4 Content Ideas For Digital Hospital Displays

Apr 19, 2021 | Healthcare

Sophie Olver

Sophie Olver

Hospitals are busy places with a constant flow of patients, visitors, and staff. Effective communication is crucial to maintaining smooth operations. By adopting digital hospital displays, you can keep all human traffic informed and engaged in a smart and easy-to-use way.

The multimedia capabilities of digital signage software mean the possibilities for digital hospital display ideas are near limitless. In this blog, we highlight four content ideas to entertain, educate, and engage.

Entertain with Video Content for Digital Hospital Displays

Hospital waiting areas can be tedious. For patients waiting alone, this can be a particularly gruelling experience. There is little to do, and the best option is usually to read the unappealing posters detailing various diseases. By displaying video content on a digital hospital screen in your waiting areas, you can not only alleviate boredom and nerves by entertaining patients and visitors but also reduce perceived waiting time by as much as 35%, increasing satisfaction.

Video content brings a message to life. This content could include exercises to keep fit, an interview with a doctor to increase patient comfortability or a video tour of the hospital to intrigue people. Alternatively, show some live TV to distract people from their upcoming appointment.

Significantly, studies have found that customers retain 95% of a marketing message when watching a video, compared to only 10% from text. This fact exposes how video can be a game-changing digital hospital display idea for translating messages usually ignored on unappealing posters. Deliver health advice or demonstrate ways to check for certain diseases with this valuable communication tool.

Additionally, digital signage video content can be a great way to boost hospital revenue; it provides advertising space to partners and sponsors. According to Wyzowl, 84% of people say they have been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video.

Video content makes people feel at ease. By reducing wait time and improving the waiting experience, people are more likely to be in a good mood for their appointment, improving staff morale. They will also fear the hospital less, increasing their chances of making and coming to a hospital appointment. This simple change will increase the chances of acting on health issues early, potentially saving lives.

4 Content Ideas For Digital Hospital Displays TrouDigital

Reassure Patients with Testimonials and Inspiration

Hospitals can be a scary place for many people. While staff strive to save lives, some patients are required to stay for long periods, and some endure life-threatening surgery. Reassuring these patients (and their visitors) is crucial. Digital hospital displays can help with this by presenting positive testimonials from patients and visitors.

A testimonial or success story from a past patient detailing their positive experience with the staff and procedure can go far in reassuring a stranger. With easy-to-use digital signage software, rotate testimonials on a content playlist. This feature allows different people with different experiences to tell their story through text and high-quality images.

Alongside testimonials, why not expose successful fundraising stories on digital hospital screens also. These stories spread the word about particular charities, encourage support, and reveal to patients the efforts of charity workers and volunteers to improve treatment and raise awareness. This content can be inspiring and create a sense of community – needed in a place that can become lonely for some.

4 Content Ideas For Digital Hospital Displays TrouDigital

Improve Hospital Navigation with Digital Wayfinding

Getting lost in a hospital is not hard. With a maze of wards, waiting areas, offices, and rooms, it can be tough to find the right location. Digital wayfinding can benefit patients, visitors, and staff in navigating the hospital.

Deliver digital wayfinding through two digital signage hardware solutions: digital screens and digital kiosks. Digital hospital screens and kiosks can provide simple directions with arrows and notices or even specific routes to help users get to their desired location. 

Through digital signage software, you can keep directions up to date with ease. Additionally, if an event or conference is happening at the hospital, you can schedule direction and welcome messages to appear on-screen at exact times in the necessary locations.

Digital wayfinding is a vital digital hospital display idea. It not only improves visitor experience but also improves hospital efficiency by reducing patient and staff lateness. By improving appointment turnout with better navigation, you will, consequently, save the NHS money.

4 Content Ideas For Digital Hospital Displays TrouDigital

Encourage Hygiene with Digital Hospital Displays

Hospitals require a high level of cleanliness to reduce the chances of infection amongst patients. Maintaining hygiene, whether you are a patient, visitor, or staff member, is vital. Digital signage is a great place to display hygiene messages because the high-quality and high-brightness of screens ensure content is eye-catching, inducing action.

Content to encourage hygiene could include tips and advice, how-to demonstrations, or facts, such as the number of bacteria on a door handle. Even simple messages, such as “Clean hands reduce infections”, can be amplified with a digital display for hospitals; the text is sharp and noticeable. Significantly, digital signage has a recall rate of 83% (Arbitron), proving a digital hospital screen to be more effective than posters in successfully educating the public.  

Digital hand sanitisers are the latest digital signage hardware solution making waves across sectors in light of the pandemic. These stations connect a digital signage display with an automatic hand sanitiser dispenser. When the station is not in use, the digital hospital screen displays traditional content, from healthcare developments to staff profiles. When someone triggers the hand sanitiser dispenser, the screen automatically delivers targeted messaging to encourage hygiene. For example, how to properly apply hand sanitiser or social distance.

With a new fear of germs amongst society and a renewed focus on hygiene, especially in a hospital environment, digital hand sanitisers and digital displays for hospitals are here to stay and provide an effective place to encourage hygiene.

4 Content Ideas For Digital Hospital Displays TrouDigital

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