Healthcare Digital Signage – Looking After Your Patients, Visitors And Staff

Healthcare digital signage is significantly improving customer well-being and helping to ease the daily burdens for staff on shifts.

For hospitals, the latest tech is essential for improving efficiency – having effective communication systems can be life-saving.

There are several benefits to healthcare digital signage, popular across hospitals, surgeries and practices.

Streamlining the check-in process

Healthcare digital signage can include check-in kiosks or touch screens that eliminate a receptionist feeling under pressure to deal with a large queue of patients. Check-in kiosks or tablets provide a smoother check-in process that patients can do themselves, freeing up the receptionist to answer phone calls and pressing issues. Of course, it is just as important to look after the wellbeing of staff as well as the patients, providing a reduction in the stress of an environment can make a hospital a more pleasant place to work. Having visitors check-in to certain areas of the hospital can also help provide demographic and usage data. Smart display devices can even record passersby using technology like facial-recognition. With this information tracked, content can be targeted to better suit its audience. 

Digital screens in welcome areas are ideally positioned to show alerts and notices as patients and visitors are checking-in. Warnings about the spread of bacteria or viruses can be clearly displayed, along with requests that people wash their hands at a sanitary station. These precautions save lives and a prominent display can be the difference between visitors complying or forgetting. Welcome screens are also useful for publishing parking information or sharing weather and traffic updates.


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Addressing the dreaded waiting area

Healthcare waiting areas can be dull places where recent studies have shown that we still spend far too long waiting, despite government interventions and investment to reduce delays. Digital signage can make the wait seem shorter as engaging media like videos, images and RSS feeds can be played to give your patients something to watch. This helps to alleviate not only boredom but anxiety, which can have a negative hold on patients’ experience.

Waiting room signage is an invaluable investment in healthcare. Screens allow practices to utilise this wasted time by engaging patients and visitors with information of their choosing, whether health campaigns or hospital news. Alternatively, screens might be used to show external sponsorship where advertisers will benefit from longer dwell times and therefore likely increase ROI.

Supporting staff around the clock

Returning to the technology’s benefits to staff, healthcare digital signage is ideal for internal communication. Screens can act as digital noticeboards, placed in staff rooms or at strategic points around a site. Among the many possible functions for this platform is a timetable of staff shifts. In healthcare environments, staff are frequently required to work erratic shifts, with changes and reallocations a daily norm. Having a digital timetable that can relay this information real-time is of great use to teams. Last minute changes can be updated publically so everyone knows who is working, when and where. Other useful information internal staff screens might show are the extension numbers of certain departments or personnel.

Guiding visitors through the maze

Hospitals are large sites and it can be very hard to find your way around, whether you are a visitor, patient or a new member of staff. This is far from ideal when people are often in a hurry to get to where they are going. Healthcare digital signage can aid this challenge by navigating patients and staff to the right wing. Screens can simply show floor layouts with clearly marked wings or more sophisticated touchscreens can offer interactive functionality. Using a wayfinding kiosk or totem, visitors and staff can search their location and receive helpful directions on the route they need to take. Some devices allow for this information to be captured on a mobile phone. Improving wayfinding in health care venues is of critical importance as it has a fundamental impact on the overall operation, as well as visitors’ experience. 

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Healthcare digital signage is a versatile tool for any medical site, elevating the service to customers and making staff’s lives easier.

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