Why Use Digital Signage? 15 Reasons To Make It Your Next Project

Jan 5, 2018 | Digital Signage

Dom Hinchcliffe

Dom Hinchcliffe

The popularity of digital signage grows every day as more businesses invest. This begs the question – why use digital signage?

There are lots of reasons, with users often having different motivations and priorities. A lot of these centre around effective communication or wanting to stand out from competitors.

We have put together a list of 15 reasons to start thinking about a project:

1. User-friendly content management

  • Have to manually change a USB device to edit content on a screen? This can be tedious.
  • The most effective signage solutions on the market are cloud-based. It makes it easy to change content for a network of as many screens as you so choose from one central dashboard.
  • Content made easy!

2. Eye-catching displays

  • Digital signage is visually attractive, utilising videos and images. Its eye-catching nature can result in much more passerby engagement than more traditional signage methods, such as posters.
  • Make a statement with your digital signage: opt for a large screen, kiosk or even a video wall.Why Use Digital Signage? 15 Reasons To Make It Your Next Project TrouDigital

3. Personalised content

  • Digital signage can be used to circulate personalised content within your organisation through the use of personal messages to colleagues and customers.
  • Triggering content tailored to internal news, such as the Christmas party or a staff member’s birthday, or external news, such as an upcoming holiday or a new discount for customers, can give your business a real atmosphere encouraging staff to work hard and customers to feel valued.

4. Surprisingly affordable

  • When digital signage first emerged, it was reserved for companies with large budgets and, as such, excluded many SMEs and charities.
  • Thanks to signage providers such as TrouDigital, the technology can now be deployed by companies of all sizes with any budget. With packages starting from just £25/ month, as well as the option to generate revenue (discussed later), digital signage is now accessible to anyone.

5. Promote your social media

  • Digital signage serves as the perfect platform to increase your social media presence through customer engagement.
  • Creating a hashtag that passersby can tweet with will allow more exposure to your online social media presence. This can be particularly effective when deployed at events.

6. Sell advertising space

Why Use Digital Signage? 15 Reasons To Make It Your Next Project TrouDigital

  • Digital screens that receive high footfall and long dwell times are an attractive prospect for companies to advertise on.
  • Here at TrouDigital, we have produced the ultimate guide to generating revenue. The best thing about selling advertisement space is that the sky is the limit – you set your own targets.

7. Schedule your content

  • You can trigger content days, weeks, months, and even years in advance, allowing you to focus on other facets of your business.
  • Scheduling gives you more control and allows you to plan marketing campaigns ahead of time. For example, you might want to get a Christmas playlist sorted in November, then set and forget about it over a mince pie!

8. Mobile control

  • One of our latest tricks is enabling you to change content on a screen from your mobile phone.
  • Whether you are in the underground or on your way to a meeting, you no longer need to be in front of a desktop to update the content on your signage.

9. Make a statement – video walls

  • Installing a video wall is a statement like no other and a real talking point for passersby. It sends a message to your customers and competition. 
  • Maybe the question should not be why use digital signage, but why not explore more advanced options? Video walls are a trend in signage that has taken off in recent years. Don’t get left behind.

10. Wayfinding

  • Digital signage is beginning to replace traditional wayfinding methods such as maps and posters. Why Use Digital Signage? 15 Reasons To Make It Your Next Project TrouDigital
  • Using a digital signage wayfinding kiosk can not only guide visitors from point A to point B, it can also display building information, transport updates, business directories and much more. All in one place.

11. Touch-screen capability

  • There are few better ways to improve client engagement than with a touch-screen display.
  • Turn your product range into an interactive catalogue instore, or gamify your solution to increase dwell time and maximise revenue. 

12. Integrate with other software

  • TrouDigital’s integrated package provides custom data integration, opening up all types of possibilities. Our in-house developers can help make your dream application a reality, building on our flexible signage platform.
  • If you are an estate agent, this might mean integrating your property feed to display live listings without any maintenance. Some of our education clients have opted to combine their signage with their timetabling software. Talk to us for ideas.

13. Easy set-up

  • Our digital signage is as simple as drag-and-drop, plug-and-play, set-and-forget. Book a demo today.
  • All you need is a screen, a media player and an internet connection… then you are all set to go!

Why Use Digital Signage? 15 Reasons To Make It Your Next Project TrouDigital 14. Tailor to your location

  • Make your solution more authentic by specifically tailoring it to your geographical location.
  • Display the local weather, news and traffic, providing relevant information to your audience.

15. Showcase your brand

  • Build your brand with signage that reflects your company colours, logo and font.
  • Stand out from your competitors and make sure you are remembered.

Why use digital signage? Hopefully, we’ve given you a better idea but the best way is to see for yourself. Book a demo today at your convenience. 

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