Real Estate Technology – Smart Property Projection by TrouDigital

May 8, 2017 | Estate Agents

Real estate technology is game-changing for estate agents.

Introducing… Smart Property Projection. The digital solution for agencies adverse to installing screens or those just looking for ‘wow factor’.

A lot of estate agents rely on LED light pockets to advertise their properties in lower-light levels during the evening. When this technology first came out, it was a game-changer. Suddenly whole new audiences of passerbys were made accessible out of hours. Years have passed now though and not much has changed. With everyone using LED light pockets, passersby have become desensitised. Once pioneering agencies have lost their competitive edge.

A handful of premium agents, mainly in major cities like London, have tried to stand out on the high street through real estate technology. They invest in expensive video walls to catch the attention of prospects. When you are advertising six-figure properties, this marketing strategy is appropriate. But how can the independent agency in a small town, one without a marketing budget in the tens of thousands, compete today?
The latest innovation, only just hitting estate agents in the UK, is what’s called ‘Smart Property Projection’. This technology is a cost-effective alternative to a video wall showcasing properties that wields just the same ‘wow factor’. In fact, vendors will want to come inside just to ask how your new display works.

So how does this innovative real estate technology work?

It is what’s known as magic projection film. This material can cover a much larger portion of an agency window than one would likely be able to afford using individual screens. This film is clear and transparent which means you can continue to deploy your existing light pockets or window display during the daytime. But with the press of a button, an electrical current turns the surface opaque, becoming the perfect background for HD projection.
Coupled with a digital signage solution, agencies can display head-turning property ads or messaging at large in their window using an in-house projector. A signage platform designed specially for estate agents can pull property feeds from the databases agencies already use like Rightmove, Jupix, Expert Agent and Reapit. This makes window advertising fully automated and no maintenance.

Real Estate Technology - Smart Property Projection by TrouDigital TrouDigital

‘Smart Property Projection’ is a great choice for agencies not wishing to disrupt their existing displays. Light pockets can easily be fitted on folding mechanisms – hiding them out of sight when your smart film is activated. It is also the best bet for agencies wanting to outshine competitors, while sticking to a more modest marketing budget.

Go smart with your window display and you could be the talk of the town. Your featured properties will light up the evening high-street.

What Our Clients Say

We have been using the TrouDigital solution for a few years now. We have a beautifully branded screen and our properties get updated everyday.
Before TrouDigital, we created a slideshow of properties and manually changed our stock. Our new system is fully branded and zero maintenance.