Without having to find and ask a member of staff, your guests can independently call up directions to the facility they’re looking for. In large hotels where new visitors can often feel lost, this is an invaluable asset.
It can be a strategical tool too. If there are certain facilities a hotel wishes to promote, say for example its gym is being under-used, these kiosks can offer directions there by default from high-footfall locations. Used in this way, hotels are able to influence how guests use their hotel, with the end goal of improving their overall stay.

A Local Guide

Most hotels have a brochure stand in their lobby advertising local attractions and restaurants. Receptionists often get asked for recommendations from guests on where to eat or what to do. It’s important that hotels provide this information and hotel digital signage is a brilliant way to do it.
Screens up in the lobby can inform guests about the local area. Through slides, images and video, hotels can highlight areas of interest or must-attend upcoming events. A video showing the local market or theatre company is a lot more interesting than a flyer. Guests should be excited about the area where they’re staying. Ultimately, how they fill their days has a huge effect on their overall experience and their likelihood to book again.
The other huge bonus of hotel digital signage is that it can be a vehicle for sponsorship. Screens can generate hotels profit through external advertisement. Local restaurants and event organisers will be keen to promote to your guests. With control over your screen network, you can choose to advertise only the companies you genuinely recommend. It’s a win-win situation for everyone: the hotel, sponsors and guests. The most innovative of local sponsors might want to offer exclusive discounts to your guests through the use of QR codes.

A Friendly Messenger

Today pretty much everyone books their hotel online, so when guests arrive with their bags, first impressions are pretty important. If your receptionists are occupied, it could be some time before new guests interact with a member of staff and check-in. With digital signage in the lobby, hotels can greet guests digitally with a welcome message. It can also be used to clarify the check-in process, avoiding any confusion.
When it comes to hosting special events like weddings and conferences, digital signage might be used to deliver targeted messages, adding a special touch to your guests’ experience.
Other ways hotel digital signage can offer a personal touch include providing alerts to guests. Screens displaying the local weather might, for example, advise guests to ‘bring an umbrella’ or ‘remember sun cream’. Integrating hotel signage with the local airports’ flight timetable would be another great way to bring extra value to guests. Warning them about flight delays or bad weather is easy to do and will surely be appreciated.

Not only can screens do this for you, they can also…

Generating further revenue for your hotel

Hotels, hostels and B & B’s are in a rather unique position as their clientele will spend as many days as booked on their premises. Furthermore, their list of partnering companies are almost endless – taxi companies, pubs, restaurants, public transport, and so on. Because of these two factors, digital signage – in a position that receives high well times and footfall – proves to be an ideal advertising platform for many local companies to display their services and products on. Our team at TrouDigital have produced the ultimate guide to setting up and negotiating potential sponsors for your digital signage screen, which can result in significant revenue generated for your business.

Encourage engagement with your social media

Welcome to the 21st century, where almost every company – large or small – has some sort of presence on social media. A recent study found that brand spend on social media marketing had increased by 65% over a two year period. Dynamic signage displays are an excellent tool to encourage passersby to engage with your social media. Increase your presence by starting a hashtag or competition that users can Tweet and post Instagram pictures to. Or, by simply just showing your social media, user engagement will increase.

Hotel digital signage is a valuable asset to any venue, from small B&Bs to large, international franchises. More than just reinforcing a hotel’s brand image, the technology actively transforms guest experience.

The Case For Hotel Digital Signage TrouDigital

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